hoop and stick

Signs as I've known them:

Aries: driving fast late at night, running from the cops, listening to the neighborhood, swimming with just a big tee shirt on, jealousy and fighting, working out.

Taurus: listening to loud music, saving animals, walking through the forest barefoot, eating at Waffle House late at night, bonfires, candles and fairy lights.

Gemini: dorky laughs, a love of Las Vegas, winged eye makeup, dressing up for Halloween even when you’re a little too old, sarcasm, goodie bags.

Cancer: looking at the stars, sweaters, heavy eyes, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds, funny voice impressions, playing video games.

Leo: running together, a slight southern twang, talking about tv shows, fighting over a boy, yoga, sharing food, talking in a warm room, “you’re better than that”

Virgo: hula hooping, eating fruit, stick and poke tattoos, running through the night, dying our hair crazy colors, a deep voice, writing together, flying to California, ballet.

Libra: cuddling, drinking lots of caffeine, buying expensive gifts, rambling together and cracking each other up, smoking on the porch under the stars, freckles, warm showers.

Scorpio: Holding cats, watching people at the restaurant, dying your hair different colors, vintage cartoons, eating chocolate cake late at night, lace.

Sagittarius: playing guitar, strong opinions, a love of dogs, auburn hair, yelling at the cops, a dark sense of humor, laying in a hammock

Capricorn: simplistic art in black ink, mood swings, love of daisies, tea and honey, a relationship with a large age gap, Mac and cheese, flannels, driving around in an old truck.

Aquarius: helps me with my hair, sarcastic sense of humor, cat eyed glasses, bright lipstick, seeming permanently young, watching gameshows in the morning, drinking tea, dressing up in costumes.

Pisces: swimming late at night, scratching each other’s backs, watching scary movies, crying on the bed, coloring together, pushing around in grocery carts, dancing as we clean, shopping for lingerie.

Ceremonial court dress. May have belonged to Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia, nee Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg (1759-1828).

To give you an idea of how fast fashions changed in the Empress’s lifetime, here’s a formal portrait of her in the late 18th century:

In the above portrait, she is wearing a tightly laced corset, a stomacher, and a court hoop that made her skirt stick out to the sides. The dress is elaborately decorated with embroidery and beading, and the colors are vivid. Her hair is lightly powdered with gray and dressed high, accented with large ostrich plumes.

Below, in mourning (likely for her husband, who died in 1801, and whose cameo portrait she may be wearing on her brooch), she is wearing the French Directoire/Empire style, with its high waist (and scandalously low-cut bodice). The corset is entirely gone and the hair is its natural color. There is very little decoration on the clothing itself (though this is partly because it’s a mourning dress). In the blue dress at top, the waist is still high but has come down a little, and the fad for diaphanous outer fabrics has faded. Heavy ornamentation (embroidery, metallic threads, beads) on the fabric itself, such as along the hem, is back in. More petticoats were being worn, and a stiffer, more cone-shaped skirt became popular. Large, puffed sleeves were in, as well as a visual emphasis on wide, sloping shoulders. The corset also came back in and strictly confined the natural waist.

If the War Rig is an extension of Furiosa, then does that mean the Interceptor is Max’s extension…

It is constantly barraged with destruction, pain and anguish. 

It is rolled onto the ground, wheels in the air, unable to escape it’s captors.

It is modified, things attached to it to take away it’s original identity.

It is turned it into a death machine when it used to be a law enforcement vehicle, meant to serve and protect, but now forced to maim and capture.

It is abused, taken, torn apart, over and over again.

also FUCK old people who constantly make jokes about young people being on their electronic devices. like your ancient ass is somehow superior to me because you use your landline and the yellow pages to get shit done that would take me about 5 seconds on my iPhone. how is sitting around twiddling your thumbs and staring at the floor in a waiting room better than taking that time to check your email or say hi to friends? we get it, you didn’t have any of this shit when you were young. but guess what?! The generation before you had even less shit than you did! that’s how technology advances! that’s how it fuckin works! I’m gonna keep myself connected to the world and my friends and you can just go into a fucking field and play with a hoop and stick if that’s what gets you off.

why is it young ppls fault what about the old farts writing huffpo fluff pieces about how back in their day all they had was stick and hoop unlike spoiled millenials who wouldnt know a good hoop stick if they saw one