Imagine Lydia as a mom at a wedding dancing with Stiles and their little girl.

She’s usually never on a dance girl but the kiddo wants to dance and Lydia lets her drag her into the floor and it’s just the three of them. Their own little unit. Until Scott’s kids jump into the hoopla and Lydia has to let go of her baby’s hands and she looks put out for a second until Stiles grabs her and entwines their hands and puts the other one on her waist and she cracks up as they go up and down.

Then Stiles spins her out and Scott is there and Lydia grabs him and they dance together but it’s a fast song so they’re not being dorks about it. Unlike stiles who grabs Melissa and starts the slow dance thing all over again.

At the end of the night, the three of them– Stiles, Lydia, and their little girl– slow dance in a circle to Unforgettable, until she gets bored and runs off and then it’s just Stiles and Lydia, holding each other and rocking back and forth and Lydia leans up on her tip toes and thanks him for their family.