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Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh, I think iwas dragged into that rare pair hell of Jeffershit and Mulligan. So if it isn't too much trouble, 270?

aww this is the very last prompt :( … I’m gonna miss doing these, but there’ll be more content soon, I promise. till then, thank you, and enjoy <3

Word Count: 499

Warnings: swearing and spicinesssss (these two can’t seem to calm the fuck down, sorry)

Hercules’ shoes squeaked loudly on the empty court as he dribbled toward the hoop. He jumped and performed a perfect dunk. Grinning to himself, he decided to grab a drink of water from his bag.

“Oh, don’t stop on my account,” he suddenly heard from the bleachers. He turned and saw his boyfriend sitting on the sidelines, head perched in his hands, staring adoringly at Herc.

Hercules grinned and went over to kiss Thomas. “When did you get here?” he asked.

“Just now. I decided to skip class,” he shrugged.

“Hm,” Hercules hummed happily, then turned to get back to practicing.

Teach me how to play?” Thomas asked, watching his boyfriend carefully.

Hercules almost laughed at the thought of Thomas doing sports, but bit his tongue at the sincere look on his boyfriend’s face. “I’d love to, babe, but tryouts are tomorrow… I’ve gotta practice.”

Thomas pouted and Herc went over to kiss him again. Giving in, he reasoned, “I’m sorry… how about you let me practice for twenty more minutes, and then I’ll teach you?”

Thomas grinned and clapped his hands. “Lovely!” he cried.

Herc went back to dribbling, then tried a few shots from the 3-point line.

“You’re killing me with that ass, Mulligan!” Thomas shouted at one point, causing Herc to fumble the shot. “Whoops! Sorry!” he giggled.

Herc, flustered, tried another shot, but was interrupted by Thomas again, who wolf-whistled from the sidelines.

After several more interruptions, Hercules had had enough. He strode over to the bleachers and slammed his lips against his boyfriend’s.

“I need you to shut the fuck up,” Hercules growled in a low voice before attaching their mouths again.

“Not until you teach me,” Thomas growled back, nipping at Herc’s bottom lip.

“Fine,” Hercules growled, yanking his boyfriend up and pulling him onto the court. Thomas skipped happily behind him.

Hercules stopped and positioned Thomas at the free-throw line. He placed his hands on his boyfriend’s hips and put his lips at his neck. “Square your hips,” he instructed, placing a small kiss beneath Thomas’ jaw.

Thomas shivered and did as he was told. Hercules ran his hands up his boyfriend’s torso and down his arms, gripping his elbows. He positioned them the right way, nipping again at the soft skin on his neck.

Thomas bit his lip, trying to focus on what Herc was showing him and not the fact that he was massively turned on.

“Then you bend your knees,” Herc said in a low voice, moving his hands down to Thomas’ waist and guiding the bend.

“Fuck this,” Thomas said and turned around, slamming his lips onto his boyfriend’s. He jumped up, straddling Herc’s hips. Grinning into the kiss, Hercules carried his boyfriend over to the bleachers, where they unceremoniously toppled onto the hardwood plank.

“Have you given up on learning?” Herc asked teasingly, knotting his fingers through Thomas’ hair.

“Shut up and fuck me, Mulligan,” Thomas commanded.

“Such a brat,” Hercules laughed, crashing their lips together again.


Violet chachki performing at the 5th Annual San Antonio Burlesque Festival Sep. 17.

It begins again, a descent in to the unknown. A time to strip away my greatest comforts. To dive in to the chaos and hope that it wills to catch me. So that I may return a grown person, reunited with those who bring me true joy and make me feel whole. Until then I must go about finding that wholeness within myself. Become. A little more complete
Noisily Festival
Joe Gilbert Photography


In the dark of the night, we’re masters of light. 

Playing with our LED hoops by the sea. 

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Violet Chachki’s full aerial hoop performance to “Digital Versicolor” by Glass Candy @ Battle of the Seasons in Antwerp, Belgium; 3/17/16


Heel hang fails. 🤕

I love spinning and I only ever perform hoop that way. Training my heel hangs so that I can use them in fast spinning routines. The real challenge is getting back onto the hoop without leaning to just one side or falling off completely. Haha!
To be continued…. (at Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness-Manayunk)

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so, here it is! The video to my areal hoop performance at Greentop, done to “Turn Back the Clock” by Steam Powered Giraffe.
The footage is a bit skippy, because clearly it was filmed on multiple POTATOS! Seriously, the camera’s are bad. So I had to overlay the audio, and try and fix any edit possible.
But even though the quality is bad, you can pretty much see what goes on.
What do you guys think of my clockwork? Pretty neat eh? I’m really happy with it, and it was really fun to do.