hoop and stick

Signs as I've known them:

Aries: driving fast late at night, running from the cops, listening to the neighborhood, swimming with just a big tee shirt on, jealousy and fighting, working out.

Taurus: listening to loud music, saving animals, walking through the forest barefoot, eating at Waffle House late at night, bonfires, candles and fairy lights.

Gemini: dorky laughs, a love of Las Vegas, winged eye makeup, dressing up for Halloween even when you’re a little too old, sarcasm, goodie bags.

Cancer: looking at the stars, sweaters, heavy eyes, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds, funny voice impressions, playing video games.

Leo: running together, a slight southern twang, talking about tv shows, fighting over a boy, yoga, sharing food, talking in a warm room, “you’re better than that”

Virgo: hula hooping, eating fruit, stick and poke tattoos, running through the night, dying our hair crazy colors, a deep voice, writing together, flying to California, ballet.

Libra: cuddling, drinking lots of caffeine, buying expensive gifts, rambling together and cracking each other up, smoking on the porch under the stars, freckles, warm showers.

Scorpio: Holding cats, watching people at the restaurant, dying your hair different colors, vintage cartoons, eating chocolate cake late at night, lace.

Sagittarius: playing guitar, strong opinions, a love of dogs, auburn hair, yelling at the cops, a dark sense of humor, laying in a hammock

Capricorn: simplistic art in black ink, mood swings, love of daisies, tea and honey, a relationship with a large age gap, Mac and cheese, flannels, driving around in an old truck.

Aquarius: helps me with my hair, sarcastic sense of humor, cat eyed glasses, bright lipstick, seeming permanently young, watching gameshows in the morning, drinking tea, dressing up in costumes.

Pisces: swimming late at night, scratching each other’s backs, watching scary movies, crying on the bed, coloring together, pushing around in grocery carts, dancing as we clean, shopping for lingerie.

Lovely Sights and sounds abound in this autumn season. While I am obligated to remain indoors, by my many tasks, I entreat you to go and see the world as my proxy! It is my hope that you might witness these annually available delights, which I personally have sought out or been surprised by in years past.

The first 5 readers to submit a rendering (no matter how simple or complex) featuring 9 of their own favorite fall subjects by December 1st, 2014, can receive a free item from my etsy store* and a bonus, signed first issue of my upcoming image comic, Tooth & Claw. 

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If the War Rig is an extension of Furiosa, then does that mean the Interceptor is Max’s extension…

It is constantly barraged with destruction, pain and anguish. 

It is rolled onto the ground, wheels in the air, unable to escape it’s captors.

It is modified, things attached to it to take away it’s original identity.

It is turned it into a death machine when it used to be a law enforcement vehicle, meant to serve and protect, but now forced to maim and capture.

It is abused, taken, torn apart, over and over again.


ƁELTANE (Lá Bealtaine)

Beltane, one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals, is the Celtic May Day. Historically widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man, Beltane used to mark the beginning of summer and was when cattle were driven out to the summer pastures.

Rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people, and to encourage growth.

Special bonfireswere kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes were deemed to have protective powers. The people and their cattle would walk around the bonfire, or between two bonfires, and sometimes leap over the flames or embers. All household fires would be doused and then re-lit from the Beltane bonfire. These gatherings would be accompanied by a feast, and some of the food and drink would be offered to the aos sí (spirits). Doors, windows, byres and the cattle themselves would be decorated with yellow May flowers, perhaps because they evoked fire.

In some parts of Ireland, people would make a May Bush: a thorn bush decorated with flowers, ribbons and bright shells. Holy wells were also visited, while Beltane dew was thought to bring beauty and maintain youthfulness.

Bonfires All hearth fires and candles would be doused before the bonfire was lit, generally on a mountain or hill.

In the 19th century, the ritual of driving cattle between two fires was still practised across most of Ireland and in parts of Scotland. Sometimes the cattle would be driven “around” a bonfire or be made to leap over flames or embers. The people themselves would do likewise. 

In the Isle of Man, people ensured that the smoke blew over them and their cattle.

When the bonfire had died down, people would daub themselves with its ashes and sprinkle it over their crops and livestock. Burning torches from the bonfire would be taken home, where they would be carried around the house or boundary of the farmstead and would be used to re-light the hearth.

From these rituals, it is clear that the fire was seen as having protective powers. As a matter of fact bonfires were meant to mimic the Sun and to “ensure a needful supply of sunshine for men, animals, and plants”, but they were also meant to symbolically “burn up and destroy all harmful influences”.

