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even more les amis things
  • enjolras: only likes one type of coffee from one random coffee shop. most of the time his coffee thermos has apple juice or chocolate milk in it
  • courfeyrac: a god at hula-hooping. don’t try to challenge him he’s deadass the best at hula hooping
  • combeferre: probably, 100% knows how to sail. he’s always trying to convince everyone to go with him but literally no one else knows how
  • grantaire: once was bored in an afternoon and learned how to do calligraphy
  • jehan: has bought every single yankee candle at least 3 times. his favorites are winter candy apple and pink peony
  • feuilly: the actually best at hanging up streamers and balloons. he also is the actual best at wrapping presents
  • bahorel: secretly has a garden where he grows tomatoes and cucumbers and other veggies in his backyard
  • cosette: is a marine biology major and works at the aquarium and is one of the best tour guides at that aquarium.
  • marius: a breakfast person. if he doesn’t eat breakfast the rest of his day is ruined (he especially loves pancakes)
  • eponine: does pottery and even has her own pottery wheel. she makes vases, jars and bowls for her friends that are all customized and they’re just great
  • joly: collects keychains. his favorite ones are his garfield the cat one that cosette got him for his birthday, and his dallas one eponine got him while visiting a few friends
  • bossuet: fluent in 3 languages: english, french and german
  • musichetta: has been in 9 shakespeare plays. some of her roles include: titania (a midsummer night’s dream), olivia (twelfth night), and hero (much ado about nothing)
Alec Lightwood-Arcade Date

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Alec had asked you out for dinner but it didn’t go as planned. He had asked Jace to phone the restaurant for a table while he was on a mission. Jace had forgotten and also forgot to tell Alec so when you showed up and they didn’t have his name in the book he was embarrassed. Very embarrassed.

As you were walking down the street, slightly more dressed up than usual, you told him. “Alec don’t worry,” You saw a blink and you knew how to save the night. “I’ve got an idea.”
You grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to where you saw the neon light. The arcade.

“(Y/N), what is this place?”
You gasped. “You don’t know what an arcade is?!?!” When he only raised an eyebrow you had to fix this injustice. “Oh we are doing this.” You dragged him to a change machine and got your notes changed to coin and put them in a tub.

You went over to the slot machines first. “So these are the slots, ok?” He nodded. “Ok put in 30 cent.” He did. “Then pull the lever. You want the three to match.”
He got three different ones and looked at you weirdly. “This is what mundanes enjoy?”
“Why don’t you pick a machine, ok?” He rolled his eyes slightly and walked to the basket ball game. “Do you know what to do?”
“Don’t patronise me. You chuck the ball in the hoop, right?” You nodded. “Challenge you, whoever gets the most baskets wins.” He smirked while you rolled your eyes.
“Your on!” You accepted. You both put in a dollar and started.
One to Alec
One to you
Two to Alec
Three to Alec
Two to you

This continued until the time was out. He, being a shadowhunter, got twelve while you got four. “Show off.” You muttered while he laughed.
He stopped when he saw colourful bits of paper come out the machine. “What are those?”
“Tickets.” He still looked confused so you explained while folding the tickets up. “You can swap them for prizes before you leave. I got forty and you got one hundred and twenty. Ten a basket.”
He nodded. Once you had the tickets all folded and in the coin tub it was time to pick again.

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Secret Admirer pt 2

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You couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that Jungkook wasn’t your secret admirer. He had insisted on walking you to your locker, thinking that maybe your admirer had left something inside for you. He didn’t even let you tutor him, strangely anxious to check your locker.

“I can go by myself,” you sighed and Jungkook brushed you off rushing to open your locker before you got the chance, “It is literally called a


er and you don’t lock it whats wrong with you,”

“You don’t lock it?” your friend raised his eyebrows at you and you couldn’t help the irritation that slithered inside of you.

“What are people going to steal?” you said snappily, “my homework?”

Jungkook seemed unfazed by your attitude and it only served to make you angrier, but you held it in. you had no right to be mad at him for not sending you the love letter. You sighed, leaning against the locker next to yours as Jungkook pawed through your stuff, pulling out a small black box with a red ribbon tied around the top. Jungkook handed it to you, frowning down at it as you blushed. You’d never had an admirer before and you were a little nervous to see how things played out. You made a move to open the box when Jungkook reached out and grabbed your wrist, his panicked eyes searching yours.

