Concerning Eyewitness Season 2

If you are wondering why we are making so many posts about this, it’s because the day we are told whether Eyewitness will get a second season is getting closer.

Just so you know, it’s not a given. AT ALL. If we had had higher ratings – if all the viewers had watched through traceable sites and NOT illegally – ratings would have been higher and right now we wouldn’t even be questioning Season 2, it would have already been confirmed.

Right now, we are hoping that USA will see the potential. We are hoping that they will see that THE FANS ARE THERE.


If you want Eyewitness to have a second season, please tweet @usa_network. Tweet @netflix. Tweet @amazon.  Use the hashtag. (#WeWantEyewitnessSeason2). Join our twitter parties (SCHEDULE TWEETS IF YOU ARE BUSY DURING THOSE TIMES – you can use tweetdeck or Hootsuite for that).

We see so many tweets from people talking about Eyewitness but if they aren’t tagged, unfortunately, they are USELESS – no point in saying ‘they need to do another season’ if you aren’t making sure the people who are responsible for renewing can see that you want it.

No point in saying ‘USA network hate us!’. THEY DON’T. It’s up to you to show them that you want this show to survive. We had our chance with ratings, now all we can do is MAKE NOISE.

And we will never tire of repeating this – please DO NOT GIVE OUT ILLEGAL LINKS. Just DON’T.
New viewers join every day and THE VIEWS COUNT. Don’t sabotage your own hard work and your show’s chances to be brought back to the screen.

Let’s do this together.

Starting at the designated times and continuing for an hour, please tweet @USA_Network how much you love #Eyewitness and that #WeWantEyewitnessSeason2

If you aren’t available at the designated times, you can use apps like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets in advance.

It’s now or never. Please do not give up on this show yet. This is our last chance to let the network hear our voices! We have to be loud, stay positive, and we have to do it together. Please spread the word and get any fan you know involved!

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Calling all EYEWITNESS fans! As you know Adi has asked us to keep tweeting USA Network and make ourselves heard, and because of that we’re going to have a Twitter party tomorrow Thursday December 29th (for times in different timezones please see picture above)!

Let’s all join together for an hour of tweeting @USA_Network with our love for Philkas and for Eyewitness as a whole. Tell them what you love most about the show and how much you want to see it get a second season, and please use the hashtags #Eyewitness and #WeWantEyewitnessSeason2 in all your tweets!!! If you’re not going to be around at the scheduled time then it would be great if you could schedule some tweets on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

The more people tweet, the more noise we make. And noise is a good thing! Let’s show USA Network that we aren’t going anywhere until we get that season 2 confirmation!


Hootsuite/ Client Project Step 5

Hootsuite Module 5 is really getting down to the ending and it talked about the fundamentals of content marketing. The most important goal that this module made me think about for my client was to figure out who our target was and after that it will help us know what to post on our social media accounts that will draw people in. This module also made it clear that the things that my client post are crucial to our followers and future group members. I talked to my client about posting things that are relevant and not just posting ten tweets in one minute. This step had a lot of valuable information and it was great passing on more info to my client because I really feel like it is going to be helpful for our future goals.

Hát a két sokkoló utazás utáni lendület még kitart. Ma a teraszon lakó lényeket is kiganéztam, és a családhoz, háztartáshoz kapcsolódó projekteket, teendőket is listáztam az asanaban. Éjjel a social media munkáimat csináltam meg két hétre előre a Hootsuite-tal, így nyertem nagyon sok időt, és elkezdtem a többi feladattal is végre haladni érdemben, és jött tegnap még egy nagyon szuper izgi ügyféltől megkeresés, hogy velem akarnak dolgozni, és holnap meg elküldök egy másik cégnek is egy ajánlatot és ha bármelyik összejön, akkor megvagyok békélve a hó végén is az elszámolós excelemmel, és ha esetleg mindegyik függőben lévő összejönne, akkor viszont bővülés van…

Hootsuite Module 5 / Client Project Step 5

Module five was focused on what kind of content the business is posting to their social media feeds. Diversity is key here- no one wants to read walls of text. It is important to use pictures, videos, hashtags, etc when posting on social media. Personally I believe that hashtags are very underrated and under used, so for my client a local corner store, I suggested that if and when they create a post on their social media accounts they add hashtags at the end of the post. This allows the post to reach more people and also to be found easier by people searching for those hashtags.

'It's only a phase': what not to say to LGBT pupils if they come out
How teachers respond to disclosures about sexuality can be definitive for the student involved – here are some common statements to avoid.

“I think I’m gay.”

This has to be pretty high on a list of situations they don’t properly prepare you for if you’re training to be a teacher. And yet, the way a teacher responds to this statement will have way more impact on a student than successfully integrating an interactive whiteboard into a history lesson.

A survey for LGBT Youth Scotland revealed that the average time a young person takes from realising they are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) to telling someone is three and a half years. This means a young person may have spent almost a quarter of their life getting to the point of opening up to someone.

Click the link above to read ideas to try and help you avoid saying the wrong thing at the crucial moment of disclosure (these can be applied to everyone, not just teachers)

I Don’t Believe I’m Black And Beautiful
The struggle with self-esteem for black women is more than skin deep.

I came across this article yesterday written by Zeba Blay.

I think it’s one of the few nuanced articles that I’ve read regarding what it means to be black and recognise beauty in blackness but not in yourself. It made me want to ask all my black female friends ‘do you think you’re beautiful?’ and have a conversation on that. 

If you read the article and also look at a few of the zblay’s tweets, i think it really highlights the complexities of black beauty because this isn’t about hating black hair or black skin nor is it hating it on yourself but if anything it’s being unable to recognise beauty in yourself the same way you recognise it in other black women.

…or at least that’s been my initial reaction. i think it would be really interesting to find out how other people feel on this and if they pick up something different to me. 

there are many aspects to this article that really ran true for me, one being:

I want to be uninterested in beauty; I want to be uninterested in the idea that self-esteem only has to do with the way one looks. But in a society where black beauty is so invisible, so little celebrated, it’s impossible not to be preoccupied with it. That’s the crux. Beauty isn’t and shouldn’t be the scale by which we measure our self-worth and validation. But for black women, the constant bombardment of negative messaging sometimes makes it so hard to separate those things from one another. 

Batch Tweet Uploading:

I’m a Twitter novice and have to be away for long periods of time during the day, due to work, etc, so I found something that’s working really well for me and wanted to share, in case anyone else is interested!

There’s an app/site called ‘Hootsuite’ and you can manually schedule tweets for future delivery, but even better- with a 30 day free trial of their pro version, you can upload an Excel/csv file of tweets that can be sent every 5 minutes.

I used it on release day and it worked beautifully, sending a tweet out that should count towards the billboard trending, with the Spotify link and hashtags, etc every 5 minutes from 5:30am to midnight.

There’s a little time/effort on the front end to set up the file with varied wording so they don’t cancel each other out, etc. but I’m putting mine together now and would be happy to share that with anyone interested, so you’d only have to sign up for the trial and upload the file!

I see this as being especially helpful to the billboard trending effort, but could be helpful for other request efforts also.

If anyone’s interested, feel free to drop me a note @damnyoucuriosity and I can get your email and send you the template!

Thanks to @vansandburberry for offering to help me get the word out! ❤️