Play Katie Stevens saying “now I’m gonna stick my tongue in your mouth” at my funeral please


New trailer of PP Movie!

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"Hi! I'm Coppy! How can I help you today?" the copying machine said seductively. "There are plenty of ways you can help me," I reply, eyeing its blinking buttons with devilish temptation. I wanted to feel Coppy's scanner underneath my exposed skin; its cool exterior flushing out against my warm body, but I knew that it would never be anything but fantasy. Coppy and I are forbidden. People would question us, ask me why I was intimate with an office machine, but I can't tell them the truth. (TBC)


OH MY GOD this summer a movie (starring Don Cheadle) is filming in my city and they’re looking for extras. Not expecting anything I submitted my headshot and resume a week ago to them and SHIT I made it to their next round!!!! They want to see me in person and measure me AAAHHHH

THAT SAID this doesn’t guarantee I’ll be in it since they might not like my availability and they’re seeing like a million people but it’s still exciting!!!!!!!