hooping bears

A random anecdote about myself

There’s this ice cream truck that roams my neighborhood and it plays music(like every other ice cream truck). I don’t know the name of the song, but everytime I hear it I think of those old “Hoops and Yoyo” Hallmark E-Cards because they had a version of the song and it was about yams and you sent it to family that didn’t go to thanksgiving.

“Back in 2009 my good friend Johnny Craviotto (R.I.P.) made a run of Copper Snare drums with AK drums (Adrian Kirchler).. I loved those drums so much i asked Johnny if we could experiment with making a kit out of those shells. I ordered a 22" 13" 16" to start with..The drums are all standard depth with AK’s 4mm Brass Hoops with the same bearing edges as the snares.. I got the OG shells and i was so happy with the outcome i had Craviotto/AK make extra drums to add to the kit–12" 14" rack toms–24" kick drum and a 18" floor tom. The kit is just so beautiful sounding… as far as i know it’s the only one Craviotto allowed to be made. :)”
Matt Chamberlain

anonymous asked:

If the band turned into animals, what animals do you think they would be?

Well, due to his majestic hair, Thiessen would probably be a lion

personality-wise, he would be a bird of prey.

Hoopes would be a bear… but not a big scary bear. More like a small, chill bear. 

John Warne would probably be a sheepdog.

Jon Schneck kinda reminds me of a meerkat

Ethan… definitely a bull.

Dave was a tough one, but possibly a cat?

And then there’s Brian. How about a beaver?

Let me know if you have any other ideas!