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A Bedtime Story

hello, loves! i’ve had this idea in my head for a little while now, and i’ve finally been able to put the words to the page! i’m really happy with how this turned out, so i hope you enjoy! please let me know what you think!

huge thank you to the lovely @takemeawaytocamelot for being the best motivator and cheerleader ever, as well as my other tss ladies who are always the most supportive bunch. 🤗


-the eldest bairn, kait xxx

“Did you really think that I would swallow this… fairytale? Do you think I’m still five years old?”

It’s not a fairytale, Bree.

The door shut behind her with a sharp bang! that echoed throughout the house, reverberating off of the walls and causing the vanity to shake. Unperturbed with the state of the mirror or the trinkets that surrounded it, she stomped over to the bed and unceremoniously plopped down on it, grasping the hairbrush and angrily running it through her hair.

All of her life, she thought that she was someone else–countless times she had helped her father, spending hours upon hours looking through their genealogy chart in an attempt to trace their ancestry throughout Europe. He had played along, telling her about his grandparents and great-grandparents, all the way to the eldest ancestor that they knew of: a Captain of Dragoons, stationed in Scotland with a pristine record and high regards from the Crown for his service. Frank had always talked so highly of him, but whenever his name was mentioned, her mother would leave the room.

She realized that her mother never truly told her much about her own heritage, just about Uncle Lamb and her parents, but besides that…

I suppose she wanted to keep that under wraps, too, she thought, brushing the other side of her head.

A moment passed before she fully paused, looking down at the curling waves of her auburn hair. Her father didn’t have red hair–granted, neither did her mother. She remembered asking him once where her red hair came from, and he had just replied, “One of your relatives.”

One of my relatives. My father…?

She set the brush down on the bed, running her fingers through the soft strands. As much as she didn’t know right now, one thing was certain: Frank Randall was not her biological father, this Jamie Fraser–whoever he might be–is. However, that was the only straw she could grasp from the bunch that her mother gave her; she had lost Brianna as soon as she said Culloden.

How could one believe such a tale? Her father apparently did–the other one.

Jamie Fraser.

So many emotions were coursing through her veins, but the one of highest supply was frustration and anger. She felt betrayed by her mother, of whom she felt had lied to her all of her life, making her believe that Frank Randall was her biological father. And after a moment, anger seemed to triumph over all other emotions, and she flung herself off of the bed, pulling a bag off of the floor and stuffing as much into it as humanly possible. She needed to get out of there. Now.

After realizing that not everything was going to fit if she kept shoving everything into the small opening of the rucksack, she instead started emptying the contents onto the floor. She shook the bag harshly, taking her anger out on the innocent fabric pack, before she heard something plop unceremoniously onto the floor. At first, she didn’t recognize it, but after a moment’s pause, her racing pulse leveled.

It was a small, leather-bound notebook, no more than 5 inches in width, 6 in height. The book was about 100 pages thick, covered in both her mother’s and her own scrawled hand across the pages, alternating between different colors of ink.

A fairy-tale told to her by her mother in her youth.

A five-year-old Brianna Randall sits upright in bed, excitedly gripping the edges of her quilt as she waits for her mother to return home. At this point, they had their schedule down to a science: Claire would walk in the door, go straight to the eagerly-awaiting Brianna, and she would recount to her daughter the adventures told the night before.

Tonight, however, was different. Daddy had come home from the University with a beautiful leather-bound, handheld notebook. “Fill it with whatever your heart desires, little beauty,” he had said, and she took it to heart. She would fill it up, cover to cover, with her favorite story of all time.

Her heart began to race in excitement as she heard her mother’s voice coming from downstairs, the beats getting more frantic as she heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. When the door finally opened and the bright blue scrubs came into view, she jumped up and down in her bed.

“Mama, guess what I got from Daddy today!” She squealed, thrusting the notebook at her mother in excitement.

“Oh, Bree, how lovely!” She examined the book delicately before handing it back to her daughter. “What will you write in it?”

Bree giggled, “Silly Mama, our story!”

Instead of replying right away, she swallowed hard, turning herself away from her daughter and towards the window. Confused, Brianna ignored this strange behavior and went to her desk, pulling out a pen and holding it out to her mother. “Write, Mama?”

She cleared her throat once before turning back around, a smile forming on her lips. “Of course, love. Now, where did we leave off?”

“No, we have to start over!”

Smiling, Claire took the pen from her daughter’s tiny hand and balanced the book on her knee, starting to write. While she wrote, she had Bree read the words out loud to her.