Food was also cooked at the bonfire and there were rituals involving it. Everyone present would take an oatmeal cake, called the bannoch Bealltainn or “Beltane bannock”. A bit of it was offered to the spirits to protect their livestock (one bit to protect the horses, one bit to protect the sheep, and so forth) and a bit was offered to each of the animals that might harm their livestock (one to the fox, one to the eagle, and so forth). Afterwards, they would drink the caudle.

Maypole It is a tall erected wooden pole around which maypole dances take place.

The practice had become increasingly popular throughout the ensuing centuries, with the maypoles becoming “communal symbols” that brought the local community together: even poorer parishes would join up with neighbouring ones in order to obtain and erect one.

As revived, the dance consisted of pairs of boys and girls (or men and women) stand alternately around the base of the pole, each holding the end of a ribbon. They weave in and around each other, boys going one way and girls going the other and the ribbons are woven together around the pole until the merry-makers meet at the base. There are also more complex dances for set numbers of dancers, involving complicated weaves and unweaves.

In some regions, a somewhat different Maypole tradition existed: the carrying of highly decorated sticks. The sticks had hoops or cross-sticks or swags attached, covered with flowers, greenery or artificial materials such as crepe paper. Children would take these hand-held poles to school on May Day morning and prizes may be awarded for the most impressive. This tradition is known as garlanding, and was a central feature of May Day celebrations in central and southern England until the mid-19th century.

Ceremonial court dress. May have belonged to Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia, nee Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg (1759-1828).

To give you an idea of how fast fashions changed in the Empress’s lifetime, here’s a formal portrait of her in the late 18th century:

In the above portrait, she is wearing a tightly laced corset, a stomacher, and a court hoop that made her skirt stick out to the sides. The dress is elaborately decorated with embroidery and beading, and the colors are vivid. Her hair is lightly powdered with gray and dressed high, accented with large ostrich plumes.

Below, in mourning (likely for her husband, who died in 1801, and whose cameo portrait she may be wearing on her brooch), she is wearing the French Directoire/Empire style, with its high waist (and scandalously low-cut bodice). The corset is entirely gone and the hair is its natural color. There is very little decoration on the clothing itself (though this is partly because it’s a mourning dress). In the blue dress at top, the waist is still high but has come down a little, and the fad for diaphanous outer fabrics has faded. Heavy ornamentation (embroidery, metallic threads, beads) on the fabric itself, such as along the hem, is back in. More petticoats were being worn, and a stiffer, more cone-shaped skirt became popular. Large, puffed sleeves were in, as well as a visual emphasis on wide, sloping shoulders. The corset also came back in and strictly confined the natural waist.

Water Wars (Jungkook fluff)

Hey guys, im sooo sorry for like posting nothing for ages i feel so bad ;o; But anyway ive got this request for you, i went a bit far it but its fineee. Also, i was too lazy to proof read it so if there are any mistakes im sorry xD Anyway enjoy ~Admin K

Originally posted by kpoop

“Cannonball!” A yell came from above you as a shadow covered the sun, you looked up to see the shape and the owner of the voice coming down into the pool, doing the exact thing he had yelled he was doing. You raised your hands to protect yourself from what you knew was the upcoming splash of water from J-hope’s body hitting the surface of the water, making the drops fly in all directions.

As you anticipated, the wave had soaked your already wet hair and body, you laughed with the rest of the boys out on the edge of the pool, well with the ones that were already there. And that consisted of Jimin, Jin, Suga and Rap monster, as at this moment, J-hope was resurfacing from the pool before shaking his wet hair like a puppy. V was beside you sitting, stuck, in the middle of a large inflatable rubber hoop. His head and legs sticking out through the top while his bottom was in the hole of the hoop.

Now, the only one missing was the one you loved the most; Jungkook. After an intense game of rock paper scissors, Jungkook was forced to make his way and buy everyone drinks. Clearly Scissors always lose with these guys around.

You were giggling at Hobie’s attempt to overthrow Taehyung’s float in order to steal it, who would not give up his beloved rubber ring as he frantically paddled away using his feet and the tips of his hands.

