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WCIF the earrings in your FAVORITE HAIR, MAKEUP, AND CLOTHES FOR ANON post (doubled piercings, small basegame? hoops)

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The hoops on the left are from the base game (in the gold swatch) and the small double hoops can be found HERE!

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Yara Shahidi Is the Most Stylish Teenager in Hollywood

The breakout ‘Black-ish’ star and budding activist shows off looks as bold as she is.

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Prada embellished satin dress. Tacori diamond and 18kt gold bracelet.

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Tommy x Gigi cotton-blend sweater and track pants. David Yurman 18kt gold earrings and 18kt rose gold ring. Gianvito Rossi satin pumps.

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Gucci embellished leather dress and cotton jersey tank top. David Yurman sterling silver earrings.

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Dries van Noten viscose dress and shirt. Jennifer Fisher rhodium-finished hoops and double-finger-ring set. Stuart Weitzman napa leather boots.

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Unified with a warm heart …from the beginning to the end …


This exceptional ring is called a “gimmel” from the Latin gemellus for “twin” referring to the double bezel and the double hoop, which open up to show the cavities with the names and date. The twinning of the two stones and the two hoops is a reference to two lovers, side by side, and the Latin inscription is a paraphrase of the biblical text “What God has joined together let not man put asunder“ (Matt. 19:6, Mark 10:9), affirming the indissolubility of the marriage vows. The hands offering hearts at the shoulders of the ring provide further love symbolism as does the choice of stones, the ruby and the indestructible diamond representing, respectively, a warm heart and fidelity. The solemnity of the Renaissance marriage ceremony at which the couple promised to stay with each other until death is emphasized by the memento mori figures hidden inside the bezel.

Images: Les Enluminures

“Muggle Studies”  ~  Draco x Reader

“Hi I was wondering if I could have a Draco imagine? The reader is a muggle born and in hufflepuff (5 year) and catches dracos attention one day while hula hooping and he begins to question her about muggle things and one day asks her out. Thanks, sorry it a lot feel free to change it around” ~@tammigrier

Hello! Thank you so much for the request! I love long ones, so don’t worry! They give me more ideas! I had so much fun writing this! I really wanted to skip right to this one because I had it all pieced together in my mind when I first read your request. Again, thank you, and I hope you enjoy!😊😘


O.W.L.s were a month away. It seemed like years had passed since the beginning of the term. Y/n raced outside with a group of friends from her house of Hufflepuff, carrying a variety of muggle inventions for outside fun. They reached the grounds and set up their things to make an obstacle course.

“Who would like to race first?” asked Hannah Abbott.

Y/n stepped up along with a boy in his third year.

“Okay!” Hannah began again. “First, I would like to thank Ernie, Susan, Justin, and Zacharias for helping us with the jump-rope part of our obstacle course race. And, a big thanks to y/n for showing us all of these muggle inventions and how to use them!”

Y/n beamed. “You’re welcome!”

“So, first, you’re going to run through the hula-hoops: right side for the right foot, left side for the left foot. Then, you’re going to double dutch with the jump ropes Ernie and Susan, and Justin and Zacharias are holding. And, for the finishing touch, you’re going to hula-hoop for one minute.”

The boy next to y/n seemed determined to win.

“On your mark.”

Y/n took a deep breath.

“Get set.”

She got into position.


Off they went. The boy was faster than y/n thought, but he soon got tangled up in the jump roping part. She quickly caught up and passed him, running straight to her hula hoop after double dutching her way out of her jump ropes. Swinging the hula hoop around her hips, she counted the seconds that passed. Soon, enough she had won.

The boy she was racing against was still having trouble with the jump ropes. She walked over and explained how to do it more efficiently.

“Thank you!” he exclaimed, trying it out a few times after. “Now I may finally get to finish!”

She smiled. “Any time!”

After a series of races, y/n helped clean up and take the equipment back to her dormitory, since it was hers. When she got to her four poster, she grabbed a blanket and a book and headed back outside.

She spread out the blanket under the beech tree beside the lake. This was one of her favorite spots, but only when it was unoccupied. She opened her book and began to read.

“Hey. You’re y/n, right?”

She looked up to see a very familiar face. “I am.” she said with a smile.

“I saw you with a group earlier doing some sort of game race thing.”

“An obstacle race, yes.”

“Oh. I see why’d you call it that.” He sat down beside her. “I’m Draco Malfoy, by the way.”

“Everyone knows who you are.” she stated. “A Slytherin Seeker wouldn’t go unnoticed. Nor a would a member of the Inquisitorial Squad.”