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a King and his fair Queen. The pair loved each other very much, and to prove that their love was eternal, the King took his wife away from the business of castle life to a remote village in the mountains. 

While there, they visited their subjects and attended to their duties, as Kings and Queens do, but one day, the Queen was separated from her King and fell through a portal to another world. Frightened and alone, the Queen ran for miles and miles to find her King, but couldn’t find her way back. Getting lost in the ever-thickening wood as she ran, she encountered the most fearsome dragon in all of the Worlds. Fortunately, however, she was rescued by a knight in shining silver armor and taken away to safety.

On the way to the castle, the Queen’s escort introduced himself as Sir James the Red, Knight of Lallybroch. The Queen introduced herself only as Christine, in fear that someone would recognize her.

For many months the Queen took refuge in the new castle, Leoch, becoming a guest of it’s King and making many friends among the subjects. One day, after a great Gathering was held, the Grand Duke requested she be present on a hunt, to which she agreed. While on the hunt, she became very close to Sir James, who promised to protect her from anything and everything she could encounter on the journey.

And as Sir James predicted, Christine came face-to-face with the monstrous dragon once more. With his fiery breath, he burned her repeatedly. But ever so true to his word, her Knight came to save her and, in order to protect her, offered his hand to her, which she accepted. The two of them became extremely close while continuing the hunt. She missed her King dearly, but was starting to accept her life with her red Knight in shining armor. 

Eventually, the Knight found out about her travels through time, and offered to take her back home. They traveled on horseback for days while the Queen figured out what her heart truly wanted. Her duty was to her King, but how could she leave her Knight, a man that she had grown to love more than life itself?

It all came down to a single choice. Sir James took her to the portal, where she had to make her final decision. Who did she want to be: Christine the Queen, or Christine, the Knight’s wife?

In the end, she chose Sir James. The pair went back to his home, to begin their happily ever after. That is, until the creature returned, this time to take him for retribution, and it was up to Lady Christine to be her Knight’s savior.

With the help of Sir James’ fellow knights, and a few cows, Lady Christine was able to save her knight in shining–

“Mama,” Bree, now an inquisitive eight-year-old, interrupted, looking at her mother in confusion. “What did the cows do?”

Claire laughed, caught off-guard by her question. “Well, Sir Marcus decided that it would be the easiest way to get Sir James out of the dragon’s keep, without drawing too much attention.”

Bree’s eyebrows creased together and her lips pursed outward. “But… wouldn’t a large group of cows draw attention to them, anyway?”

“Do you want me to continue or not?”

She nodded eagerly, leaning away from the headboard. 

Lady Christine was able to save her knight in shining armor, and together they traveled away to a distant land full of delectable foods, beautiful dresses, large parties, and lots of intrigue. But Sir James’ experiences with the monster left him scarred, emotionally and physically. She tried her best to help him, but nothing she did soothed his suffering. Eventually, their marriage began to crumble, and she feared she would lose her husband.

One night, she talked to him about it. He told her all of his heart, as one should in a marriage, and the patches seemed to be healed. However, when the evil creature returned for his just desserts, Sir James vowed that he would be the one to slay it. Afraid for her husband’s life, as well as the dragon’s, she begged him to leave it be. His grudge, however, would haunt him forever as he attempted to slay the beast, eventually doing so with all three of them seriously injured. Lady Claire saved Sir James once more, and, after losing their faith, the pair moved back to their country to be with their family. Fate, however, would not be on their side.

A war was rapidly approaching, and as much as they tried to stop it from coming, Sir James and Lady Christine were faced with no other choice. Pregnant with his child, he sent them back to her own time, where they could be safe in the protection of the King. 

“She never goes back to him?” Thirteen-year-old Bree inquires of her mother with her elbows on her knees and her hands resting beneath her chin.

Claire pauses, swallowing an invisible lump in her throat. “No, she doesn’t.”

“Why not? If she truly loves him, wouldn’t she want to be with him forever?”

“Of course she would.” She smiled softly, wrapping her arms around Bree’s shoulders. Leaning her head on top of her daughter’s, she asked, “Do you remember the battle, the one that they were all preparing for at the end of the story?”

Bree nodded, urging her to continue.

“Well, before they parted, Sir James promised m–Christine–” She cleared her throat. “He told Lady Christine that he would die on the battlefield, defending his country. And she took his word for it.”

“So, she didn’t even try to find him? Not even for the chance that they could be together again?”

Tears formed in Claire’s eyes, but Bree couldn’t see them. Instead of replying, she finished the story.

