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Im deeply offended anime is just like the best. maybe you just havent seen the right ones. Have you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? DeathNote? Clannad? Honey and Clover? Nana? K-On? or what about ghibli movies?

some people simply don’t like certain things and you just gotta accept that instead of trying to force them into liking the stuff you’re into


here are a few lockscreen versions of some of my art!

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Day 30 of the April Drawing Challenge.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do…along with the migraine that came back…sorry for the tardiness.

I decided to draw Lady Penelope, since I have never drawn her before.  So here she is with her “Pocket Gordon” having a nice chat about nothing in particular…because Gordon would totally call her for no reason.

(The phrase “Pocket Gordon” is totally Yolashillinia’s fault.  Used with persmision of course.  xD)


I remember, I remember those days
Laughing out loud, staying up too late
Staring out the window whilst I see your face
I remember, I remember those days

We had a little bit of time but it’s never enough
Remember driving all night, we’d been talking ‘bout love
Now that you’re gone the show is done
We had a little bit of time but it’s never enough, no it’s never enough