Celebrating my new 30′’ polypro hoop from Third Eye Art in Manitou! Perfect for working on my isolations and hand tricks. =D I’m really concentrating on that hand isolation in picture #3. ;) This moment is simply delectable and I am drinking in the sweet elixir of this dance and this breath. <3 

Editorial Illustration by Tom Hoying - "Should Money Go Digital?" (The New Yorker)

I’ve been working with my photo illustration professor Stephen Webster to expand my portfolio of editorial illustration.  Essentially I’m picking articles that interest me, like this New Yorker piece, and illustrating them. It’s a huge departure for me from my documentary work and it’s been very challenging and refreshing!  That being said my documentary thesis “I almost drowned in the Blue River” (2014) is nearing completion and should be online in the next week or so.



etsyfindoftheday | 2.28.15

big dipper + little dipper embroidery hoop set by sargassoshop

romantic and sparkling, this pair of embroidered hoop art pieces partners a big and little dipper constellation set that’s been crafted with sparkling thread and a rich blue fabric base. i love this creative gift idea SO much, i commissioned a similar set with the two bear constellations - ursa major and ursa minor - to give to my love <3