Lady Christine returned to her time and resumed her position as Queen. She was reunited with her King, and he promised that they would raise Sir James’ child together, as their own.

A few months later, a princess was born, and they named her Ellen, after Sir James’ mother. And together, the three of them lived a happy life, the child unaware of her true parentage.

Every once in awhile, however, the Queen would see her daughter’s red hair catch the light, and she would see her husband. Her red Knight. 

Her one and only love.

The End

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Jamie drags Claire up early one morning for a hike nearby Lallybroch (for exercise, he says!) Claire is half asleep but begrudging goes along. Turns out Jamie prepared a romantic surprise! 😊🌄🌈

A Different Path
It was a big step in their relationship, bringing Claire to Lallybroch. She had thought that they would spend the weekend visiting places significant to Jamie’s childhood before spending the remainder of the day in bed. And yet here he was, arisen before the sun had even made the slightest appearance in the sky.

“Jamie, it’s isn’t even 6 AM.” She groaned, rolling over so that her back was turned to him.

“Aye, I know. But this is something I used to do every morning, and now ye’re comin’ with me.”

“I am not.” She said, covering her head with a pillow.

“Sassenach,” his tone a warning. “If ye don’t get up by yourself, I will drag ye from this bed and dress you myself. Do you want me to do that?”

She peered at him over her shoulder, her eyes narrowed.

“Fine.” She said crossly, throwing the covers off of herself and leaving the comfort of their bed.

Jamie smirked, watching her step towards the dresser to retrieve some fresh clothes. She was completely naked, and even though the room was pitch black, he could still see every inch of her.

“There. I’m dressed.”

“So ye are.” Jamie smiled before giving her a peck on the lips and, taking her hand, lead her outside.

“Are you at least going to tell me where we’re going at bloody five o'clock in the morning?” She called from behind him, his stride much larger than hers.

In the faint gray light, she could see the outline of his smile as he peered over his shoulder at her.  Damn him.

“And where’s the fun in that?” He said as they came to a hill at the edge of woods.

Jamie started up the hill, the incline and rough footing making no difference to him. Adversely, Claire was already out of breath long before the halfway mark.

Out of breath as she watched her footing as she marched over the rocky terrain, she shouted ahead, “Jamie! Slow down!”

The sun was just over the horizon now, painting the sky in various shades of orange and blue.

“We’re almost there!” Jamie shouted back, not slowing down in the slightest.

They walked until they came to a small clearing, where the light came through the trees in such a way that made it look like something from a fairy-tale. There was a tartan blanket laid out in the center of the clearing, along with a picnic basket and a bottle of champagne.

Jamie finally came to a stop, for which Claire was grateful, but in no way did she expect to see this.

“Jamie what-” Her voice was softer now, her tone holding nothing but affection.

“Shhh. Come.” He smiled and took her hand, leading her to the spread.

In the basket there were various kinds of cheese, along with an assortment of fruits and a few bagels with the option of cream cheese to go with it. He pulled two glasses, which Claire noted were in exceptional condition, from the basket and handed her one once she was sitting.

Her eyes never left his face as he poured the champagne, still trying to wrap her mind around what was happening. His blue eyes sparkled in the light of the dawn, the sun highlighting his hair so that she could see every shade of copper, cinnamon and auburn.

God, how did I get so lucky? She thought, eating the food he prepared as the sun silently rose above the trees.

“Okay, you were right.” Claire admitted as they laid together in the grass, fingers intertwined.

“About?” He played dumb, but she could hear the smirk in his voice.

“About coming here.” She said, rolling onto her side to face him. He lifted a hand to caress her cheek, one finger running down the line of her jaw before coming to rest under her chin, lifting her face towards his.

She melted into him as he kissed her, the world around her disappearing until it was just the two of them. He pulled away and looked deep into her eyes before speaking.

“One more thing.” He said, reaching into his pocket.

She laughed, sitting up. “There’s more?”

Then he was facing her again, a small, black velvet box in his hand. He opened the lid and inside there was a silver ring, with tiny thistles carved into the band, entwining with one another.

“Claire, I’ve wanted to do this since the first moment I saw ye…” He paused. “Do ye remember when I told you that I used to hike this trail every morning?”

Her eyes were glassy with tears, emotion taking hold of her. All she could do was nod her head.

“I took this same path every day, just like I did with everything else. The scenery was the same and my feelings never changed, like I was stuck on an endless loop that was destined to be that way.” A faint smile made its way onto his face as he continued. “But one day, I took a different path, did something different. And that same day, when I wasn’t paying attention, I ran into someone. Quite literally; my shirt’s still stained with coffee.”

