hoop earring and all

i can’t stop laughing about how many people have seen vox machina together in their entirety

and at least some of them have to have noticed that every single member of the party wears a single stud earring on one ear but never saw them actually use the earrings to communicate

so they’re just out there, assuming that the saviors of tal’dorei decided at some point that the only true way to express their friendship was for all of them to go out and get identical friendship earrings


“Crees en amor a primera vista, o debo pasarte otra vez?”~ ♥

Leya is my wife and i love her. she’s a filthy memer and she always has the best nails. she’s really competitve, but she’s also really considerate. she has a huge gay crush on kathy ♥

I am going to need for all the white girls wearing hoop earrings and drawing thick eyebrows on to pay woc $100 each to make up for the bullying and harassment many of us girls of color had to deal with.


Why are black girls doing “Baddie Tutorials” do they not realize that Instagram Baddie look is literally a mockery/rip off of already established black culture/style. Who do y'all think was wearing hoop earrings and baseball caps with leggings, a bag, sneakers, long fake nails, etc. Honestly wake up some of y'all lol. That’s like me, a black girl doing a tutorial called “get the black girl look” lol done 😪😪😪