Member Profile: Gavin Belson of HBO's Silicon Valley
No show better captures the current milieu of Silicon Valley better than, well, HBO’s Silicon Valley. The show’s Google doppelganger, Hooli, is led by CEO Gavin Belson. We were lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Gavin’s valuable time to talk about the future of the corporate campus.

“Our employees are the best and brightest from every country in the world. Black, white, tall, short, young, old. Well, not very old.  Most of our employees are in their early 20s, come to think of it. But there is one guy in his 60s. Actually, thinking about it now, I haven’t seen him in a while. Maybe he’s dead. Honestly, I can’t be sure. Our work force is so big, I rarely see the same people twice. Hmmm. Death is sad.”

Who ever thought a day gone so wrong, could turn out so lovely?