Claire laughed a little, remembering the day.

“That person was you, Sassenach. That was the day it all changed–the day when my future became clear.” Jamie swallowed, doing his best not to shed a tear. He took her left hand in his, his thumb caressing her knuckles.

“My future is you, Claire. And if there’s one without you in it, I don’t want to live it. You are the love of my life, mo cridhe, and I want to walk the rest of this path with you.” He swallowed again, quickly glancing down at their joined hands before meeting her eyes once more.

“Will you marry me?”

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What about lost in the forest (or anywhere they can't contact the team or get help) Lance and Keith, with one having an injury that's getting infected but is trying to hide it from the other?

Crash and Burn
Hooray for my first anon prompt ILY! I wasn’t originally going to write this much but I got carried away and now I might end up writing a part two… Keith is still piloting Red in this one.
The crash was what initially got Keith panicking. Right in front of his eyes, the blue lion impacted with the ground, and before he knew it, he was out running to make sure Lance was still alive. He didn’t have to go very far, though, before he saw Lance stumbling out of his lion, nearly falling. Keith picked up the pace. There was no way Lance wasn’t hurt after a fall like that.


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Prompt! Prompt! Prompt! Hooray! "A cyclone of alcohol and pain meds and bad decisions. Like a gay Tasmanian devil."


“I am saying, here and now, that you are going to regret this. So when the time comes, the ‘I told you so’ will be all the sweeter.” 

Bucky glared at Steve, who was half outta his shirt and therefore didn’t fully appreciate the effect. 

“Who made me the online dating profile, Steve?” he said. “Whose asshole idea was it to get me ‘interacting’ more with ‘people’?”

“Okay yes,” Steve said, emerging from his shirt-shaped cocoon with a flushed face and sex hair, “that part was me, but talking to the gay Tasmanian devil is all you, buddy.” 

“He doesn’t describe himself as a gay Tasmanian devil,” Bucky said, “he describes himself as like a gay Tasmanian devil, keep up.” 

“Right.” Steve rolled his eyes, “‘cos that is so much better.” He sighed and snagged Bucky’s new black shirt off the back of the couch. “I’m borrowing this,” he said, hauling it over his head. 

Bucky considered telling him about the smear of chocolate across the back of it - the reason he was currently shirtless in the first place - but figured that it wasn’t as if it was gonna harm his chances with Sam, who was clearly twitterpated. Also Steve was an Asshole, and Deserved It. 

“Have a good date,” he said, and waved Steve out the door before turning back to the dating profile that was open on his screen. The picture showed a bundle of blankets with a shock of blond hair the only part of the guy visible, and the entirety of the profile read:

A cyclone of alcohol and pain meds and bad decisions. Like a gay Tasmanian devil.

And yeah, a little part of this decision was the fact that Bucky was fairly convinced the profile was a fake, that he wasn’t gonna get a response, that he could fulfill Steve’s guilt-trip without actually having to interact. The other part - the bigger part - was that it was the first thing besides Steve that had got a laugh outta him since they’d got back stateside. 

That was worth a risk, right?

I always saw myself as sexy Valkyrie Bugs, he typed, took a deep breath and hit ‘send’. 

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Ohhhhh, you're taking prompts! Hooray!! :D I miss myself some Crunchy Ereris and would love 64. “Are you ticklish?”, please. A bonus hug for you for an added 94. “I bet I can make you scream my name.” (because I have no shame, apparently :P). Thank you so much, Crunchy! <3

Two! So greedy :P Let’s see if I can earn a bonus.


The shadows were slanted across the playing field, and the fields of wheat next to the school were practically glowing orange in the late day sun. The skies were bright but thundery, clouds as thick as butter hovering over the horizon, and the air smelled like distant rain.

Eren took a deep breath, finally free for another day. He was too old to be caught fighting like this, but he didn’t regret the bruises, or the hours in detention. Lately he’d been feeling constricted, chaffed by his own privilege, desperate for something more. College didn’t excite him the way it once did; it was just more school and he was so sick of it, and knew he’d go anyway.

Fighting made him feel like an outlaw, even if he knew he’d get further punishment once he got home. He didn’t care if he was grounded, just as long as he got to keep his bike. He raised dust as he hurried over to it, still where he’d left it in the parking lot, only a couple of teachers’ cars keeping it company.

It was just a dirt bike, more dirt than bike sometimes, but he loved it so much, and he had the whole trip home to look forward to, and his heart lightened.

