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ahhh i’m so happy i can finally post these!!;; i’ve been working on these for weeks on-and-off, and i’ve re-done every one so many times, hah. i’m happiest with john/molly, to be honest, which i did tonight… they were so much fun to draw!! full credit for the pick-up lines goes to tumblr user bbcsherlockpickuplines. Gosh, they’re all so outrageous. I laughed quite a lot while on their blog!!

What if…

If Sherlock didn’t really say goodbye to Molly, and then she learns that he was supposed to go on a suicide mission and that he decided to get high enough to OD, - which he nearly did - then… just imagine the resulting angst!


What if Sherlock’s guilt upon the realization that Molly will be angry and disappointed with him once she learns that he died of overdose, is one of the reasons why he projected Hooper as angry and antagonistic with him?

Sure maybe angry Hooper was just the reminder that Sherlock thinks Molly is still angry with him because the last time they saw each other, he was high and she slapped him…three times! But what if…

What if that was his subconscious showing everyone that he believes that Molly has every right to be angry with him because the last time she saw him he was “throwing away the beautiful gifts he was born with” and lo and behold there he was dying from doing it.

The Hooper Holmes interaction during the brides’ reveal clearly showed Sherlock being guilty over all the hurt he had caused and his subconscious placed Molly as the primary character to whom he had analyzed his guilt with…even though that analysis was somehow project outward in the form of the case.

Do you know what this means?

Sherlock now sees Molly as his go-to sentiment compass!


“Hey, mind palace Molly, are you snobbing me, because what I said was too hurtful? Was that Not Good?”


Clearly I am overthinking this and should go to sleep now…