SaFire Performs with LED Hoop

I can never stop learning from her. She’s SO good. Elegant, down-to-earth, and goofy! :)


It’s been a long time coming…
Here is my first paid hoop performance featuring my new Proton Labs Helix Hoop!
1:15 “Sail” by Awolnation,
4:51 My testimony
7:14 Twin Hooping “Hometown Glory” by Adele
10:30 Helix LED “I Need Air” by Magnetic Man
14:43 Encore Double Mini Hooping “One Day” by Matisyahu
Feedback is appreciated!
This whole experience was so special and amazing.
Also, the AV Directer at the conference venue made a recording with an HD camera, so I’m eagerly awaiting the Blue Ray DVD!
[Especially for the Helix LED Hoop!! This video’s quality doesn’t do it justice!]

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This girl’s hooping is kind of out of control awesome. I’m sort of bored with all the dubstep hooping and the Burner costumes because everybody rocks the same music and fashion and it’s getting a little repetitive,  but her performance really stands out because she is so technically good. She smiles, has sharp, big, movements and keeps eye contact with the audience. Not to mention the double hoop part. Love it.


Publiée le 28 oct. 2012

Enjoying a jam on Sunday, been loving this song lately=]

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I love hearing from you guys=]
attempting tutorial vids for some stuff, any suggestions on things you guys wanna learn?

Radioactive- Imagine Dragons

Chad Forsberg http://www.youtube.com/user/Micharadan/videos?flow=grid&view=0

Lori Jacobsen is such a bright and shining soul! We are so honored to have her as a sponsored hooper on the Hiptronic Arts crew! Here she is layin’ down a great performance @ Spring Jam Music Fest featuring music by Odesza. 


Mind i s  boggled. This is definitely new INSPIRATION for me.


Finally got this video up! Here’s my performance for the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe Showcase with Natalie McFancy. Music is Passion Pit - Carried Away. 

We closed out the showcase, so you can see all of the hoop troupe come out on stage at the end!


Wow, I really wish I could spin twins like this. I love Lady Stardust’s work and think her work is gorgeous. In this particular performance, I’m most impressed with her nice even planes. I’m a poi spinner who uses twins to take hooping to another level by crossing hooping with poi so  I pay close attention to planes when watching twin manipulation.  I wonder if Lady Stardust spins poi because she seems to have a solid understanding of poi tricks, planes and transitions. There are a couple of rough spots in her performance but that’s minor and happens easily during intense freestyle.

The only thing I would have liked to have seen more in this video is on the body hooping because it adds a whole new dimension to twin hoops that separate it from doing poi. But it’s still a  brilliant performance by a brilliant hooper.

Tonight I...

Think I found the “me” style I’ve been trying to uncover more while hooping.

See, everyone has their own style but IMO not if you’re just focusing on basics like tricks / planes / specifics like that. Once you let those go and focus on doing what you think feels good, you really open up a whole other dimension of hooping.

After an hour hooping tonight after “The Hooping Life” viewing at Ruta Maya, I stumbled upon what is my glitchy, A.D.D., frequent stop/reversal, accurate trick performance style. I hooped in total about 2/3 hours tonight. The videos Keith took with my new camera kind of blow bc it has no view finder and is all fish-eye style, but… I hope to get back in to the flow again soon for footage.

All I’m sayin here is basically… “Hoop nerd, hur-durr… Lurve hoop… Yeah, rawk.” But seriously… Hooping changed my life for the better, and I’m thrilled to have it be a part of my life. <3

This evening Relient K went to a Switchfoot concert in Nashville, and I am completely envious of whoever got to stand next to them in the crowd.

Just imagine that. You’re in a crowd full of fellow screaming fans, and you look right next to you and THERE IS THIESSEN AND HOOPES. And they’re next to you the whole concert, and you’re not just watching them perform, you are literally SINGING ALONGSIDE THEM. WITH REIENT K. GUYS. I CAN’T EVEN.


My performance with 4, 3, 2, & 1 hoops alongside Russ Liquid (!!!) at last night’s Headyworks annual Halloween Ball

Watch on hoopadelic.tumblr.com

My performance at Oktoberfest. I wasn’t very prepared and it’s a little clumsy haha I hit the top of the tent. Either way I had a lot of fun!


Eli and myself doing our routine for the semi-final round of the Texas Has Got Talent show. We were super proud of this routine because it came out of nowhere. We were going to do another lame pop song, which we had been doing for weeks, but then during practice, I played my “hoop mix” which has all the songs I like to hoop to. Eli heard it and loved it!!! We came up with the circus magician vs the tribal girl theme and Eli came up with the hypno-hoop. It worked great for the theme and our stage name which is the “hoopnotics”


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsVIUg1lc8Q from Samuel Morton. I went to Furry Fiesta, a furry con in Dallas this weekend with my hulahoop. I got to dance a lot with it and was happy to be so well recieved that furries liked my groove. 

Also I ended up winning first place in the dance contest. Here is the video from that. Song I was dancing to is 1940 Amp Remix by the Submarines.