Steven Moffat: Doctor Who will last at least another five years

If fans were concerned about the future of Doctor Who in the next few years, they can rest easy – Steven Moffat has laid out some assurances. Speaking on the long-term plans for the series, Moffat said: “I thought it would last ten years. I didn’t think it would last ten years with BBC Worldwide trying to get me in a room to talk about their plan for the next five years!”

“It’s going to do a minimum of 15. I mean, it could do 26!”

This all sounds like good news for Who fans, except for one thing – many may not even have considered that the show could end in five years. Don’t worry though, here’s Ben Stephenson, head of BBC drama, to see Moffat’s offer and raise it…

“Because it’s such an amazing format, because you can constantly revive it and re-imagine it, then as long as the people looking after it are passionate about it and the BBC is passionate about it, there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t do another 50 years.”



                                    Light f a l l s into Darkness,
                                                       Darkness r e t u r n s to Light.


A clean faceoff win by Toews to Kane who scores his 33rd goal of the season (Feb. 11)
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“(Woman) I was so happy when my boyfriend finished military service, that just before, in the middle of Cheonggyecheon Stream I yelled, ‘Hooray! It’s finished.’“
“In the street? Weren’t there a lot of people?”
“(Man) Yes, it seems like it was really difficult for her. I thought to myself, ‘she really waited a lot for me.’”

“(여자) 남자친구가 제대한게 너무 좋아서 아까 청계천 한복판에서 ‘만세! 끝났다!’ 하고 엄청 크게 소리질렀어요.”
“길거리에서요? 사람도 많은데요?”
“(남자) 네, 얘가 진짜 많이 힘들었나봐요. ‘날 많이 기다렸구나..’ 싶더라고요.“