hoot a day


I worked at my zoo today and got to walk the trails afterwards and take pictures. (I have like 800 to go through, lol) I wanted to show you guys some of our owls! These are our three exhibit owls, (top Great Horned, bottom Barred) and I love them.

The Great Horned looks evil in the first one, and like a doof in the second, lol. He’s a handsome Bokuto. One of the Barreds kept squinting/winking at me, and the other stretched which was really cool to see! (And made for great pictures)

We can’t take the program animals out until July, but we have a few more kinds of owls as program birds too. Eventually I’ll get pictures of them as well.

Anyway, thought you guys might like to see the owls. :D I hope you had a good day, the owls hope so too. ❤️🦉❤️