You couldn’t stop laughing or peel your eyes away from the scene until you heard another splash coming from behind you and before you turned around, large arms wrapped around your small frame. You looked up to see Jungkook standing right behind you with a smile on his face. He must have just got back with the drinks as the three eldest members were enjoying their time on the sunbeds drinking and making jokes. With a smile toy looked back at the two weirdoes fighting over the float,  what brought your attention back to then was a very girly scream coming from V who had realised how close the ‘shark’ was and was desperately paddling away and yelling for his life. From his point of view it must have felt that way with J-hope waddling through the water with an evil chuckle.

Laughing you yelled out, “Tae! I’ll help if you let me use your float afterwards.” You felt a chuckle coming from Jungkook which chest was resting against your back.

The only reply you got was a loud “YAAAAAAAAAAAA” As Taehyung felt J-hope rake his fingers along the side of the float in a teasing manner. If he had intended to steal the float alone he would have been able to do so by now yet he enjoyed teasing his younger friend.

“To the rescue!” Yelled Jungkook, moving away from you and running through the waist height dept of the water with his hand raised as if he was holding out a sword in his hand, a triumphant yell coming from his lungs. You laughed even more and followed after him.

By now, due to all of the noise caused, the others who rested on the water’s edge started watching, laughing and cheering. JImin decided to join the fun and as you struggled to keep up with Jungkook against the push of the water you heard a splash and a rawr like that of a tiger form behind you. Turning your head around to check who it  was, you bust into laughter as you saw Jimin, his hair only half wet with his arms stretched out and formed into what was supposed to look like claws going after you.

You screamed playfully, running trying to catch up with Jungkook who had reached J-hope  and tackling him down into the water, while that was happening you ran away from Jimin and reached Taehyung in the float who was screaming and laughing, looking back where Jimin was, you started pushing Tae away in the opposite direction, hoping that either Jungkook finishes J-hope off, or one of the other boys comes in to help. And if not, you were ready to fight. In the end, it was option number three which had come into fruition. The three elders still didn’t move a muscle, J-hope was dominating Jungkook and Jimin was less than a hand length away. You needed to fight, rescuing Tae, you pushed the float away as far as possible and turned around to face your enemy, hands outstretched on either side like a goalkeeper, ready to stop Jimin in his tracks. But the other didn’t really know what to do, he charged at you with a laughing roar before picking you up and wanting to throw you away into the water. But you didn’t let him, instead fighting back, you grabbed a hold to his arm and wouldn’t let go, so he wouldn’t be able to throw you away as instead you clung to his arm.

To be honest, you weren’t sure if he did this on purpose or if you actually managed to push him down into the water but as you held onto his arm, you placed your foot behind his and pulled down on his hand, toppling him over backwards and into the water. You were surprised that it worked and so move away in surprise and happiness. You stepped back and throw your hands in the air like a champion, celebrating your win.

“Noooooo!” Your celebration was short lived as you heard the defeat of Jungkook and looked behind you to see him completely covered in water and J-hope wading towards you. You were ready to face your second opponent, but at that moment you felt someone’s wet hand touch your shoulder,

“I’ve got this.” Taehyun said with his deep voice, eyeing J-hope, “You get the treasure.” He was referring to the float which was floating on the water just a few meters behind him. You needed, it was like a battle which in some action game. With a war cry Tae charged at J-hope and you made your way back to the float.

“No don’t let her take it!” You heard J-hope yell before he engaged in combat with his bandmate. You waddled faster to the float, reaching your hands over it, ‘How the hell am i supposed to get into this?!’ You thought as you tried to push your body up on the inflatable ring to no avail. You struggled half way up the float before you felt someone grab your legs under the water, you turned around, scared that you would see Jimin there about to pull you away in order to win over the float. But instead you saw someone much better, you breathed a sigh realising that it wasn’t Jimin BTS Jungkook. With his help you managed to climb atop of the float and tried to waddle your feet and hands in the same way V had done previously, but sadly your limbs were much shorter than his and so you only managed to splash a little in the water, it took you nowhere, you just stayed in one place without moving.

Jungkook watched you struggle with a chuckle before he heard a splashing noise from behind him, Jimin had recovered and was coming back for a round two, in a hurry he turned back towards you and started, trying to, run away while pushing away the float. He looked over his shoulder to see Jimin right there less than an arms length away.

