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I just want to let everyone know about the effects of this election on Australia, just from an incident I was unfortunate enough to bear witness to. 

So after panicking in the bathroom after Trump’s victory, I waited outside this tourist area for my travelling party to finish up taking photos. I was too focused on the election to give a shit about this attraction so I was just standing around when I heard two (white) guys walking up the path beside me. 

They were loud. It was impossible not to listen in. They were proud of what they were saying, laughing, hooting. 

“Maybe he’ll change the law”, they said. “Maybe every hottie we see, we’ll HAVE to grab her pussy. We’ll HAVE to fuck her up.” They honked, hooted, laughed with each other, and I can’t believe men half a world away from Donald Trump and his horrifying views on women can use him as an excuse to justify their misogyny. 

This world is not going to get prettier if we stand for weasels, and rapists, and general ignorance, no matter where in the world it is. Your free speech isn’t being violated. Our basic rights are. The rights of women and every minority group deserve to be heard, and deserve to be upheld in equal light as that of a cis heterosexual white man. You don’t get to feel threatened when minority groups are scared to walk outside their homes (and rightfully so). 

No matter where you are in the world, don’t forget to stand up for what is right. 

The Gangsey As Rediculous Things I've Said:
  • Gansey: "Public school kids are scary."
  • Adam: "I like to scream."
  • Ronan: "Do you ever just want to run down the aisles and knock all the stuff off of the shelves."
  • Noah: "Nothing is nothing therefore it's something."
  • Blue: *when asked why I talked to myself* "Because there's no one here on my level to talk to."
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30 Days of Fire Emblem Day 4: Favorite Sword-User

Meg from Radiant Dawn

(Note that for Sword users I’m not counting just anyone who can use a sword, Im choosing between units who start in a sword only class i.e. myrms, mercs, etc)

Man, I really love joke characters in FE.  Shanam in Thracia 776 is a very good one and Wrys is a hoot and a half, but I think Meg is easily the best of the bunch (and conveniently is of the Sword Armor class).  Everything about Meg is charming and hilarious and delightful, partly because theres so many paradoxes about her.  She’s this tiny little big girl who is wandering around a war torn foreign country looking for a single man who she has no specific location for.  Its completely insane.  Its like if a French farmer in 2016 sent his teenage daughter alone to Syria saying “find your husband, hes in Syria right now probably, I’m not sure though since I havent seen or heard from him in 3 years.  Just poke around till you see him.”  Whats even more crazy is that she seemingly tracked him down most of the way on her own.  That or she just got super lucky.  As a unit shes got a terrible strength stat and growth yet shes allegedly able to lift cows by herself.  She joins as an armor when you are desperate for some defense for the squishy Dawn Brigade and Surprise!  She has terrible base defense and defense growth.   Shes practically a myrm or a peg knight with her stats and growths.  One of the things I really appreciate about her is that even though she is heavy set in terms of design, and its possible her weight is supposed to be another funny thing about her, it never comes up anywhere in the script, to my knowledge, and her weight isnt played for laughs.  The same is true for her dad and I appreciate that a lot.  If anything is funny about her appearance wise its that shes so small, its especially funny if you get her to Marshall.  Shes just this tiny knight with majestic armor and a silly little Meg head with no helmet to top it off. 

Things I dont like about Meg:

  • Nothing.  Shes perfect.  All of her flaws as a unit just make her even funnier and more endearing so shes actually just a perfect little peach.

Seriously, look at her Cipher art:

Fantastic.  Shes completely charming and precious. 


Check out my new video featuring Anthony & Ian from #SMOSH!!! We did “Random Impressions Challenge” and it was a hoot & a half ;D 

Legacies – by me. 

I think it’s about mothers and daughters? Maybe more. Probably more. Maybe about starting over and trying to get it right the second time through. Happy new year : )

This poem is for @chaosandcocks, who, aside from being just an all-around cool person, is a fantastic mom, and a supportive friend. She is a hoot-and-a-half, has impeccable taste in dream homes, and has a spine like a steel last. If I ever get in a fight, I totally want her in my corner, ‘cause she’s a mother-fuckin’ bassass bitch, and I love her. Merry belated Christmas, dearest, and may you have a new year so wonderful that it makes you forget 2015 ever happened.

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