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SV AU in a dystopian future, à la 1984.

There have already been a couple of Jarrich dystopia AUs I’ve really enjoyed, but instead I’m going to take this in the direction of focusing on the shiny happy world of Hooli and the placidly content true believers who work there:

* all the signs are exactly as they are in canon. There are slogans on the wall that say things like “happy is as happy does”. Giant photos of Gavin stare menacingly down on the workers.

* Gavin’s really happy with how the company’s going. Everything’s great. He has a trusted set of advisors in Denpok and Jack. Every report he receives is full of nothing but good news. Sometimes the employees displease him, and to shame them he sends them to the roof, then promptly forgets all about it. He would assume, if he ever gave it any thought, that they’re all just hanging around up there, but it’s not like he’s ever going to check.

* Gary Irving is the director of humane resources. He’s tired of new hires assuming this is a typo.

* when Patrice was first promoted to work directly under Gavin she had three colleagues: Jared, Scott and Rogelio. They were a great team, all enthused about the company and honored to be in a position where they were only one remove from their glorious leader (Denpok or Jack relaying his messages, of course, he’s a busy man). One day she came to work and there was someone new in Jared’s place - but everybody called him Jared too, and they never made any reference to it, so she didn’t like to bring it up.

* A few months later, the new Jared was gone. Naveen and Eric privately told a few people that some QA drone in their sector had stolen a new Hooli algorithm and Jared had helped him get away from security, but very few people really believed it; why would anybody choose to leave?

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✄ [she dyed his hair a navy blue] C:

Inbox me ’ ✄ ’ for my muse’s reaction to yours styling their hair

After an hour of bleaching and dying his hair, It was finally done,
Madara looked into a mirror and saw that his entire hair was BLUE, or dark navy blue to be exact. 

   “I agreed to a dip dye only, THIS IS ALL OF MY HAIR???” 

hooly shit

So we just did character creation/campaign planning for trans girl skype dnd and two of the players are gonna be half-orc sisters, one figher and one cleric.

The cleric didn’t like any of the Forgotten Realms orc deities (we’re playing Lost Mine of Phandelver to start out since it’s my first time DMing) so we came up with the idea that the fighter is actually a new god and her sister worships her. Her holy symbol is literally one of the fighter’s tusks.

rmember in wtnv when there ws that researdcher character, nd a major gag o f his existence ws tht he had a godawful racist ‘’’headdress’’’ nd everybo;dy jst wanted him 2 take it off 

nd thenn people stortd ffuckin cosplayin g him+ th wtnv crew ws jjust kind of “what ?? no wait hes – yo;ure not supposed to ?????? wghghhg ? stop??” wtnv fandom circa 2013 ws the Worst ™ hooly shit

Wait, Richard uninstalled as CEO at Pied Piper is basically the same thing as Gavin being “unassigned” at Hooli, which I’m literally JUST NOW REALIZING, that those arcs were written to parallel each other. Which is kind of embarrassing, that it took me this long to put that together, but holy shit, that’s some subtle brilliance that they didn’t beat you over the head with. 

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AU where Dinesh works for Hooli, and part of his job is to monitor their server activity and call Gilfoyle, who's in charge of Hooli's servers at the server farm, whenever there's a problem. They've only ever spoken on the phone, and almost every time they talk, it's because something has gone horribly wrong.

I love this!

-okay first off obviously Gilfoyle mentions Dinesh’s incompetence all the time and Dinesh constantly has to remind him “it’s just that you only hear from me when something’s gone wrong! I’m not going to call you every day to let you know things are fine! It’s your perspective!” and Gilfoyle is like “whatever you have to tell yourself…”

-the fact that they’re always in these desperate situations really fuels the fire of their mutual work crush and feeds into a superhero swooping in/damsel in distress dynamic that really does it for both of them.

-the first time they see each other they’re both very aware of feeling Something, even if they don’t consciously think “I hope this is the guy I’ve been talking to…” (This could go full-on You’ve Got Mail, honestly)

-at some point they’re tipsy at a work party and Gilfoyle overhears Dinesh talking and is like “oh, you’re the screw up from Hooli’s server farm” and they start bantering and eventually smooching.