Replace VI Novel Ch 4 ”海を渡った「キセキ」” (A Miracle that Crossed the Ocean) English Translation Part 3 of 13

I am on a roll this week~3 updates?? But okay I missed counting a page so I decided to do Part 3 separately from Part 4.  Since I already started translating part 4 I’ll finish that up first and then move onto Seirin Next Gen Part 4. 

For those curious, Teiko in Hawaii has 13 parts (IT’S REALLY LONG) and Seirin’s Next Generation has 9.  They’re all at different lengths so sometimes I’ll combine them into one post if they’re super short. Currently, Teiko’s chapter has 3/13 parts completed and Seirin’s chapter has 3/9 completed.  If you want to find them easily on my blog I’ve tagged them as “teiko goes to hawaii!” and “welcome to seirin new gen!” Once I eventually finish them I’ll make a masterpost.

Next update (revised): Teiko in Hawaii Part 4, then Seirin New Gen Part 4

Now, I should just rename this chapter something like “The adventure of Aomine the idiot”

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