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I was wondering, do you have any Molly/Irene (Molene? Hoopler?) headcanons? If so, what are they?


and I think I published some a long time ago, but I don’t remember exactly what they are. Sorry if I repeat! 

  • There’s nothing more relaxing for Irene than coming home and being stuffed silly–it proves she doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. When it finally starts sticking to her figure, Molly shows her that she can still be sexy. 
  • Molly gets fat when she gets comfortable; two months into dating Irene she’s up a dress size, and a year later she’s 7 sizes up and struggling to fit her bust and belly into anything remotely form fitting. 

vellophone-blog  asked:

OH MY GOSH I'M HAVING SORTA IRENE/MOLLY HEADCANONS?? a little?? mostly like irene showing up and saying a jack harkness "hello" and molly being like "WHOOPS THERE GOES MY OVARIES better go touch up my lipstick" and then irene's like "you weren't wearing lipstick before.. i love it" <3

Oooh, Irene knows exactly what it means when a lady slips out to apply lipstick. Mmm, and Irene being sweet as pie to Molly, but in a real way, not a fake way, because she has no reason to manipulate Molly. 

Irene’s kinda perfect for Molly? She has that swagger and dry wit that Molly loves. Plus the gorgeous hair and eyes and cheekbones.