“AHHH” Jungkook screamed and laughed before pushing you on the hoop with his strength as Jimmin tackled Jungkook into the water. Now you saw that Taehyung was still mid fight with Hobi while Jimin now wrestled with Jungkook. It was up to you to escape with the hoop. As you watched the four guys you felt the hoop hit onto something hard, you turned around and saw that you had been pushed all the way to the edge of the pool, up on which rested the three oldest guys. That’s when it came to your head. You wiggled your way off of the float before pulling yourself out of the pool and taking the float up with you, you stepped into it, now on land and waddled over to the other three guys and hid behind them, as far away from the pool as possible. You crouched in the float in between Rapmon’s and Jin’s sunbeds as the water dripped off of you and your swimming costume, laughing the whole time.

It took the four boys quite a while to notice that you were gone as they were all still locked in combat. J-hope was the first to notice your missing presence. Before scanning the area of the pool and seeing you crouching in the float behind Rap Monster.

The three boys on the outside of the pool were all laughing, Ramon was lounging on his sunbed, looking out through his glassed at the pool and his ‘children’ play fighting in the water. Jin and Suga were sitting on Jin’s sunbed watching and waiting to see how the rest of the game would unfold. Suga had been asleep till a few moments ago when you had come running out and hiding. He wanted to sleep but couldn’t miss out on the action around him.

One J-hope saw you on the outside, he yelled in despair, knowing very well that they had lost. The other three boys looked up from what they were doing to see the four of you on land laughing.

“And the winners are, (Y/N), Kim Taehyung and Jung Jungkook!!” Rapmon yelled at the top of the voice, receiving cheers from the mentioned people. Jimin and J-hope stood back and sighed, trying to catch their breaths.

Jin picked up his towel and put it over your shoulders, you were still completely wet from your swim and had started shivering. You nodded and smiled a thanks to Jin before wrapping the towel around you, getting up from your hoop and going to sit on the sunbed closest to Rapmon’s. The one on the other side was Suga’s who had now returned to his nap after watching the show. You sat crouched on the sunbed, the towel wrapped around you as you kept giggling from the excitement from a few moments ago.

Following this, one by one the guys left the pool and came to dry themselves off on the sunbeds. Jungkook stood up to grab his drink before sitting himself next to you on your sunbed before downing the drink. You smiled at him watching his actions until he had finished his drink, placing it down next to the sunbed and looking over at you. You looked cozy and warm in that towel while his body still dripped with water. He grabbed one end of the towel which you were clutching in front of you and pulled it so he could wrap himself in beside you. The towel was huge and could easily wrap around the two of you.

The rest of your day went by very smoothly, you, along with the group enjoyed the rest of your stay on this holiday. You even managed to get some alone time with your boyfriend as the two of you shopped and enjoyed yourselves together.

Strip Baskeball

s u m m a r y // title is pretty self explanatory + *contains mature content* 

(didn’t read over anything so my bad for any errors)

I fixed my black Nike sports bra the fabric being a little tight to my chest. The small logo showed to the right of the low u-shaped neckline that reveals a little cleavage. My toned abs reflected in the clear glass mirror that hung on the black and white printed wall in my bedroom. Justin invited me to come over and knowing him, he’s not really going to want to leave the house so I might as well be comfortable. I pulled my grey sweats over my thighs settling them on my lower hip. They rested on my waist slightly showing my black thong but at least it matched—sort of.

After I got ready, I drove to Justin’s house in my range rovers. Parking it meters away from his door, I hopped out already hearing the sound of yelling and laughter. I shook my head playfully, shutting the car door with a slam and strolling in the direction of the noise. I turned the corner to Justin’s backyard to see him playing basketball with Za, Khalil and Ryan. It seemed like they’re playing two on two. Justin and Za on one team, Khalil and Ryan on the other. Justin flicked his wrist the play going through the hoop and bouncing.

“Yes,” He cheered, Za giving him one of those bro hugs. I smiled a little shuffling my feet on the grass towards them. Justin’s eyes instantly lit up once he saw me, his sweaty body jogging over to me. “Y/N, Hey.” He grinned, edging closer to me to try and get a hug.

“Ew, no you’re all sweaty.” I scrunched up my button nose, making him laugh.

“Give me a hug.” He pleased, stepping closer to me, my feet stepping back in instinct. I just kept shaking my head as a smirk plaster on his face, my hands held out to keep him away. “Y/N,” He begged, stopping and pouting his plump lips at me.

