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Let’s talk Pauling

Pauling is a character with a… muddy origin. Save Spy and Medic, she’s the only one of RED Team who’s history and information isn’t easily accessed. The easy answer to this is that the Administrator simply erased all documentation of herself or her family, but the actual answer is a bit darker then that.

Pauling became an orphan at a relatively young age, parents dying in a depressingly common grease fire that spun out of control. She’d escaped the fire itself, but upon realizing that her parents were gone, and without taking time to think of other extended family that could have taken her in, she ran away. Living in Canada at the time, near the Maine border, she headed south, to a place where she could more easily survive. 1950s era Manhattan. 

A plucky girl, Pauling lived on the streets for years, somehow avoiding the sexual predators, human traffickers, violent drunks, and more benign criminals for most of her life, but as she grew, she found attention on herself… increased. She realized eventually she’d get unlucky. One could only be scrappy in her anonymous nook of the city for so long, and it was in her most hopeless moment that the Administrator found her.

A homeless, helpless street urchin who seemed to have the drive, brains, and sheer physical potential to be a dangerous fighter? This was the Administrator’s dream come true. She took Pauling in as a young teen, toughened by years on the unforgiving streets of a city that didn’t give a fuck about kids like her, strengthened by hardship, jaded by heartbreak. She turned her into something more. 

With equal parts kind words and heartless abuse, the Administrator forced Pauling to give up the last of her innocence, torturing out the very end of her hope, but replacing hope with cold, calculated confidence. She hurt Pauling, of course, but at the same time, she was the first person in years who’d even turned an eye to her, the first person in her life who didn’t treat her like a write-off. 

And Pauling attached herself to it. She grew more and more emotionally tied to the Administrator over time, to the point that she was simultaneously and endless tormentor and a ‘loving’ mother figure. She harbored no illusions about what the Administrator was, she was no naive Anakin Skywalker, willing to always believe the worst in her mentor. No, she knew the worst was true, she knew she couldn’t begin to comprehend the darkness in the woman’s heart, but she didn’t care. 

For a moment, she even believed that she might be able to change her. 

But in time, that hope too died, becoming nothing but a seething pile of respect, resentment, and rage all piled into one. Her tormentor, her protector, her constant guide, all in a single, wiry, hideously twisted body. 

That, of course, was when the Administrator ordered her to collect the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. Eight men, she said, who could cover all the bases. Who wouldn’t be afraid to do anything. And by the Lord she did it. 

The Scout, who ran seemingly on the air, blitzing past his enemies and crushing them to the ground without a drop of regret. 

The Soldier, an endless, tireless monster who would never cease fighting for America. Or, if America didn’t want him, the highest affiliated bidder. 

The Demoman, the old drunken highlander who’d managed to set off the third-biggest detonation of conventional explosions in history when he was eleven. 

The Heavy, the Red Bear, the monster of the Siberian North who was only known from folk legends as the man who held off an entire platoon of Soviet soldiers singlehandedly, all to keep them from forcing him and his family off their land. And who had no choice but to take up a job to feed that said family.

The Engineer, the Texan genius who had supposedly invented an infinite energy source and artificial intelligence to boot, but had apparently swept them under the rug just to keep his oil-rich uncles in the job. 

The Medic, the German maniac who’d apparently been around, kidnapping and experimenting on random people, since before World War I. 

The Sniper, the Australian assassin who was the #4 highest-billing contract killer on the planet, and who had reportedly never missed a shot since taking his job.

And finally, the legend, the Shadow himself, known by many names, none of which he’d invented himself. The Spy’s most commonly used professional title was “Vepar” the pseudonym based on the name of the demon one summoned to ensure the deaths of one’s enemies. Not to mention the highest-paid mercenary on the planet. But despite his exorbitant prices, of course, the Administrator could pay them, and she’d asked for the best. This man had no morals, no limits, and supposedly could have anyone on the planet dead in 7 24 hour days.

She found them, one by one, the worst of the worst, the most ruthless individuals on the planet, and she realized, one by one, that all of them looked like Jesus Siss next to the Administrator. 

And as she recruited them, trained them, led them, she began learning that she… liked them more than the Administrator. 

And yet that connection was always there. The Administrator didn’t need to ask her to come back, Pauling would do it on her own. She was tied to the Administrator in ways that even the Medic’s mind couldn’t unravel. 

An abusive relationship, to be sure, but one that Pauling accepted, was thankful for, even, for the sake of bettering herself.

And when the chips all fell, as they inevitably would, just which side would Pauling be on? 

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What headcanons do you have for an au where Alina doesn't kill darkles sparkles, the plague malaria stays dead, and alarkling rules ravka together

