I worked for a long time last night editing this

Beginner/Intermediate hoop dancing

On-body moves

waist hooping
hip hooping
thigh hooping
knee hooping
hoop one leg/back in
elbow hooping
elbow pass/bunny ear pass
duck out
duck in
front weave
back weave/reverse weave
reverse escalator
continuous escalator
chest hooping
shoulder hooping
one shoulder duck out
arm weaving
breaking and paddling
vortex up/hand lift
vortex down/drop down – waist, hips, knees
continuous vortex/corkscrew
chest roll
back roll
barrel roll

Off-body moves

stir the pot
walk the dog
two-handed lasso
drive the bus
one-hand isolation
two-hand isolation
ghosting isolations
horizontal isolation – forward and side
horizontal cat eyes
vertical isolation
vertical cat eyes
hand spins
tuck toss
toss under leg
helicopter under leg
one-handed helicopter
jump through
half mandala

When people ask me why I hula hoop in booty shorts/revealing clothing. #1 it’s comfortable #2 why the fuck not #3 the hoop actually grips better on bare skin #4 because wearing revealing clothing does not = “look at me I need attention” or “I want you to sexualize me.” It means I’m just having a good time not even having the thought that people care that much about my body and clothes.


Some clips from last night’s burn. This was an emotional one for me.