He put on his helmet and was leaving the school gate when he saw a solitary figure trudging towards town, and his heart skipped a beat. With bruised face and abraded knuckles, if he wasn’t cool enough to talk to him today, he never would be, and he coasted to a stop beside the figure.

Levi hadn’t been in detention, and he wondered why he was going home so late, but it wasn’t his business. Levi looked at him warily. He’d never spoken to him much.

“Do you want a ride?” Eren asked, over the sound of the motor ticking over. “I mean, back to town, or wherever.”

Levi looked at him for a few moments. “Wherever sounds good,” he said dryly.

Wait, that was a yes? Apparently it was, because Eren scooted forward a bit to make room and Levi climbed on behind him. The bag on Eren’s back was an uncomfortable lump between them. Eren squirmed as he felt Levi’s hands–his actual hands–on his waist.

“Are you ticklish?” Levi asked, as Eren jumped, his heart in his throat.

“No!” Just can’t believe you’re actually touching me. “Just hold on tight,” he muttered.

“You planning on going that fast?” Levi sounded skeptical, and really Eren had intended to take as much time as possible, but this was a day for doing reckless things.

“Yeah,” Eren said, feeling suddenly confident with Levi’s hands on his hips like they belonged there and weight of the man himself behind him. “I bet I can make you scream my name.” He grinned, dazzled by his own daring, although it faded a bit when he glanced over his shoulder and saw Levi’s expression.

“Idiot,” Levi said. “I don’t have a helmet on. Is this why you ended up in detention?”

“Oh, right. I’ll go carefully then,” he said as he crashed back to earth.

He felt Levi’s fingers flex against his sides as he huffed a sigh. “Maybe on the weekend sometime,” he said.

“Yeah? Okay.” Eren took off at a sedate, steady pace, but nevertheless felt like he was flying. He had something to look forward to at last.


(A/N): So, here it is! Took me like an hour to make, but hopefully this will be more convenient for ya’ll! Oh, and the reason you are seeing like, a million other masterlists is because I’m a bit OCD and I needed my series all in one spot. So, don’t hate me. Just wanted this list to be a bit more cleaner and organized. So, yeah. Okay, bye! Have a nice day, or night depending on where you live ☺

(This will be constantly updated, the link is also in my bio)

THE MAZE RUNNER (One-Shots/Imagines)



THE MAZE RUNNER (Series/Multiple-Parters)


SUPERNATURAL (One-Shots/Imagines)



SUPERNATURAL (Series/Multiple-Parters)


ONCE UPON A TIME (One-Shots/Imagines)


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Series/ Multiple-Parters)


It’s All Coming Back to Me: Part 1




Gemsona May Prompts

✰ Story for the ‘Sonas ✰
This is your chance to tell your gemsona’s story! Who are they? What’s their history? Are they from the Homeworld? What did they do during the Gem Rebellion / War? Where do their loyalties lie?

Whoops! Time to reform. What’s your gemsona’s new outfit? Or, talk about what happened that made them have to reform!

✰ Gemsonas! Assemble! ✰
Role call! Have more than one gemsona? Line ‘em up and show them off! (And if you’re feeling especially creative, show off or talk about their fusions!)

✰ Bonus Prompt: Happy Anniversary ✰
It’s Gemsona-HQ’s one year anniversary! Do your favorite Past Gemsona Prompt or check out the bonus 30 Day Gemsona Challenge! Thanks for being so awesome everyone, you guys rock! (pun completely intended).

Remember to tag your prompt as #GEMSONA MAY PROMPT, and pop any other fanart in the #Gemsona tag!

Remember, all Past Gemsona Prompts and future prompts will no longer be limited to their month! If you missed out on participating in the past few months or if you run out of time to finish your piece, just drop it in the #GEMSONA PAST PROMPT tag! (Though I still recommend finishing the prompts during their month).

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one word prompt: cold. I love you, you're my favorite fanfic writer, PLEASE KEEP GOING

Oh my god thank you so much! I hope you like it!




“What, Snow?”



Baz put his book down with a sigh of exasperation and looked up at Simon, who was sitting on the floor next to the fireplace. Simon wore a dark sweater (one of Baz’s, he noticed) and flannel pajama bottoms.

“You’re ignoring me.”

“I’m reading.”

“That’s the same thing.”

“I can’t watch you and read at the same time,” said Baz, closing the book and setting it to the side.

Simon stood up and walked over to the couch, sitting down beside him. Baz could feel the warmth of the fire still embedded in the fibers of his sweater.

