Experience Brecken’s Unique Approach to Hooping

Rediscover the vertical plane in a more dynamic and sustainable way by incorporating breath alignment, falling momentum and fluid maneuvering. Barrel rolls are not the impossibly painful task they often appear to be. Yes, they’re a “wow” move, but they can also occur softly and with openness to transitional opportunity, once void of that tension that arises in the preparation of movement. Though it’s a “barrels” class, consider it aimed at a set of principles potentially valuable to all of hooping –(specifically when it comes to sequencing and ceaseless transition). Once comfortable harnessing momentum, we can explore how to better use weaving and tipping, along with the uses of the figure 8, as a means to redirect that same, initial momentum, without compromising it. …or your back (side note). (read the rest)

So this is TOTALLY going to be my New Year’s present to myself. Looks AMAZING!