“No way Bieber, go play your game.” It seemed like he wasn’t really taking no for an answer as he stopped walking towards me, wiggling his bushy eyebrows at me. His hazel brown eyes travelled up down my body at my attire—from my hair in a ponytail to Jordan’s. He glanced behind him giving Za, Khalil and Ryan some kind of signal. I furrowed my eyebrows, crossing my arms over my chest as I shifted my weight to my other foot. Justin stood about a two feet away from me, my lips pressing into a thin line once they walked up to Justin. He gave me wink huddling them into a circle so I couldn’t hear whatever he’s say. His arms draped over Za and Ryan’s shoulders, Za looking back at me for a second. I stood there slightly confused, bugging my eyes as them. They un-huddled all of them expect Justin walking over to me. “What?” I screwed pressing my lips together.

“Nothing,” Khalil shrugged, the three of their bodies lined up to block me view of Justin entirely.

“What are you up to?” I questioned, starting to get even more curious. They shook their heads, not saying anything to me. “So now you’re not talking?” Just as the words left my mouth a pair of tattooed arms wrapped around my tiny body. I let out a disgusted scream, the guys laughing with Justin once he picked me up in a sweaty embrace. “I hate you oh my god.” I shrieked trying to get out his tight hold on me.

“Nah, you love me.” He corrected, turning my body around so I’m facing him.

“I’m never talking to you again.” I frowned, starting to hit him so he would let me go. He chuckled just tightening his grip on me, my chest pressing again his. He set me down pressing his lips against mine forehead softly then giving me a proper hug. “I’m beating all your asses.” I huffed pointing to all of them.

“Ooo I’m scared Y/N.” Za joked, pretending to shiver. I rolled my eyes at him placing my hand on my hip focusing on Justin.

“I could beat you in basketball.” I rolled my neck in a sassy manner making the guys yell ‘ooo’. I twisted my lips cocking my head to the side, my hair swinging in behind me.

“You want to play?” Justin asked, bouncing the ball that’s know in his large hands as he bit his lips.

“Yeah, let’s go.” I paused. “One on one” I pointed between the two of us.

“I want to see this.” Za said, stepping back in his white sneakers.

“Me too.” Ryan added, running a hand through his hair. They all walked towards the side of the court sitting down in the grass area, Justin motion for me to follow him back over to the hoop. I playfully started to stretch as he watched my laughing.

“You ready?” He posed; sweat dripping from his crinkled forehead. I nodded my head, cracking my knuckles to seem a little intimidating. “We’re going to ten.”

“Alright you read to get your ass handed to you?” I taunted, pressing my tongue against the roof of my mouth.

“No it’s going to be you that get’s their ass handed to them sweetheart.” A smirk curled on his lips. “How about we make this interesting.” He added moving side to side in his bright colored shoes. “Strip Basketball.”

“Strip Basketball?” My hands rested on both my hips, waiting for him to explain further.

“Yeah, when one of gets a point the other person has to take off a piece of clothing.” He explained, holding the orange ball in the palm of both his hands.

“Okay but you’re going to be the one standing out here with your dick out.” I sassed, stepping further away from the hoop. “Check it.”

He passed the ball to me then I passed the ball back to him. He goes straight for a shot the ball falling throw the hoop. I cured myself, sticking my tongue out at him childishly. He wandered behind me, pulling my hair tie from my hair to let it cascade down my back. That wasn’t really an article of clothing but I’m not going to complain—I’d rather not be out in the hot sun with in just my thong—especially with his friends here. I glanced over to the side of the court no longer seeing them there.

“They went inside.” Justin said, as I passed the ball to him and he passed it back. I nodded dribbling it then running past him to shot it in the hoop. He stood there with his mouth wide open probably replaying what just happened in his head from being so surprised. “Damn you got me.” He said, as I knocked his snap back off his head. He picked it up off the concrete and tossed in the grass, fixing his hair.

“I sure did.” I flipped my hair over my shoulder, going back to Justin’s previous position. I slouched with my hands on my knee waiting for him to check the ball. I passed it back to him, his feet moving towards me. He stood in front of, my hands trying to knock the ball out his hands.

“Oh damn were you trying to get that?” He teased, bouncing it between his legs. While he was preoccupied trying to show off, I knocked it out his hands running up to the hop and shooting it. “Damn it.” He cursed as I skipped over to him.

Grabbing his white t-shirt, I brought it over his head, his toned chest and defined abs coming to my gaze. I ran my fingertips down his abs stopping at his happy trail. I felt his breath hitch as stared at me with lust. “Nice abs.” I said in a flirtatious tone, handing him his shirt then walking back to get the ball. I checked the ball, Justin stepping his game up and making another shot. “Shit.” I cursed as his tall figure ambled towards me.

