hooping cats


etsyfindoftheday | HBD grizzy and roger! | 4.19.17

custom cat embroidery hoops by stitchingsabbatical // 1 | 2

what better way to commemorate your furry pal than with a custom embroidered portrait?! LOVE stitchingsabbatical’s aesthetic — they really capture the personality of your pet(s), and i’d love to get a hoop with my two guys on there <3


etsyfindoftheday 4 | 4.7.16

theme thursday: KITTIES!!

embroidery by weeniesembroidery // custom portraits | i knead you

i must have a grizz and roger portrait in my life. check out all of this shop’s punny hoop art ;)


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 10.5.16

detailed custom cat embroidery by stitchingsabbatical

the level of detail in these custom personalized cat embroidery hoop art pieces is incredible. i’d LOVE to get a pair of hoops with grizzy and roger on them! or, even better — a single hoop with both buddies on it :D choose your favorite size from 4 to 7 inches!


I wanted to share some recent works. It’s nice to have an outlet to talk about what I do instead of just speaking to myself or my cat. 

I’ve been playing with simplicity lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote from Paul Simon- “It’s actually very difficult to make something both simple and good.” 

I also still love playing with new fabrics & quotes (both stupid & serious) so my work tends to be all over the map as a whole but that’s fine with me. I’m just happy that I’m still passionate about embroidery. My biggest fear was that I would come to hate it pretty quickly but I’m still happily stitching away the days. 

These are all for sale, of course, if you’re so inclined, or rather if you just want to check out what other things I’m working on you can see them (here)