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The biggest moment I fell in fierce love for Molly Hooper was the moment she said, “I don’t count.” I’ve always loved her until that point, but this is when it stopped being a crush and became “I will twist someone’s balls for you” kind of affection.

Look at her face when she said that. She is terribly self-aware of her worth in Sherlock’s life. She knows she is only useful to Sherlock at some instances. She knows he is not interested in a relationship. But she doesn’t demand anything more from him. She goes on dates, she dresses up, has fun etc. She doesn’t sulk and cry about it, because that to me, that is demanding something from the other person. “Why am I not happy? This person should make me happy, look at all I do for him!” Molly Hooper isn’t like that. She just simply… Cares. I daresay it makes her happy and content to be able to care for someone. All she wants is the opportunity to help her friend, Sherlock, when he needs it. Even as the episodes progress from that moment, I have never seen Molly demand for anything. She doesn’t act like anybody to Sherlock, but a friend. If there were any romantic undertones at all, it is very subtle. This is the kind of angle we like. Sherlock is a difficult man. But we find Molly Hooper’s love for him pure and redemptive. Maybe… Just maybe, this is the kind of love Sherlock needs. A love that understands. Doesnt demand. Doesn’t challenge. Simple and straightforward. Just a constant, quiet force that he can rely on when he needs to. We fantasize about the eventual catharsis, yes: The moment Sherlock decides he needs this kind love and returns it back. but like our hero Molly Hooper, we are content to simply… be.

You know what this reminds me of? The Sherlolly fandom. Like Molly, most of us are terribly self-aware of our worth. Molly Hooper is not an ACD character so we know that she will always take less preference than the canon ones. Most of us don’t even want our ship to be canon. What we want, really, is to be happy to ship two characters we like. We don’t deserve judgement or chastising. We don’t deserve mockery. We most certainly don’t deserve hate. We are content in our place, and while we hope and want things, we certainly don’t demand it.

So please, just let us ship in peace. Let us continue being ourselves and liking the stuff we like. Like Molly Hooper, we are content with our place under the sun.


Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2015 

Day One: The Moment You Started Shipping

Back in 2012 I was sat in my little sofa clutching a pillow for dear life the second I heard John speaking, but somehow despite the fall and the resurrection that followed, I was struck with two scenes. My friend at the time didn’t acknowledge these scenes, which infuriated me for they spoke to me as the reason to why Sherlock was standing in the graveyard at the very end. 

I’d always seen Molly Hooper as the bubbly female who worked in a lab and had a crush, but series two made me sympathize with her plight more than before. Suddenly it wasn’t just this fleeting little thing to be coddled, but a sheer ache in ones chest of empathy. She stood there in all her Christmas fancy-to-do and her heart was more or less wrapped up and trampled upon. 

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