hoops nation

anonymous asked:

Why should they take off their hoops? I am chicana but don't agree with this statement. I just want to be informed as to why, thanks!

I appreciate genuine questions as opposed to some of the hateful messages I’ve gotten since i posted that (lol the internet).

1. Friendly reminder that I didn’t make the original art piece, the 3 women who did were the ones who took it up as a sort of campaign, I simply shared it. I thought it was funny and that it reflected much larger and much harsher attacks against us as Latinxs/and also Chicanas.

2. As #Chicanas we know our culture is one of the things that are attacked by the establishment (White supremacist bourgeoisie). As Chicanas we have been teased, ridiculed, and put into a racist generalization of what we are…especially working-class Chicanas like Cholas. The hoops were always a part of our style. Hoops go in and out of being “in style” and perhaps this is why the 3 took it on; maybe they happened upon an online Urban Outfitters ad featuring “Bamboo hoops for $40) http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=40882508&category=W_BIS when you can get them at your local “tiendita” for under $5.

3. Again, I don’t know about why they made the art, but I know why I identified with it. I’m a working-class Chicana who lives in Aztlan and I’ve personally been made fun of (growing up) for wearing what my mom would put on me. I had a gold pair of beautiful hoops that my mom had blessed by my priest after I did my Catholic confirmation. I wore them to school the next day and the white kids made fun of me, as they said, “Your earrings are so big! Why would you wear something like that?” As an 8 year old, I was embarrased and had no idea why - since the night before I was so excited to have pink roses on my gold hoops. I asked my mom never to let me wear them again, and told her they were “too expensive” and I was scared I would lose them. I never asked for them back.

Culture is ever-changing and for Chicanxs, it’s influenced by Mexico, Central America, the indigenous 1st nations of the U.S., and our own upbringing and exposure to Blacks, as well as many other nationalities who live in Aztlan…and when the same white hipsters who ridiculed you for wearing what you knew in your heart is what made you love being a Chicana…and now want to pay an overpriced amount to wear the same thing…the 1st thing that comes to your mind might be: fuck you, don’t steal our culture.

It’s not my campaign. I actually organize on the streets of Boyle Heights against Chicano killings and against deportations. It won’t make me want to take a white person’s hoops. But I did find a smile come to my face when I saw the artwork saying “White girl, take off your hoops.”


A little social media birdie has informed me that today is National Lazy Day!  Who knew?  So please find some time in the day to slouch in your chair (or against the TARDIS console), read a book, kick back on the sofa and eat Hula Hoops off your fingers, or stretch out for some personal time with your favorite skull.