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Hoop hop diggity dog

170513 EXO CUP Japan fanmeeting Day2

Wow I love fanmeets

*HACK* Oh my…doesn’t that sound romantic? ;-; awww I love hand holds from meh otp (I don’t think CB holds hands as much as other otps, I mean they got them hi fives doe) especially when their hands go so well together.

BUT ALAS. No fancam ;-; I cri

Aww look at dem ^^ all three..orange heads (?) just happily eating (they look like hamsters) and dang look at how fast Chanyeol’s stuffing his mouth

Wowowowow- woah. Did channel just do what I think he did? 

WHY YEs my children he did. He fed Baekhyun like the last Japan fan meeting, how sweet. What I really liked about this moment was the fact that Baekhyun already ate one but Chanyeol still decided to feed him for no reason other to just feed him. What a caring boyfriend~

Close up ASDFGHJKL How adorable

Lovely Sights and sounds abound in this autumn season. While I am obligated to remain indoors, by my many tasks, I entreat you to go and see the world as my proxy! It is my hope that you might witness these annually available delights, which I personally have sought out or been surprised by in years past.

The first 5 readers to submit a rendering (no matter how simple or complex) featuring 9 of their own favorite fall subjects by December 1st, 2014, can receive a free item from my etsy store* and a bonus, signed first issue of my upcoming image comic, Tooth & Claw. 

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anonymous asked:

im a tiny and petite 15 year old girl, i love watching animes, hula hooping, and petting dogs. i write, and if we dated my poems would probably be all about you :)

holy frick d a t e me!!! I am really good at hula hopping so we might have to see who would win :) I am a poet and you bet my poems would be all about you and much more. you sound so sweet oh my goodness!!