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Lucifer Season 3 Confirmed

Best news that a fan could receive. Seriously, what wonderful news, and completely well deserved from this brilliant cast.

If there are people wondering about the status of the #RenewLuciferProject. We’ll still follow through with it, BUT I’m also willing to amend the video to allow congratulatory messages to the cast and crew, etc..

So we’ll start with Chloe’s “this is going to be anti-climatic” quote in the beginning and we’ll slowly shift over into messages of congratulations for getting a season 3. That way everyone’s messages and videos will be used!

Drop me a line if you are interested or reblog to high heaven. :)

You can send your congratulatory photos and videos to the same email address: renewluciferproject@gmail.com

Good morning!

If you’re working/studying hard remember all your hustle is going to pay off soon! You can do it!!!

If you’re procrastinating that’s ok! Starting work can be daunting but I want you to get up and do ten minutes of work! Just 10 minutes! No distractions!I know you can and you’ll feel better afterwards! GO!

Hustle hustle! It’s almost the weekend! 😚💖😉


beginnings, trust, faith, freedom, convictions, fearless, positivity, optimism, simplicity- the fool arcana

creative intellect, control, intelligence, leader, committed, motivated, eloquence, elusive- the magician arcana

imbalances, unpleasant memories, revealed secrets, broken trusts, frustration, betrayal- the high priestess arcana (reversed)

manipulative, tension, vanity, superficial, impatient, destruction, needy, negativity- the empress arcana (reversed)

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Vanoo. 17989 words. 

Summary: Los Santos was a city riddled with crime, and it was up to Evan and his friends to fix that. By night, he was Bat Owl - a superhero tasked with defending his city from the baddest of the bad, alongside his friends and teammates, Batcoon and Early Bird. By day, he was a mild mannered security guard and loving husband to Brock, the son of a local billionaire entrepreneur.

Little did he know, however, that Brock had a secret identity of his own, and their lives were more intertwined than he previously thought.

(Vanoo Bat Owl and Early Bird AU.)

A/N: Loosely based off of this post from a year ago. 

The city was quiet.

It was rare that Los Santos would be this tranquil and peaceful, but Evan wasn’t going to complain. The absence of sirens was calming and more beautiful than any sound, and he was determined to enjoy it while it lasted. The city lights twinkled under the backdrop of the night sky, and the familiar rumble of cars zooming down the streets rose up from underneath them. The ever shining streetlights cast an orange glow on the horizon that drowned out the stars, but the full moon still hung brilliantly and watched over everyone below, emitting a gentle aura of peace that washed over him.

Being a superhero in a city with such a high crime rate meant genuinely peaceful moments were few and far between, and it was refreshing to perch on the edge of a rooftop with his team and bask in the tranquillity while they still had the chance to enjoy it. It was a demanding job, but Evan couldn’t imagine doing anything else that would be even half as rewarding, and it was in moments like this when the city was sleeping soundly without a care in the world that reassured him that the risk was worth it. His body may be littered in bruises and scars, but if the people were safe, then that’s all that mattered to him.

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La La Land -- (Ardyn Izunia x Reader) Ch. 3

Hey guys, I just finished chapter 3. Hooray! ^_^

I’m sorry if this one is a little scattered, as it is 00:06 in the evening and I am running on only 6 ½ hours of sleep at the moment. But, when inspiration hits you, you have to write unless you lose it.

Anyway, big shout out to everyone who has been reading/liking/reblogging this story. I really appreciate it, thank you. So lets get started!

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THE GMR→  hooray for hollywood ✫

1. great movie ride queue - grauman’s chinese theatre 2. hooray for hollywood - disney 3. by a waterfall - harry warren 4. singing in the rain - gene kelly 5. chim chim cheree - julie andrews 6. the public enemy - david mendoza 7. a fistful of dollars  - ennio morricone 8. the searchers - stan jones 9. alien - jerry goldsmith 10. the raiders march - john williams 11. marion’s theme - john williams 12. tarzan the ape man - perry botkin 13. casablanca suite - max steiner 14. the sorcerer’s apprentice - paul dukas 15. we welcome you to munchkin land / the witch is dead - herbert stothart 16. follow the yellow brick road - herbert stothart 17. over the rainbow - herbert stothart 18. hooray for hollywood overture - disney
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