I named this lion Orchid. slightly based off of the flower and mostly based off of the whale.

I drew this when I was trying to be strong, as well as just.. practicing considering my hard drive failure and having to get new brushes and retrieve (at most 2) of my old.. 

yea. Orchid. an injured lion still wants to roar.

a lot of people think she’s a parrot - understandably, as my stylizations of her over time have led her to have a large and cartoony beak.

she’s not, though. she’s actually a Steller’s Sea Eagle (where she gets her big, face consuming beak) crossed with a white lion.

in the past i used to draw her beak a bit more accurately to ‘eagle’: 

but over time, and as my style has grown and developed, it’s just become what it is now!

also, for funsies, Hoot was not always white. lol well, hoot wasn’t always a gryphon either. she used to be a dog of sorts when i was around ten.
i decided to make her a gryphon when i was about 13 and this was her first design:

(an interestingly shart example of my 'design expertise’ at the time lol)

then I decided to curb the colors alltogether, changed her in a myriad of ways:


some subtle some not,
until she became what she is today!

hope you enjoyed a bit of hoot history!