“What if it’s a joke?” he worried and you rolled your eyes.

“Because no one can have an actual crush on me, right?” you couldn’t help but be a little offended until you realised Jungkook was just looking out for you, he really was a good friend.

“If it’s a joke,” you said softly, “Then you’ll just have to beat someone up for me, right?”

Jungkook nodded curtly, releasing your wrist as you pulled the lid off the box to reveal a stunning set of gold earrings. They were simple studs, cut into a circle with a pink stone and you smiled as you watched the way they caught the light. Your heart fluttered in your chest at the thought of someone liking you enough to give you such a gift, you wanted to say thank you.

“There’s another note,” Jungkook said softly, handing you a page torn from a notebook.

Happy valentine’s day, Y/N,
If you already  like someone and aren’t interested in who I could be then leave the earrings  in your locker and I’ll leave you alone. Otherwise, I hope maybe we can talk sometime?
Yours, J

You chuckled at the note, the writing was rushed and you guessed that maybe that’s what they’d written in the classroom. Had their plans suddenly changed? Why would they give you a gift and not talk to you in person?

“What are you going to do?” Jungkook asked, eyeing you as you smiled down at the note. He seemed… nervous? Afraid? You couldn’t tell but you just took it like he was worried about you getting hurt. You stared down at the gift, someone liked you and that person wasn’t Jungkook. You were sad but happy at the same time? You were excited to talk to this person find out who they are but your feelings for Jungkook tightened in your chest as he stared down at you. You set the black box in your bag, pulling out your notebook and hastily wrote your reply.

“It’s a good think I don’t already like someone, right?” you said it almost like a challenge, secretly hooping he’d object or something, but he didn’t. Jungkook smiled, taking a step back from your locker to allow you to place the letter inside, ready for your admirer to find.

“Right,” he nodded, “Lucky,”


When you arrived at school the next morning, the note was gone and you felt a jolt of excitement flow through your veins. You were curious, glancing around the halls to try and find anyone who you thought might be your admirer but none of them seemed to fit. Jungkook seemed distracted, quitter than usual during your morning class together but you kept to yourself, letting him mull over whatever was bothering him. He’d been acting weird since you’d accepted the gift from your admirer, ignoring your texts that night and you felt… guilty? Almost like you were betraying him, your feelings for him.

What’s wrong? You wrote on the corner of your notebook and you saw Jungkook puff his cheeks out in a childish way.

Nothing, your friend wrote in reply and for a moment, he seemed to hesitate, as if he was going to write something else before drawing another one of his silly characters. You shrugged it off, Jungkook was a weird person and you chalked his mood swings up to that. The two of you continued classas usual, nudging each other when the teacher wasn’t looking, writing stupid notes and sneakily showing Jungkook your work when he was called to answer a problem. You wondered if maybe you should be continuing whatever this was with your admirer or continue being… just friends with Jungkook.

You returned to your locker during lunch, another torn piece of paper left in place of your reply and you heart raced in your chest as you scanned its contents. You pulled out your notebook, hastily writing your reply.

I thought for sure you’d choose Jungkook, I see the way you look at him, but I’ll admit I’m glad you’re giving me, or at least who you think I am, a chance.
- J

You replied pretty quick! You wrote, thank you for the earrings I’m wearing them now. Why are you talking to me anonymously? Can we meet? What’s your name?

You left your reply in place of the note, stuffing it in your bag before rushing off to your last period of the day. You were antsy, anxious to see if J had gotten your message. How often did he look for a reply? You sat in the library with your friend, your free period dragging out longer than usual and you tapped your pen on the desk rapidly.

“Do you have to do that?” she sighed in irritation and you snapped out of your thoughts, “Why are you so jumpy?”

You showed your friend the notes, the earrings, telling her about what yesterday and she broke out in a huge smile. Your friend squealed, earning herself glares from the library staff.

“Does this mean you’re over Jungkook,” she questioned, “who is this guy? Does Jungkook know?”

