why the signs are adorable and should be loved

aries: they will seriously take a bullet for their friends and loved ones. they hold so much compassion and love inside of one tiny body, and people still think they’re heartless. but they know who they are, and who they are is a beautiful and strong human being.
taurus: they too, like aries, are so loving towards those close to them. they are also so wonderfully passionate, they can’t help but inspire you to be greater than what you are now. they’re headstrong and graceful.
gemini: their eyes hold a precious light inside of them that can never be dimmed. they have two sides to them, and while some people fear and try to belittle/degrade them for it, both sides are dynamic, brilliant, and remarkable. they’re also wildly hilarious.
cancer: they devote themselves fully to the people they love, and hardly ever put themselves above anyone else. they want to give you their everything in return for little to nothing. all they ask for is your love in return. they have an attractive, magnetic and incredible glow/aura that you can’t look away from. they’re cute as a button, too.
leo: though it’s been said a million times, their confidence and charisma is charming and endearing. they are surprisingly very motherly towards their closest friends, and are wonderfully generous. they have an electric and eccentric charm to them that is hard to downright impossible to deny.
virgo: their poise and grace is breathtaking, and their stunning looks are bound to turn heads. they have an adorable energy to them, and even if they’re cool and collected, they make you want to giggle like a little kid and hug everyone you’ve ever met just for the fun of it and because life is so beautiful! don’t you love life? life is amazing.
libra: they are always multi-talented and pretty easy on the eyes. they are simultaneously stubborn and strong-willed, yet free-flowing and open-minded, you wonder how they balance it all. you want to be them. you know you do.
scorpio: they’re ½ adorable cinnamon roll that needs to be protected, ½ angry soccer mom wielding a knife (and angry soccer moms are terrifying as is). despite this, they make great sisterly-type friends and create a bond with those they love that lasts forever. they’ll also cut a bitch when necessary.
sagittarius: their love for life and anything in general is cute as heck. their happy and upbeat vibe is contagious and just the sight of them makes you want to jump up and dance! no one can cheer you up like a sagittarius can. while childlike and adorable, they’re also very loyal and dedicated, and will protect those they love fiercely.
capricorn: they are secretly and very lowkey super kind and affectionate, but they like to act tough (when everyone knows they’re the biggest dweebs to roam the earth). they select a few people to be close to, and you better count your lucky stars if you’re a chosen one. capricorns are precious and both require protection while they’re also protecting others.
aquarius: aquarians are truly god’s gift to the world, if not god themselves. they have an absolutely *infectious* vibe, and they all have stunning looks. they are carefree and excitable and make you want to see everything there is the world has to offer. in fact, they’ll be the ones to show it to you.
pisces: the absolute most precious cinnamon roll of them all. while pisces remain to be all signs of the zodiac’s small and adorable fish children, they have a tough core underneath all of their glittery fish scales, and are ready to fight–at the absolute most necessary time. otherwise, you want to pick them up and carry them around in your pocket. adorable.

Strwb FINALLY gets to say hello! You may see her pop up occasionally on my Wife’s Beam Streams Here!

Interested in seeing all my rough animations and process for this? Or even the source files?

This is supposed to be a new follower animation, or new donation, or new subscriber or whatever, that pops up on her stream when that happens!

Who knows, I may make one for me and start streaming again soon.

I’ve been thinking about making little flairs like this for other peoples streams for awhile now. And I was wondering if anyone would be interested in custom New Follower-type animations for their streams, like maybe a little tracer blipping around, or a little mario spitting fires boogers. If I were to open up commissions, would this actually be something people would be interested in?

Hey!  I finally had a minute of free time in between wrapping up senior year, planning prom, training for a half marathon, and practicing lacrosse to post the March pep talk I drew.  This one was much needed.

From the perspective of someone who’s been swamped lately (see: above and also the fact that I’m posting this on March 25th), remember to take a bit of a step back and keep things in perspective.  Let it go, this too shall pass.

Love forever,

x Hannah


The first solicitation for POWER UP has arrived!!

POWER UP #1 (of 6)
Retail Price: $3.99
Written By: Kate Leth
Artist:  Matt Cummings
What’s To Love: New York Times bestselling author Kate Leth (Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time: Seeing Red) and artist Matt Cummings (Adventure Time) create a new, original series that takes the magical girl story where it’s never, ever been before. Combining a deep love of Sailor Moon with the tongue-in-cheek humor of Scott Pilgrim, Power Up is the story of the most unlikely people (and goldfish) taking on the roles of Magical Girl, whether they want it or not.
What It Is: It has been foretold that four noble warriors of incredible strength would be gifted with cosmic abilities at a moment of planetary alignment…which, yeah, something definitely went wrong here. Amie is a disaffected twentysomething with a lot of attitude, Kevin is a washed-up athlete way past his prime, Sandy’s a mother of two teenagers, and Silas…is a goldfish. Just a normal goldfish. Are we sure we read that prophecy right?

[It’s that and SO MUCH MORE. My first original series !!! Drawn by one of my favourite dudes in this world !!! Also, those covers are by Matt Cummings and Babs Tarr respectively, SO.]

This means that you can now, OFFICIALLY, go into your local comic shop and pre-order. :) :) :)