Imagine Lydia as a mom at a wedding dancing with Stiles and their little girl.

She’s usually never on a dance girl but the kiddo wants to dance and Lydia lets her drag her into the floor and it’s just the three of them. Their own little unit. Until Scott’s kids jump into the hoopla and Lydia has to let go of her baby’s hands and she looks put out for a second until Stiles grabs her and entwines their hands and puts the other one on her waist and she cracks up as they go up and down.

Then Stiles spins her out and Scott is there and Lydia grabs him and they dance together but it’s a fast song so they’re not being dorks about it. Unlike stiles who grabs Melissa and starts the slow dance thing all over again.

At the end of the night, the three of them– Stiles, Lydia, and their little girl– slow dance in a circle to Unforgettable, until she gets bored and runs off and then it’s just Stiles and Lydia, holding each other and rocking back and forth and Lydia leans up on her tip toes and thanks him for their family.

c00lator  asked:

hi i am super confused about what's going on in the wtnv fandom right now. what's with all the nazi-nurse related hoopla?

Although she has since changed her username, nazi-nurse provides offensive and ignorant fanart to the WTNV community. At first, she was just a cool artist who drew any WTNV idea you had. Then shit started getting weird. She made up her character, Diego (I’m not sure how familiar you are with N-N in general so if you need more clarification let me know) and turned him into an abusive fuck and she started drawing a lot of non-consensual sex and other non-con themes.

Now, she began to receive many messages asking her to please tag her non-con art (and her stuff in general) for trigger warnings. People also started asking her, “hey can you maybe change your username? The word nazi is very offensive and triggering, and when I search your username in the tag, a lot of nazi paraphernalia pops up and it’s disturbing”. She basically responded by “lol fuck you, stop being so sensitive, I’ll do what I want and I won’t fucking tag anything”. So every time someone approaches her, either nicely or not-so-nicely, her reaction is to become even more bigoted and ignorant and do even MORE of the thing you’ve asked her not to do because it is offensive. She’s clearly a sociopath.

And then of course there is the issue of her drawing not only Cecil but almost every other character as white. Aside from Carlos and Diego (if you really want to argue for them, because she still basically draws them as white people colored brown), all of her night vale characters are drawn as white (Cecil, Earl Harlan, Kevin, Steve Carlsberg, etc.) When approached about this particular issue, she doesn’t give fuck all about social justice and is completely insensitive to issues of race representation in the media. The hilarious thing is after being approached so many times about her Cecil being white, she’s been slowly darkening his skin. Like she’s trying to earn brownie points or something. But her characters are still white as hell it’s just making her look even more and more ridiculous and pathetic.

It’s not the simple issue of “oh here’s another artist that draws Cecil as white”, it’s the lengths she goes to in order to MAKE IT KNOWN that she is racist, ignorant, and insensitive to people’s triggers and other things that are very disturbing and offensive. She’s becoming more and more vulgar, and the reason this is so angering is because she is incredibly popular. People go to great lengths to defend her, with comments such as “Oh Tumblr’s just going through this annoying phase where they have to make everyone a person of color just ignore them” or “Hey your Cecil is SO MUCH MORE TAN than other white Cecils so people can’t say you aren’t diverse!” She’s giving WTNV and its fandom an extremely bad name and it’s sickening to have someone as ignorant as her be so popular, when she is truly the antithesis of everything WTNV and its creators stand for.