Simon leaned his head on Baz’s shoulder, his curls tickling the exposed skin of Baz’s neck.

“You’ve been so busy lately,” complained Simon.

“I’ve been working,” said Baz. He took Simon’s hand, interlacing their fingers.

“Fuck working,” said Simon, lifting his head and pressing a kiss lightning-quick to Baz’s cheek. Baz lifted a single eyebrow as he regarded Simon. There was a light in Simon’s eyes that had little to do with the flames flickering in the hearth and more to do with the mischief that had taken root there.

“I can’t just stop working,” said Baz, though, deep down, he wished he could. He wished he could spend every waking moment with Simon, the one he had fought so hard for. “If I stopped working we wouldn’t have any money.”

“We don’t need money,” said Simon quickly, kissing Baz again, this time on the corner of his mouth, right where his lips began to curve upward when he smiled. “We could run away and open a goat farm.”

“A goat farm?”

“Sure,” said Simon, nearly pleading. He kissed Baz’s neck, right where his pulse ticked off a steady beat. Baz felt his resolve crumbling.

“Come here,” Baz whispered, pulling Simon onto his lap. Simon’s legs were a bit too long for this sort of thing to work, but Simon didn’t complain. He wrapped his arms around Baz’s neck.

“Promise me,” he said softly, blue eyes wide, reflected the fire that burned beyond them.

“What do you want me to promise, Simon?” Baz said, letting his hands settle on Simon’s waist. Simon blinked when Baz said his first name (he liked to reserve it for special occasions).

“That you’ll stop being so cold.”

Baz tilted his head upward, reaching for him.

“You know I can’t regulate my body temperature,” Baz began. “Even if it is inconvenient when—”

“No, you idiot,” he sighed. Simon brushed a strand of hair from Baz’s face. “Not like, physically cold. I know you’re a vampire. Just…take some time off work. Take some time for me.”

“Of course,” Baz murmured, still leaning forward, but he kept just out of reach in an annoyingly Simon-like fashion. “You’re my top priority.”


The word was a breath.

“Forever,” Baz said.

With that Simon smiled and brought his mouth to meet Baz’s.

The fire flickered brighter.

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I request a sick!HIccup fic, if you don't mind! I can't never get enough of these.

A/N: Hello there, Anon! Thank you for this request- it was super fun, actually. It got a little lengthy, but I’m not complaining much. I kind of wrote all of this on my phone while laying in bed because I was too lazy to sit at my desk, so please pardon any errors! I’m incapable of coming up with a title, so…

Sick!Hiccup: The Fic. Fantastic name, I know.

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Torchwood Fest: Day 1

Prompt title: Favorite Character (Ianto Jones)

Enjoy this painstakingly acquired photoset of everyone’s favorite Most Helpful Team Member, Ianto Jones.  Seriously though, this took me an hour.  I tried to capture moments that most Ianto Jones photosets do not, and it turns out that those are the most difficult to capture.

Bonus: A rare non-suited Ianto!

so i had inspiration today for a random mairon thing (as i often do) but this time i actually got to writing it down before it disappeared! hooray!

the prompt, which my brain hit me with the minute i woke up, was

“A serpent may roll over and show its belly in your bedchambers, but it is no less a serpent, merely a tamed one. It will know how to strike when the need arises.”

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skye and jemma accidentally dress as characters from the same show/movie to a halloween party and end up winning a couples costume contest even though they did not plan this at all and arent actually a couple... not that that sounds like such a bad idea, really. clearly they both have excellent taste

Well it’s that time of year I guess and I’m super excited about Halloween prompts! Hooray!

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Dinner, a movie and a bunch of Skittles to the face

pairing: Brason, Layden

word count: 3345

summary: Hayden asks Liam out but it’s not for a date like he thought, it’s to spy on Brett and Mason’s first date.

A/N: this one got a bit out of hand. I was so scared that evernote had lost like a chunk of the story but i remember after a little mini freak out that i had emailed it to myself just in case! HOORAY for backups! PROMPT FILLED! BAM! I am totally posting this while I am at work! I feel so sneaky!

Liam was a hundred percent freaking out.

Okay like 85% freaking out since he hadn’t gone all wolf boy yet but Jesus.

He was sitting outside his house, on the front step trying to focus on the chill of the cement through his jeans rather than the sounds of his parents talking about him inside.

He couldn’t stay in the house a second longer to listen to them coo about Liam’s first date. How sweet. He refused to have Hayden show up at his door to pick him up (he still didn’t have a car) and have them spill the beans.

