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Sherlock characters Hogwarts houses (Opinion list)

Always that disclaimer of “disagree If you must, just don’t think I care enough to argue about it”. Enjoy.


Sherlock: I’ve gone over this many times but I guess I’ll go over it once again. A lot of people assume that he is a Ravenclaw because he’s smart. False. Sherlock Holmes is a textbook Slytherin. Yes he’s smart, but he’s smart about what HE likes to know. In the books for example he doesn’t care to even know that earth revolves around the sun & he even goes as far to say that he doesn’t care to even remember the fact. A Ravenclaw would NOT act like that. Sherlock is just a snarky, sarcastic, SOB who has very singleminded goals and aspirations. He isn’t a bookworm if the book doesn’t pertain to what he’s doing at the moment.

Mycroft Holmes: He’s fantastic for a sarcastic one liner. He’s like Sherlock but he’s even more of an asshole in my opinion. He and Sherlock constantly try to one up each other, but they don’t have similar goals necessarily so it never gets too rough. Totally a Slytherin.

Mary Watson: Two words… DECEIVED EVERYONE. She’s fantastic. Also very resourceful and has straightforward goals / aspirations.


John Watson: He’s brave, daring & it takes a bit of recklessness to follow after Sherlock. Absolutely brilliant friend. I just feel like Gryffindors would do the John thing and just make faces if they disagreed 😂

Greg Lestrade: Also a very obvious Gryffindor. Courageous and daring. He’s very friendly and seems like he would be popular with other humans.


Mrs. Hudson: She’s just a cute little puff. Ya gotta love Mrs. Hudson. Fave. PLUS she just kind of loves Sherlock & that’s just a cute little like family Slytherin/hufflepuff thing ya feel ❤️

Mixed houses…

Molly Hooper: This is only based on the show BECAUSE THERE IS NO MOLLY HOOPER IN THE FREAKING BOOKS. Anyways… she’s like a mix between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. She’s absolutely brilliant at what she does so I’ll credit that to Ravenclaw. She’s got hufflepuff traits too though like she’s loyal (even when Sherlock is awful to her lol), she’s a hard worker, she’s V PATIENT (with Sherlock again lol). Like idk she’s both in my mind. She doesn’t fit in just one house.

Jim Moriarty: This is gonna be an unpopular opinion to many because he’s the bad guy… but I wouldn’t say he’s 100% Slytherin. Like yes his goal is to beat Sherlock, but he’s kinda brilliant and he’s got the cocky thing from Gryffindor. So like he’s a Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw. He’s so calculated and ingenious, but again he’s a cocky bastard & he’s very straightforward with his goals aka he has one goal in a sense.


Anderson and Sally: I loath them. They don’t deserve to go to Hogwarts.

[Mrs Hooper comes to town to meet Sherlock, John joins them during dinner to help with the tension]

Mrs Hooper: *suddenly faints in the middle of the dinner*

Molly: [lifts quickly to check her mother] Did you sedate my mother?!

Sherlock: [calmly from his seat] Think it as my birthday gift to you.

John: I feel…

John: Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me *faints*

Sherlock: That was a gift to myself.

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Archy! first off love your blog ofc ❤️ I'm doing a project for uni on early-mid century houses for an art history class, do you have any inspiration/favourite houses from that era that would be fairly easy to approach for someone w a design background but little "real" knowledge of architecture? thank you!

Here are some of the classic mid-century houses:

Stahl House Pierre Koenig

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Sherlock and the Houses of Hogwarts

It has been done a lot, I know. But I have my personal view of how Sherlock’s Characters would fit in the Houses of Hogwarts.

 First of all, I’d like to point out that those characters (LIKE EVERY HUMAN BEING) possess traits from more than one house. What I’m doing here is trying to understand what stands out the most.

Also it is important to remember that the hat takes into consideration what the person truly wants.


I won’t lie about that. I hate it when people put Sherlock in Slytherin. I don’t think the problem is that they don’t understand Sherlock, I believe the reason is that they don’t really know what a Slytherin really is… or better, they don’t know what a Ravenclaw really is.

So, Sherlock is a RAVENCLAW, of course.

Here are the differences between the two houses:

Ravenclaw: wit, intelligence, originality, open mind, creativity, individuality, curiosity.

Slytherin: ambition, self-preservation, cunning, leadership, fraternity, resourcefulness.

 So, there is no denying that Sherlock possess a couple of Slytherin traits, every person in the world has traits from different houses. Sherlock is both clever and resourceful.

Though he isn’t in any way ambitious, he has no interest in leading or in gaining power. Sherlock doesn’t do what he does for the fame, he even hates his fame. And let’s be honest… he doesn’t even know what “self-preservation” means.

Sherlock is clearly a Ravenclaw. He has a witty personality. He is intelligent, curious and has an incredibly open mind. He does what he does for the sake of it, not to reach a good position, not to get praised for it (of course he likes to get praised, but it is not his main goal). Sherlock has a strong individuality; you see it from the very first moment he appears on screen. He is so lost in his inner mind that he fails to notice other people’s problems. Sherlock rises from the crowd, he is different.