“I guess, yeah.” he chucked. “So what year are you in?”

“Fifth year.”

“Okay, now I just feel stupid.”

She laughed. “Don’t.”

“What were those obstacle thingies called. Like, the things you used?”

She closed her book and set it aside. “Hula hoops and jump ropes.”

Draco looked confused. “What?”

“Hula hoops and jump ropes.”

“Loolah loops and jump ropes?”

She giggled at his confusion. “Hula hoop.” she pronounced.

He finally understood. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

“You purebloods are missing out.”

“And you think that why?” he joked, but sounding a little offended.

“Because, you don’t get to experience both worlds.”

“And that’s great, why?”

She shrugged. “It’s a way to get an understanding of certain situations and how they should be handled. Sometimes magic isn’t the answer.”

“When is magic not the answer?” he questioned.

“Like when you loose your TV remote.” she explained. “Instead of saying ‘Accio Remote’, you could just go on a scavenger hunt. It’s very rewarding.”

“What’s a ‘TV’?”

“Exactly.” She shook her head with a smile. “You purebloods are missing out.”

Draco looked at her with a sense of sincerity. “Really, though. What is a ‘TV’?”

“I’m not really sure how to explain it.” she started. “It’s like a moving picture, but you can turn it on and off.”

“What else does the muggle world have?”

Y/n could tell he was interested in what she had to say. The look on his face said it all. “Lot’s of things!” she exclaimed. “Movies, non-magic cars, electricity, computers, telephones… the list goes on and on.”

They stayed and talked about muggle inventions for quite sometime. The sky grew darker, but neither of them noticed. Soon enough, the stars lit up the sky.

“Oh goodness!” y/n panicked, grabbing her book. “I’d better hurry to my dormitory!”

Draco stood up. “Me too.” he said, helping her fold her blanket.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” He smiled at her, walking with her to the Entrance Hall. “So, can we finish this conversation tomorrow?” he asked, still interested.

Se beamed. “Of course! How about one of the study rooms in the library around noon?”

“Perfect! I’ll meet you by the library entrance.”

“Okay! See you!”

Y/n hurried to her corridors before Filch realized she was out of bed. She entered the Hufflepuff common room and ran to her room, putting away her blanket and setting her book on her nightstand. She got ready for bed soon after, and fell fast asleep.

Lunch came and went quickly that day, and soon y/n found herself walking to the library. Draco was standing by the entrance when she arrived, and they walked inside together and into a private study room.

“I did a bit of reading last night.” he said, taking a seat opposite her. “I borrowed a muggle dictionary from one of my housemates. There’s a lot of things I don’t know about.”

She nodded in agreement. “There are.”

“What’s Scrabble?”

“Basically, it a board game version of a crossword puzzle.”

“What’s a crossword puzzle?”

She giggled. “I find it funny that I actually brought one with me.” She dug into her bag and pulled out a book full of crossword puzzles and showed him. “See?”

He scanned over the pages and nodded.

“But, with Scrabble, you don’t have blacked out squares or questions for you to find the answer. You just put down a word that will fit.”


“I’ll just have to bring muggle board games with me next term. I’m sure you’ll like them.”

He smirked. “I’m sure I will!”

O.W.L. week had finally passed. Studying with Draco for the past few weeks had made y/n a bit excited to take her exams. They met up in the library once more to discuss how they think they did.

“I hated the Divination portion.” Y/n said. “I honestly don’t see why we need it.”

“Why is it even important?” Draco asked, agreeing.

They both laughed.

“So, I’m thinking about maybe trying out Muggle Studies next term.” he added.

Y/n shook her head. “Don’t. I actually took it last term to see what it was like. It’s not as accurate as you might think. The wizard’s view of the muggle world is nonsense.”

“Well,” he paused, “would you show me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, I could come over one day over the summer, and you could show me all of the things that muggles do. Maybe a ‘movie’ or dinner? Like, on a date?”

Y/n didn’t quite know what to say. She had started to like Draco, but she just started to realize it. She smiled at him. “Okay.” she replied, just before grabbing a quill out of her bag and writing something on some spare paper. She handed the paper to Draco “Here’s my address. I’ll tell my parents that I’ll be expecting you.”

He smiled back. “Perfect. My father will probably kill me, but oh well.”

“I’d hope not.” she said, just before standing up. “I’d better go pack… use that last bit of magic while I can.”

“Yeah.” he chuckled. “I’d better do the same.”

They walked out of the library together like they had done for the past few weeks.

“Well, I’ll see you over the summer, Draco. I’m very excited to show you around!”

“Me too!” He gave her a hug and smirked. “Especially movies.”