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1 - happy

Dean’s never seen Cas so happy before. So excited and joyful and… Free.
Dean’s never seen such a beautiful sight. It was something he knew he’ll forever remember, like Sam’s first steps towards him Sam’s first word being “Dean” and second word being “pie”.

But it’s different.

Where Sam was delighting and made Dean proud and joyful and full of brotherly affection, Cas’s eyes, full of joy and delight, made Dean’s chest tighten, and excitement and joy and the love were so different

Cas’s Joy from such small things, the grass under his feet, the sun kissing his skin, the wind blowing his hair; it was all new to the angel.

He was still an angel, but he could feel.

“Dean! You have no idea how intense all of this is! I can hear and smell and feel everything! It’s amazing!” The angel’s excitement was clear in his features, and Dean couldn’t help but smile.

“Do you feel anything else though?”

“If by that you mean my love for you, then yes, and even more so, I feel it stronger. It’d probably have grown to it anyway, but it’ll grow, as it does every day.”

“Cas…” The angel got closer to the hunter.

“I love you, Dean, more than anything else, remember this. More than heaven, earth or God, you’ll always be the most precious to me.” They were standing close to each other, the angel in his long, old trenchcoat, and Dean in his leather jacket.

They got closer and closer, and leaned into each other, hands holding each other as close as possible.

Their kiss, albeit chaste, was long enough for Sam to see it. The surprised Winchester was even more shocked to discover the two have been together for a few years now, and he wanted to punch himself for not thinking about it before.

He was sure he’ll have to help them, make them understand. Apparently, it stated before he noticed anything.

this is for @wanderingcas
hey Sam, I know it’s not much, and probably suck, but this is my second attempt at Destiel fluff.
you’ll be alright! Drink water, eat soup and broccoli, and I’ll send you some parve cookies *sending*.