hoops nation


A mix for Persephone’s time in the Underworld.

// toxic - melanie martinez // before I ever met you (sohn remix) - banks // sweet ophelia - zella day // bedroom hymns - florence + the machine // afraid - the neighbourhood // buy the stars - marina and the diamonds // get some - lykke li // got it - marian hill // all we’ll know - the hics // bravado - lorde // deeper devastation - jesca hoop // seven nation army - zella day // dark paradise - lana del rey // seven devils - florence + the machine // crazy in love - sofia karlberg // scream my name - tove lo // sweet dreams (are made of this) - emily browning //

Listen here: http://8tracks.com/wolves-and-girls/the-iron-queen#smart_id


A little social media birdie has informed me that today is National Lazy Day!  Who knew?  So please find some time in the day to slouch in your chair (or against the TARDIS console), read a book, kick back on the sofa and eat Hula Hoops off your fingers, or stretch out for some personal time with your favorite skull.  


Hoop and Pow Wow Dancing-Big Lake Trading Post, Page, AZ. Any Navajo Rez brothers and sisters I have will recognize the pretty distinct scenery in this video, which is filmed just south of Antelope Point. The dancers, Tomas Hunt and Joseph Secody, have a modern take on the traditional hoop and pow wow dances, with elements of break dancing and shuffling.