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We’re both a Mystic Mess

A fanfic for the Mystic Messenger fandom

Characters: Ray (Saeran Choi), MC

Word count: 467

Note: I made myself sad. V’s route is too emotional for me.

“Say yes….can you say…?”

“R-Ray? What’s wrong?”

MC’s back is to the wall. Ray looms over her, both arms above her, his face close enough to whisper into her ear. But MC can’t see his face properly. His breathing is heavy and audible.

“You said you wanted to talk? It’s pretty late…are you okay?” MC says.

He doesn’t answer.

MC slowly raises her left hand and puts it on Ray’s shoulder. Ray’s head immediately shoots up, his face directly in front of hers, noses touching. MC’s eyes widen. Ray’s eyes are glistening, perhaps from tears, and his eyes seem to be searching for something in her eyes, something he wants desperately.

Did he always look at me this way?


Ray’s lips touch hers, but they’re not kissing. MC grips Ray’s shoulder tighter. Ray’s left hand is now on MC’s cheek. Both of their eyes are closed. Their touch is the only thing that lets each other know they’re still there, lingering, waiting. Several moments pass by; neither want to move away but neither dare to press closer.

Ray makes the first move. His hand slips away from her cheek and he retreats back, but still, makes sure that their faces are inches apart. MC opens her eyes, but Ray looks away the moment they lock eyes. Warmth rushes to MC’s face. I don’t understand this at all. She looks down, trying to think of something to say. Instead, she sees his hand that was caressing her cheek. She grabs it and squeezes it. Ray gazes at their locked hands for a moment. He caresses her hand with his thumb, and then he moves his gaze to MC. MC studies his eyes. He’s still looking for something. MC smiles and that broke him.

Ray crushes his lips against hers. His hand that was entangled in her hand is now wrapped around her waist. With every moment that passes, he kisses her harder, hungrier each time. MC wraps her arm around his neck, making sure they stay as close as possible. Ray’s lips leave hers as fast as they came. He then moves on to kissing her cheeks and neck.

With both hands, MC directs his face back to hers. She holds him there and presses her lips against his. There’s no need to rush.

Ray acknowledges this change of pace and goes along with it. He presses his body even more firmly on her. It seems that her lips were not enough.

It’s just me and him. Just the two of us in this moment. He doesn’t have to worry about his work and I don’t have to worry about…V…RFA.

They both release each other, staring at each other with bewildered expressions. Tears streamed down both their faces and they realized.

“I can’t,” they both say.

AN: Day 1: Pick a line from your favorite book/movie/poem/show/song. This line is now the first line of your story.

As I sat down to write this, I was listening to “Say Yes” by Seventeen and that’s the first line of this fic.

Uhhh…this is my first fic EVER (that I posted online). But I wanna do this 30 day Writing challenge thing to encourage me to write again cuz I need more practice. And the first thing I do is write Mystic Messenger fanfiction. Wonderful. It’s because V’s route was recently released and BOY IS IT A HOOT. I’m only on day 5 but I’m already so emotional. The funny thing is that I was never interested in Saeran as a love interest. But going through V’s route, my thoughts have changed on the matter. (Although I’m aware that Saeran is mentally ill and needs help and his obsessive behavior is not good. Which is why at the end of this fic MC says she can’t.)

ANYWAYS, this is just a small little drabble and far from perfect. I hope it’s readable…this was written during the late night. Haa…But I hope you enjoyed it! And thanks for reading it!

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My favorite quote from Dan’s Depression video was:

“I am everything I am in spite of this thing constantly holding me back” 

It’s really inspirational hearing that line. I, having a personality disorder which literally alters who I am and how I interact with people, aspire to reach that point where I’m not constantly lamenting because I have a mental illness. 

I want to overcome this thing. 

I know it’s not possible for me to get rid of it but I want to keep living well in spite of having it.