hoop art


etsyfindoftheday | HBD grizzy and roger! | 4.19.17

custom cat embroidery hoops by stitchingsabbatical // 1 | 2

what better way to commemorate your furry pal than with a custom embroidered portrait?! LOVE stitchingsabbatical’s aesthetic — they really capture the personality of your pet(s), and i’d love to get a hoop with my two guys on there <3

When my mom was little, she drew on the walls. Sometime between yelling at her and cleaning it up, my grandmother transferred the drawing onto tracing paper. She kept it in a file for nearly twenty years, then adapted my mom’s wall sketch into needlepoint. It’s nuts, right? The saturated colors, the textures, the bizarre figures rendered so lovingly - it’s the kind of stuff I look to make. Side note: my mom is one of NINE kids but in making the image she wanted to live in, she goes, “BYE Y’ALL, IT’S JUST ME AND MOM AND DAD NOW, HAHAHAHA.”

Smash cut to me, 2012, having a nervous breakdown. My mom drove 215 miles to care for me while I struggled to finish up the semester. While I studied Spanish, I asked her to draw me something. It was this sweet little sketch, and I kept it ever since.

I’m a sucker for parallels in fiction, so I thought I might as well make my own.

Reaching back, five years later, and remaking my mom’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sketch that helped keep me alive until now. Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Grandma. Thank you to everybody who’s ever been kind to me. May your doodles be reborn in yarn and floss.