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“Stupid, stupid Hawaii, with - with its Hawaiian sun and the damn - damn Hawaiian beaches,” Danny kept muttering to himself as he stuck his fingers down in the sand. Usually, the though of having sand stuck under his fingernails for hours after this would annoy him to no end, but right now it was grounding. Right now it was keeping him from going crazy.

Danny didn’t mean the things he was saying, though. Not anymore. Hawaii had stopped being “stupid” ages ago. And Hawaiian sun and beaches hadn’t bothered in a very long time. Except that right now his very, very attractive partner was very much half naked and wet walking towards him coming out of the ocean and Danny had to blame someone. 

Of course, it wouldn’t cross his mind to blame himself. Because of course it wasn’t his fault that he hadn’t told Steve how he felt yet. Never mind the fact that maybe getting past it and actually getting rejected already would help him try to move on or act like someone who had more than half a brain when Steve was around. 

Instead, he was just going to blame Hawaii. And the Hawaiian sun. And the Hawaiian beaches. And the Hawaiia- 

Oh, dear Lord, there he comes.

“Hey, babe,” Danny greeted him with a smile, looking up at his very, very attractive and wet partner and trying not to show just how much he appreciated the view (and if he had to adjust his shorts that was no one’s business, thank you very much).

“How’s the water?”


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McDanno ask game

Because the fandom is amazing, and McDanno is life. I was tagged by @mcdannowave.

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Top 3 fav episodes:

1. 7x23 - okay 3x06 was on top for a long time until I saw 7x23. I loved how we got a glimpse on Danny’s past in Hawai'i before meeting Steve, then BAMF and badass golden cupcake in tight fitting jeans and black tee. Just the whole aspect, Danny was soooo great in this ep. Also that domestic moment in the start of the ep, trying to assemble Charlie’s bed. Steve was such a patient husband - and then worried for his baby - it never ceases to amaze me how much these two love each other.

2. 3x06 - I love that Steve would not leave Danny’s side even with a bomb that could kill both. The story of his past and his partner Grace was heartbreaking, Danny was just so good back then and he’s even better now. The hug in the end - just pure love. Steve was about to cry, the glint in his eyes just outright killed me. And my babe got to dance with his daughter (I’m sure if they let Danny dance more we’d get amazing scenes - I sense Scotty has the moves).

3. For the third place it’s a tie between 4x19, 3x03 and 6x25 (minus the end of that episode because it was horrible): 4x19 (the first ‘I love you’ we got from the goofs, and it was perfect, well if only Catherine and Amber weren’t in the ep *sigh*). 3x03 (just because Steve was an excited kid, even more than Danny that Danny got his first tuna. And I love how Danny just referred to it as tuny fish. Also Scott has to be more shirtless on the show. Definitely). 6x25 (BAMF and badass Danny, flying the plane, then leading the raid and saving Steve’s life again by giving him half his liver… except the last minutes in the hospital room that were horrible. I can write a thesis on that episode).

Best argument/cargument: tough to say, but if I get to choose the one from 1x02 that has the famous “so I know when to duck” in it.

Fav McDanno quote: 1x03

“Maybe you’re not alone around here as you think, Danno.”

Fav heart eyes scene: 7x13 - Max’s goodbye party.

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