“Yeah Jungkook knows, he was there when I got the earrings,” you nodded, “I have no idea who it could be, at first I thought it was Jungkook,”

“Nah,” your friend said right away, “it’s not something he would do,”

You huffed at how quickly she dismissed it, was the idea of Jungkook having a crush on you that ridiculous? The bell signifying the end of the day rang and you jumped a little in surprise. Your friend laughed at your jumpy attitude, shaking her head at you in amusement.

“Go,” she sighed and you all but leapt out of your seat, hurrying down the hall in the direction of your lockers. You couldn’t  help the nerves that swirled in your stomach and you froze in your steps as you noticed  two people standing in front of your locker. You recognised them, Jungkook and his friend Jimin spoke in hushed tones and you rolled your eyes, approaching the two of them.

Jimin was in choir with Jungkook and he studied with the two of you after school every now and then, his bubbly personality complementing Jungkook’s. They were good friends but there seemed to be some tension between the two of them as they spoke.

“Hey,” you called, smiling as they stared wide-eyed at your approach, “What are you two gossiping about?”

“You,” Jungkook smirked and Jimin sputtered, making you laugh as he blushed, “We’ll walk you home,”

You noticed Jimin glare at his friend out the corner of his eye and you frowned in confusion, shaking your head as you moved to open your locker.

“Don’t you have basketball practice?” Jimin asked, staring at Jungkook pointedly.

“Missing one day won’t hurt anyone,”

You rolled your eyes as their conversation continued and you couldn’t help but get the feeling they both wanted to say something to you. You blocked them out as you scanned your locker for a reply, but there was nothing. Your reply was gone so J had obviously received it but he left nothing in return, no note, no gift and you couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. Was this where it ended? Maybe it was a joke?

“Nice earrings,” Jimin smiled, snapping you out of your thoughts and you nodded in thanks.

“They were a gift,” you said softly thoughtfully, shutting your locker and heading down the hallway to the exit of your school. The two boys followed you, whispering between the two of them as you headed towards home. They were starting to get on your nerves, their hissing and snide remarks to each other growing louder until the shrill ring of a phone interrupted whatever argument they were having. Jungkook answered his phone, sighing as the team captain shouted at him.  

“Looks like you can’t miss practice after all,” Jimin smirked and Jungkook cursed, hanging up his phone.

“They can wait-” Jungkook tried but you cut him off.

“Don’t be an idiot, damn, Jungkook,” you snapped, “Go to practice I don’t need you to walk me home,”

Jimin smirked as you glared at your friend and Jungkook mumbled an apology to you. You felt a little bad for snapping but he was being an idiot and it was annoying you. You said goodbye to Jungkook, watching as he jogged back down the road and into the school, leaving you alone with Jimin.

“Shall we?” Jimin stared at you and something in his eyes had nerves fluttering in your stomach. You eyed him suspiciously, walking quietly beside him.

“Why were you and Jungkook arguing?” you asked, watching Jimin twiddle his thumbs as he bit his lip.

“He,” Jimin drawled, hesitating ever so slightly, “interrupted me while I was trying to do something,”

“What were you doing?” you frowned, what would Jimin need to do at your locker? Jimin stopped, holding something out to you, a page from a notebook folded in half. Your gaze flickered from Jimin to the note he held out to you as a small mile turned up the corners of your mouth.

“I like you,” he said, chuckling nervously as you took the note form his hand, “I hadn’t counted on confessing so soon but oh well,”


Hooping Game Challenge: “Electric Feel” w/ Lisa SparkGirl

More hooping game fun! Pure and unedited: some flubs but mostly awesomeness! We have removed most of the glass globes from around the ceiling light fixtures in our house because I am a hazard with my hoops. Playing inside can be a blessing in disguise: it teaches you how to control and refine your movements for tighter tricks, because you’re always trying to avoid breaking stuff and dinging up the walls :p

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So! I wanna do something fun to liven up my hoop practice - there’s a challenge going around on Facebook where hooper’s give other hooper’s a song to dance to… but I don’t use Facebook so I can’t really join the challenge :( I thought maybe some of my followers on here could send me songs to hoop to instead!!!! Please, if you see this, feel free to send me a song and I’ll make a video of me hooping to it ^____^