- they have an on going joke about malicious people
- alina develops a new technique of reeling darkles back in and it usually involves depriving him of sweets (this should have been a real thing tbh… his fold for a piece of cake)
- darkles apologizes to everyone - his ex-circle of friends and close ~subjects~/confidantes, ravka, the entire nation… and it takes a long time but eventually they stop calling him a monster and start calling him moi soverenyi again
- nikolai is free to sail again but he always comes back - home - after a few months just bc ravka’s such a large part of his past and who he is
- darkles shows alina a lot of things in the dark… and she’s like?????? the frickity frack was i thinking before??? humping a malnutrition and thinking it was an okay experience?? bc it has NOTHING in common and y’all know darkles is good
alina comes out to him as bi but it’s super casual and undramatic like she literally just lets it slip one night after having a bit too much kvas to drink? and then she realizes what she’s just said and she goes SHIT for a sec (not bc she‘s anxious about his reaction or anything but just bc it wasn’t SUPPOSED to come out like this like one minute they were drinking and the next one alina’s like by the way i’d totally let zoya row me) and he’s like,,,,, shit you TOO?? wifey same
- alina learns he could be gentle and kind and even soft but it’s always in private so it’s a side of him ONLY she’s privy to
- have you seen that hades/persephone fanart where hades’s literally holding persephone’s flower and he’s like KICK HIS ASS BABY, I GOT YO FLOWER while she’s storming off to make some loser’s life miserable? that’d be them in a nutshell
- like. darkles could quite literally cut a man in two but it’s ALINA they fear bc she’s so kind and sweet to children and mistreated people but the moment some misogynistic trashbag opens his mouth? hell on earth
- needless to say darkles has the BIGGEST heart eyes in those moments
- like shit shit that’s my WIFE my sunshine my light hOoOOOOOly SHIT no seriously that’s some HoLY SHIT right there some GOOD SHIT right there mMmMMm good shit good sHIT
- everyone thinks he’s gonna be a tyrant but he’s actually a very just ruler? like sure he never goes easy on criminals and people who have wronged him or his country but he’s not bloodthirsty or cruel or ExtraTM (contrary to canon popular belief)
- he never discloses his real name - that’s something private and special and alina’s the only one he wants to share it with anyway; he comes up with various fake names over the years so he deliberately adds more fuel to the mystery which let’s be real only makes him more interesting in the eyes of his people
- alina still teaches orphans bc that’s just who he is? her being married to darkles doesn’t change her at all - if anything, i helps HIM become a better person
- again, contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t want or try to change a THING about her. after all, she’s always owned his heart from day 1 so like what COULD he change anyway (even if he wanted to which he doesn’t bc alina’s alina and he chose her BC of who she was? it would make zero sense to try and change her in any way shape or form)
- they still have the triumvirate (genya has the highest rank just bc darkles couldn’t even BEGIN to compensate her for what he did so making her ravka’s most important person (after him and alina) is the least he could do - and genya proves to be the amazing glorious goddess she’s always been) except zoya talks A LOT of shit about her king and she’s always dragging him
- and every time he opens his mouth to fire smth back alina puts a small but firm hand on his shoulder and reminds him of The TIme He Was Real Fucking ExtraTM and that’s enough to shut him up
- alina’s the one who goes from 0 to 100 while he plots and schemes and goes out of his way to deliver the perfect revenge
- every once in a while, someone will see him reach out to hold her hand or kiss her forehead and they all swear the queen’s presence transforms his entire demeanour (it does)
- alina never takes his name, and that’s okay, he understands. he gets to call her solnishka, my sunshine, and see her smile back at him and that’s more than enough.

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"hoooooooly shit I'm so gay" said by logan for logicality or logince??? >:3cc (you rly don't have to tho) -☆rykid

I’m So Gay

NSFW comments (like three of them)

“No Morality I told you it-“ he saw Roman come in the room, wearing only a towel, obviously coming out of the shower, “holy sh-crap I’m so gay.” Logan corrected his language when Morality glared at him (seriously how did he know when they were going to swear?!)

“Hey Logan.” Prince said, winking. Logan was about to blush but he managed to keep his cool.

“Hey.” Logan said, trying to control his feelings. This was very confusing, it felt great but he also felt like slamming his lips against Romans. He didn’t understand this feeling, but Morality told him it sounded like sexual and romantic attraction (“but I don’t experience it so I’m not sure.” Morality would say.)

“Hi Prince!” Morality said, he turned to Logan, “Keep calm and remember, You Got This.” Morality sang the last part. Logan blushed as Prince looked over confused.

“What was that about?” Prince asked.

“Nothing!” Logan blurted.

“Okay. Oh and Logan I have a question.” He turned and leaned on the counter. Logan was secretly hoping the towel would fall down. Logan snapped out of his thoughts and looked up;

“Hm? Oh, yeah go ahead.”

“Is your name Google?” Logan looked at Roman confused, “Because you have everything I’m searching for.” Logan blushed. Roman smirked and moved away from the counter before using another pick up line.

“You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life!” Roman said, stepping closer to Logan. Logan thought of a pickup line.

“Did you just combust? Cause you’re hot!” Logan said, not sure if this was appropriate or not.

“I wish I could select all of your clothes and press delete.” Prince blurted. Logan looked at him surprised to see him blush.

“How about a kiss? After all, I’m the only sugar you’ll need.” Logan suddenly regretted it, they literally just started flirting; how would Roman be comfortable enough to kiss him already??

To his surprise, Roman grabbed Logan’s face and moved his head towards Logan’s face. However, the moment was ruined when Prince accidentally bump into Logan’s glasses. They both blushed, before they laughed.

“I’m sorry, that was terrible.’ Roman laughed.

“Well so was our attempt at flirting.” Logan pointed out.

“At least you’re gay.” Roman said winking. Logan blushed.

“That I am Roman; now shut up and let’s try kissing again.”

morgan can i call u morgan wherever u are pls post this one ao3 too or just exist in front of me so i could hug u n never let go

Hey, it’s the anon from a while ago. You know, the one who talked to you about that Berkut AU? I saw that you went through all the sadness of the post-Berkut battle in the game, so I thought I would submit you a little cousin bonding (with a dash of Berinea) fic based on that AU to cheer you up/distract you from Echoes canon. Although, there’s still that small dose of angst because I love it and I know you do as well. Hope you enjoy! Sorry if it doesn’t seem to flow well, the idea I was going for was parallels, so having a moment from childhood and then having a moment in present day. P.S.: To explain a certain thing I mention in this fic, it’s a headcanon of mine both in this AU and in canon that Alm’s circlet is from his mother and that Mycen is allergic to cats.

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