hoop pics


That not-even-done moon just took me three hours to do (most of which was probably spent attempting to thread the needle lol). For my first time cross stitching, I think it looks okay. I want to keep working on it, but it’s getting late, so I’ll wait for tomorrow to come.

Sometimes the mere idea of going through all the hoops my pics entail makes me nope out… today I challenged tha nopeing out into dragging my Mom’s girl Nadéshda out and about!
I tend to forget how relaxing modern dolls are, ah <3

(we are also currently looking for an Iplehouse SID woman body in real skin for her Zera head… just in case someone has one :P)

The ‘what is what’
Elfdoll Smiling Soah/Dollmore Zaoll, faceup by propertyoftheuchiha, eyes from EnchantedDoll, wig and hat unknown, shirt is Iplehouse, pants Dollmore and shoes Nine9Style
Doll belongs to Finlandelch (= Mom)

IN THE DISPATCH…I didnt even know lol my grandma found the clipping!

After getting off work, Bree Meyer, 22, spends her evening hula hooping to the beat of classic rock music in Fred Beekman Park on Oct. 11, 2012. Meyer, who goes by the 

hula hooping name “Bevis McGuire,” has been hooping 5-7 days per week for the past three years. She says she hoops outside if it’s sunny, but she will find a place indoors if weather doesn’t allow it. (Dispatch photo by Adam Cairns) THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH