hooray art


Finally breaking out of my art block with a Monster!Gabe design I got commissioned to work on. I had a lot of artistic freedom with this so it was a pleasure, but caused some serious cramping on my ‘I NEED TO DO THIS RIGHT!!’ muscle. But I finally worked out my flaws, repainted, and loved the final result. The commissioner did too!

Plus, tis the season now, right?? Gotta love that Falltime Monster!Gabe.


here are a few lockscreen versions of some of my art!

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Happy Birthday @rensaven! \o/ *Happy Birthday theme plays*
I wish your dreams come true :D Maybe one day you could draw comics with your oc’s or maybe even do a series of animations! Your works are always amazing so hope everything will be alright. Don’t give up and go to your future with determination. Best wishes and be healthy :*