His fingers gripped onto the waistband of my grey sweatpants, his eager eyes staring into mine. He pulled them down slowly, his large hands brushing over my partly bare ass, a small gasp leaving my lips. “What’s the score?” I said, trying to cover up tension that’s starting to build between us.

“Two to Two.” He husked, watching my sweat pants fall to the ground.

Once they puddled around my feet I kicked them to the side, standing there in my black sports bra, thong and Jordan’s. I’m so glad Khalil, Za and Ryan went inside. Justin jogged to go grab the basketball then stood in the spot I was in moments ago. I let out a much-needed breath standing in his spot, checking the ball. If I’m going to be standing out here in a thong, he’s going to be right there with me. I ran to the hop, scoring another point. Holding the ball in between one of my arms, I teased Justin just like he did me. I reaching inside his basketball shorts I gripped him over his Calvin Klein boxers. A short breath leaving his lips as I dropped his shorts down.

As soon as he kicked them off, he grabbed the ball tossing it to the side and cupping my cheeks in his hand. I looked into his eyes for a moment before taking a chance and pressing my lips again his. He immediately kissed back, moving his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the sloppy kiss. His hands left my cheeks, trailing down and grabbing my ass to pick me up. My legs forming around his torso, the hot sun shining down on us in the middle of the basketball court. His large hand rested on the small of my back, his legs walking in a direction I’m not worried about.

I could taste the strawberry chapstick on his lips as my back hit the soft grass. I tightened my legs around him bucking my hips into his. His tongue grazed my bottom lip making me part them. My tongue intertwined with his a small moan leaving my lips. I heard him groan as he pressed his hips against mine harder making me breathless. I could feel myself start to throb for him, my hands getting tangled in his hair. I pulled away partly panting, his lips attacking my neck with ease. I moved my head to the side to give him more access, his lips sucking on my hot skin. I held my lips together to try and not moan loudly—wouldn’t want Ryan, Za or Khalil walking out here. We would never her the end of it. They would say things like ‘it’s about time’ and how we’ve always ‘liked each other’.

I moaned grabbing Justin’s chin to attach my lips to his once again. I flipped us over, his back hitting the ground, my legs straddling each side of him. His fingers tangled in my hair his other hand grouping my ass tightly. I pushed myself against him more, already feeling his boner underneath me. Trailing my hand down to his briefs, I started to rub him through his boxers, my lips leaving his to kiss his neck. I could feel his minty breath on my neck, his hand leaving my ass to pull on the band of my thong. His fingers slyly dipped under the fabric sliding up and down my arousal. I bit my lip at his touch trying to grind against his fingers. He laughed starting to rub my clit in circles. Throwing my head back his hands left my hair, his index finger slipping inside me.

“Oh my god.” I gasped, shutting my eyes from the pleasure. My fingers tugged on the ends of his hair wanting nothing more than for him to just take me right there. “Justin, I want you.” I almost whimpered. I didn’t want seem desperate but with this whole strip basketball game it was bound to turn out to some hot sex. Without warning, Justin stood up picking me up along with him—not bothering to pick up our clothes. He walked to his glass back door peaking inside to see no sight of Ryan, Za, or Khalil. Opening the door he ran to the nearest room that happened to be a guess room and laid me on the bed. Kissing my lips again, I interrupted him, “Lock the door.” I reminded, nodding my head over towards it.

“Right I forgot.” He chuckled, quickly looking the door.

He made his way back over to me, his lips molding with mine once again. He pulled my black thong down my legs tossing it somewhere. He tugged his boxers down as I pulled my Nike sports bra over my head. I yanked him down on top of me, my fingers already digging into his back. I felt him place himself at my folds waiting for permission. Instead of giving him verbal permission, I grabbed him in my small hand, sliding down, my mouth gaping open once he was all the way in. Low grunts released his lips, his head in the crook of my neck. I tried not to moan loudly as he thrusted in a steady pace, going deeper each time. I bit my lip hardly trying to contain myself so his friends wouldn’t hear. My manicured nails dug into his sweaty back. I clenched the white sheets with my other hand experiencing complete bliss. His pace sped up, his lips pecking my shoulder occasionally.

“Shit.” I cured, dragging out the word because my legs were already starting to shake. “Justin, I can’t.” I breathed in a whiny tone. He shushed me going deeper to his my g-spot. Suddenly the doorknob started to shake, someone trying to get in the room.