 To me it is as clear as the sun that he is a Ravenclaw.


I’ve noticed some people put John in Hufflepuff. I don’t agree with that, I think John would be a GRYFFINDOR and here’s the reason. Of course john is loyal and (sometimes) kind as the next Hufflepuff, but I believe that the first thing we notice about him is bravery. We are often told that he has strong nerves and his sense of justice is incredibly evident.

But the truth is that the real reason John would be a Gryffindor is because he would choose to be one, like he chose to be an army-doctor instead of just a doctor.


In total honesty Moriarty is the most difficult of all, because he is a psychopath so his mind works in a strange way.

His case is similar to Sherlock’s, because we need to decided whether he belongs in Slytherin or in Ravenclaw.

When I thought about it the first time I immediately picked Slytherin, without even considering the other houses, but then I decided to go deep inside it.

I think the best thing would be taking into consideration all the traits to decide.


Wit: Moriarty is insanely witty, it goes without saying. He is a fast thinker, he is humorous, he talks in puns and likes riddles. Those are clear Ravenclaw’s traits.

Intelligence: Duh.

Originality: Moriarty is incredibly original in his ways. The real Jim Moriarty stands out probably more than Sherlock himself does. He is one of a kind.

Open mind: I honestly don’t know about that… I think that to have an open mind you reacquire to care about the world around and he clearly doesn’t.

Creativity: I suppose you need to be rather creative to organized all those crimes and never repeat yourself.

Individuality: Well of course.

Curiosity: Jim IS curious… maybe not about everything, but still


Ambition: To know that we should understand what are the motives behind his actions. He often talks about boredom so it seems like he doesn’t really have a thirst for power. Though he’s got power, great power and he uses it. He also advertised himself with that infamous trail. I think he is ambitious, but I can’t be sure… with a character like Moriarty we can only suppose.

Self-preservation: Yes. It is true that he committed suicide, I know… But let’s not forget that he has always worked in the dark, behind everyone’s back.

Cunning: Well, shit.

Leadership: He did lead a criminal web successfully!

Fraternity: I don’t really know. We have always been told how alone he was. We’ve never seen him interact with people, so again we can only make supposition based on really little information.

Resourcefulness: Incredibly resourceful, yes.

 The problem still remains. Like John he possesses many traits from different houses, so the only option is that he would be able to decide in which house he belongs.

Would Moriarty choose Slytherin and be the great leader of the cunnings? Or would he choose RAVENCLAW instead, and stay away from the attention and from the expectation of him doing evil things?

I believe he would choose the second option but it’s again a supposition.


Mary is a SLYTHERIN. There isn’t much to say about it.

Resourcefulness, cunning, ambitious, self-preservation. To me she is a true Slytherin, and an incredible one to be honest.

Mary is also brave as a Gryffindor, loyal as a Hufflepuff and witty as a Ravenclaw. But the majority of her traits belong to Slytherin.


Again, a SLYTHERIN. An incredible, seductive and persuasive Slytherin.

Irene is a Slytherin even more than Mary is. It’s difficult to find other houses’ traits in her portrayal.

She played Sherlock and the British government with ease, charm and prowess.

She did everything with the aim of obtaining something.


I strongly believe Molly belongs to HUFFLEPUFF. I noticed that a few people put her into Ravenclaw, probably because of her job. I don’t agree with that; Molly may be smart and dedicated to her studies and job, but those characteristics do not belong to Ravenclaw. Not every person that succeed in a job that require years of studying is a Ravenclaw… that’s absurd.  

Molly is loyal, kind, patient, unafraid of hard work and she plays fair. A true Hufflepuff indeed.


I think we all agree that Mycroft is the most SLYTHERIN to ever slythering.

Really, there is no need to expatiate.


With Greg it is a bit difficult, because again there are two houses in which he would easily belong: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

I’m more for GRYFFINDOR though, considering his job choice.


HUFFLEPUFF forever and beyond.


Considering Slytherin’s traits she is cunning, resourceful and she lead an entire secretive prison.

Nothing from Gryffindor.

Certainly nothing from Hufflepuff.

As for Ravanclaw, she is curios I think… she is also highly intelligent.

I believe Eurus is a SLYTHERIN at the end.

Molly : I ended it. (with Tom)

Sherlock : (shocked) What?

Molly : I’m stuck Sherlock. I keep wanting to move forward, to move on, but I can’t and all I think about is you.(exhaling) I just need to know if you and I can work.

Sherlock : I’m the most screwed up person in the world.

Molly : I know. I love you. I wish I didn’t. But I can’t help it.

Sherlock : How do I know I’m not hallucinating.

Molly : are you high

Sherlock : No

Molly : (smiles sweetly) then I think we’re okay.

Multiple Fandoms: Hufflepuff Edition (with main trait)


House’s mind palace vs Sherlock’s mind palace

Sorting: Sherlock Characters
  • Ravenclaw: Sherlock, Irene, Magnussen, Anthea
  • Gryffindor: Molly, Greg, Mrs. Hudson, Donovan
  • Hufflepuff: John, Sarah, Anderson, Mike
  • Slytherin: Mycroft, Jim, Mary, Janine