It was bad enough that Mason was off somewhere on his own first date. Well his first date with Brett. Gross. Mason was his best friend he should have been able to text message him and call him a hundred times to make sure he didn’t totally blow this.

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“An eye for an eye is a good start.”

“What’s up with your hair?”

“It’s harmless. Probably.”

“You what?”

“Please tell me that’s not what I think it is.”

“Hell doesn’t wait for anybody.”

“I counted the days while you were gone, but I suppose I’ll keep counting.”

“And that’s why you’re coming with.”

“Well, that misfired.”

“That was never my intention!”

“You could at least pretend to be helpful.”

“Why couldn’t/can’t you just play along for once?”

“You’re taller than I expected.”

“Warn me before you do that again, okay? For the sake of both of us.”

“I didn’t expect a human to be able to do that.”

“That hurt!”

“Back to square one.”

“Right, because that’s JUST what I needed!”

“Oh, I get it. It’s MY fault now?”

“I wish I didn’t, but believe me, I care about you.”

“Oh dear…”

“Throw it to me!”

“Do you want a gold star for that?”

“Did you honestly think it’d be that easy?”

“It takes so much work to be with you!”

“I’m just being honest.”

“I mean no insult, but I’m fed up.”

“I think I made him cry.”

“Go back outside.”

“Would it scare you if I said yes?”

“You’re far too cautious!!”

“I remember once forever seemed too short a time.”

“Tell me I’m not a fool!”

“You’re my hero I’m supposed to hate.”

“Once again, I have to save your sorry ass.”

“Let go of the knife.”

“Where’d you go?”

“You wouldn’t exactly call this ‘murder’, would you?”

“To be fearless is to be naive.”

“How many are there, then?”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

sophies-sideshow  asked:

Since you asked...I'd like to request #31: "You lied to me" for Nick and Judy. Preferably with a romantic subtext, but I know you don't ship them and your platonic stories are amazing, so I won't make you do that if you don't really want to. Unless, of course, you've already done a drabble with that theme, in which case I would love it if you'd shoot me a link cause I clearly missed it >.>

Of course, Darling! Here you go! Thanks for all your wonderful support! I did my best to angst, but I found the more I tried, the sillier it got. So here’s a lovey dovey thing that spilled out of me at one in the morning.

Sorry. Wanted it to be better. But… I tried. Tired me is tired me.

Please accept this crappy little weird piece of fluff as gratitude.

You’re the best. You’re all the best!


Game of Chance

In Which Judy Plays Poker

Living Arrangements are Discussed

And Nicholas Wilde is Afraid for more Reasons than he Thought Possible

Nicholas Wilde was always aware that he was a coward. A flight risk. The kind of Fox that would screw you six ways to Sunday and barely feel a lick of sin. Courage wasn’t something he had in large supply.

So it was somewhat of a strange, terrifying, and weeks-spent-rehearsing-in-mirrors sort of moment when he realizes that he has to have just that.

He does his best.

And weeks spent rehearsing to clones in fogged up windows and speeches sent out in text posts to Finnick (who always replied in censored versions of why he should not be sending him any of that and should stop asap) and words like “love” and “artful” and “really really good” and “financially smart decisions” written out on old cafe napkins shoved into pockets, culminated into a final, bright, intense moment that he was sure would rock the entire course of his life.

He asks her to move in with him on a rainy Tuesday morning pressed together on his raggedy sofa. He’d looked at anything but her, tapping his fingers against her knee, and forgot about texts and notes and dirty napkins and just gathered up every ounce of absent courage and asked.

And she says no.

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joshhdunnhunn  asked:

"You're adorable, you know that?" ten(too) x rose. - AU or not, you decided. *blows kisses*

Rose Tyler had the end of a pencil in her mouth as she stuffed her hands inside of her bag to pull out all of her papers and supplies. She cast a quick glance around the library and noted that it was still fairly empty, as it had been when she had come in a half hour or so ago.

There were a few adults browsing books and a group of teenagers that she didn’t recognize in the corner working on some kind of science project, but other than that - empty.

She placed down the papers that she needed in front of her in a neat pile and glanced up at the computer screen, squinting her eyes to read the tiny font.

“You’re adorable, you know that?”

The pencil fell out of her mouth and down into her lap as she spun around quickly in her chair, eyes wide. “What?”

A boy was sitting at the desk behind hers, his legs slung over either side of the chair. A dark blue bag was laying by his side. His head was propped on his elbows and he was grinning at her brightly, amused. “I said, you’re adorable.”