“Justin are you in there bro?” Za’s voice echoed outside the door.

He put his finger on my lips as if to tell me to not make any noise—that would be the last thing I do. He continued to thrust inside me, not minding that Za is just outside the door. I could already see Za’s smug face in my mind. The sounds of footsteps sounded, Za leaving the room to go look for Justin somewhere else. I giggled, Justin laughing a little along with me. The headboard of the bed started to hit the wall from his increase of pace. I held my screams in as I released myself around him, a small breathy moan escaping. He pulled out of me setting his self on my abdomen as I squirmed from ecstasy. He rolled onto his back turning his head to peck my lips.

“You think they noticed?” He asked, moving his messy hair from his face.

“Yeah.” I laughed, cuddling up next to him.

Hoop Snakes: ...wait, what?

Is anyone else reduced to incontrollable giggles when they think about the legend of the Hoop Snake?

Like the snake just rolls at people like a freakin’ demon possessed Hula Hoop and then sticks them with its tail. No it doesn’t bite people, because that would be way too realistic for the story of the Roll Along Snakey Circle. It has a stinger in its tail that it uses like a giant evil wasp.

This legend is so common and is actually believed by so many people that many official state guides about dealing with snakes have to include notes that the Hoop Snake is not real and that normal snakes do not have venomous stingers. 

On one hand it would be great if this ridiculous legend would dissipate over time, but on the other I wanna continue to get a chuckle out of it for a while.

kids today google, not giggle. they play angry birds instead of getting angry AT birds. they all have an ipad but no iq. not even one. they playstation but they never play station. i.e. one pretending to be a train and the others pretending to be different trains or low paid maintenance workers. they’re obsessed with one direction, rather than enjoying all eight directions equally. facebook… but unable to face… a book. or a hoop with a stick. a lost generation. the tv show.


Hula-Hooping in a Niqab: @balqis_alrashed’s Twirling Art

#MyStory is a series that spotlights inspiring women in the Instagram community. Join the conversation by sharing your own story. To see more of Balqis’ art and hula-hooping performances, follow @balqis_alrashed on Instagram.

“#MyStory is about play. Being free and experimental and seeing the world with a fresh perspective.” —Balqis AlRashed (@balqis_alrashed), a visual artist and graphic designer from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“I was attempting to get out of my comfort zone. Hula-hoop class sounded like a good idea, something I would never do willingly. But I’ve been hooping ever since. You have to be in the moment when you’re in the hoop or it will not stick to your waist. It seems like it’s a plastic circle that won’t have any power to transform you physically and mentally and energetically, but it changed the way I talked to myself. I started encouraging myself to learn and play versus me being perfect and better than anyone in the room. That’s what I love about the hoop. Once I’m in there, I feel like I enter a space where there’s no judgment, no resistance to anything or anyone or any thought.

When I created the niqab hoop series, I was inspired to combine the practice of play and the physical constraint of the veil. It’s shocking but enchanting. I feel like I’m always boldly walking on eggshells.”

Worlds of Fun

It was Castiel’s first official day at his summer job at Worlds of Fun, an amusement park in Kansas City. He had to take two buses and walk half an hour to get there, but he needed the money. Besides, the job was easy and he got free snacks. He had been going in for a week already for training. But he was finally free. 

He went in early with the three other new-hires, Anna, Sam, and Meg, to get their assignments and the dark green t-shirt with the word staff written in bold letters across the back. . 

“No complaints,” Bobby warned as he handed them their envelopes. “And no trading. This ain’t a summer camp.”

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I fucking hate that you can’t like a piece of entertainment because there isn’t diversity, or you have to like it because it has diversity otherwise you are racist/sexist/etc. I want to like something because the plot or concept is interesting. 

Here’s an example, I’m not interested in Orange is the New Black because the story does not interest me at all. But I guess, according to tumblr, that would make me racist or have internalized misogyny. But I do like the show Steven Universe, a cartoon with diversity, but I love it because the characters, story, music, and artwork are nice.

Also I’m not gonna not play a video game because the protag is a white male, I won’t play a game because it doesn’t look fun or just isn’t relevant to my interests, or is buggy as hell.

So I just want to watch a show.movie or play a video game because it’s enjoyable, but I guess that makes me Satan on this site or something since the only way you can have fun, according to Tumblr, is playing with a hoop and a stick.