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Panic Attack

It was quiet and dark in the Lair, and Mikey was sprawled on one of the couches, where he’d fallen asleep during yet another monster movie marathon. The last dvd had long since finished playing, and all the screens in the wall of televisions had gone into sleep mode, leaving the blinking yellow numbers on the dvd player as the only nearby source of light. 

His rest wasn’t peaceful though - Mikey twitched and fidgeted in his sleep, his brow furrowed as he mumbled incoherently. His restless movements gradually brought him closer to the edge of the couch, until he finally reached the tipping point and slid right off, landing on his shell and smacking his head on the floor.

The impact jerked him into a semblance of awareness, but he was still half asleep and completely disoriented, a cloud of dread fogging his mind. His heart was hammering wildly, his mouth was as dry as sandpaper, and a great weight seemed to be pressing down on his chest. He felt like he was suffocating in the darkness, but every attempted breath only seemed to constrict his chest even further, making it even more difficult to breathe. 

Mikey managed to jerk himself up into a sitting position, one hand clutching convulsively at the couch, but the change in position did nothing to relieve the tightness in his chest. If anything, it just made it worse, and he couldn’t hear anything but his own desperate, wheezing gasps.

Hooray, I got my first prompt today!!

totally unexpectedly submitted by honeysticks : “I forgot my umbrella and you offered to walk me home in the rain and I thought this would be the beginning of a cute love story but you’re really shit at this oh my god my shoulder is so wet, hold the damn thing properly wth man” au

pretty pleeaseee c:

(slightly changed, I hope it’s still remotely okay!)

Her preferred Deli was in the neighborhood, practically just around the corner; but that could still be a long long way to walk if you were fully packed with two huge paper bags and it was raining cats and dogs, like it was now. Luckily, Emma hadn’t forgotten her umbrella this time. But, as it turned out, it wasn’t that easy opening it with one hand while trying to balance the two bags in her other hand. She started to curse under her breath, when a strong buffet of wind hit her from behind, ripped the half-opened umbrella from her hand and smashed it lethally against the post of a street lamp. She stumbled a little, and one of the grocery bags fell from her hand.

“Really?!” she hissed and crouched down on the pavement to collect the oranges, avocados and the packet with the taco shells. Obviously, today was not her day. At least the rain seemed to subside a little – it didn’t fall on her blonde curls as heavy as before.

When she gathered her last belongings, she became aware of a pair of feet standing very close to her. She frowned and let her curious glance wander up along legs in tight black jeans, belonging to a man clad in a black leather jacket, holding an umbrella over her crouched figure, smiling down at her from a pair of disturbingly blue eyes and with an amused expression that infuriated her somehow. The rain was streaming over the stranger’s face, soaking his almost black hair. “Need a hand, love?” he asked and indeed offered her one to help her up.

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lenny9987  asked:

Modern Glasgow memes! 1) Who takes the lead when it comes to the children and their loose/lost teeth? 2) What are the little Frasers' favorite rainy day activities? 3A) Who goes on what rides with the kids at amusement parks/fairs? 3B) Do any of the little Frasers suffer from seasickness/motion sickness like their Da?

Hooray for more meme prompts!!

1. Both. Claire makes sure there are no medical issues with the loose tooth (that it’s naturally loose, that the gum isn’t inflamed, etc.) but Jamie comes up with all kinds of creative ways to help the bairns lose their teeth. And they both joy in leaving wee gifts under the bairns’ pillows to celebrate the lost tooth! (And Claire keeps all the lost teeth in a jar, one for each bairn, and gives it to them when they turn 18. Creepy, but cool)

2. Oh, pretty much everything! Faith likes reading about herbs and medicines and homeopathic remedies - and making her own for her family to try. Brianna likes building models and sketching out designs. William looooves reading his history books, or watching history documentaries (preferably with Murtagh, Jamie, and/or Fergus). Fergus likes writing - he’s an aspiring journalist - and it’s also a good way for him to master his English. And wee Julia just gets on everyone’s nerves, dressed up in her vest and cargo shorts and hat and trying to get one (or more) of her siblings to pretend they’re exploring a lost tomb or pyramid.

3A. Claire and the girls go on the roller coasters and fast rides. Jamie and the boys go on the quiet rides - carousel and the like. Jamie gets terrible motion sickness, and Claire just loves the adrenaline rush.

3B. William does! Poor lad. Which is why he and Jamie either ride the carousel together, or just enjoy walking around the park, laughing at all the idiots who stand in line for two hours for a two-minute roller coaster ride.