The 20 most liked larry fics on ao3

According to the kudos, here are the most liked larry fics of all the time:
{ziam; ziallzouis; lilo}

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Hooliganhearts writes one of my favorite fics I’ve ever read.

It is so meta and brilliant and all the boys are in the right houses and it is just the most amazing thing. 

Spoilers: I was sad when Lou got kicked off the team. So I wanted to draw happy Quidditch Lou. 

Might draw the other boys later if I have time. 

hooliganhearts replied to your post:.

this is my fave bit: “Not only is the curly haired babe a fifth of one of the biggest boybands out there, but he’s also a romantic, according to loved-up Louis” No need to read the rest of the sentence, that’s good enough for me

Pretty sure that’s where the facts end anyway, so why read past that?

louisincake's confession of love

ALL RIGHT. This is not a follow forever because I’m not looking for any commitment right now, just a little something to show appreciation for some of you who make my life better on a daily basis. I’m so lucky to get to talk so many cool and sweet people. To be fair everyone I follow brightens my day, but the below mentioned stand out a little extra.

  • poparoll: Josefin, whatever would I do without you? Light of my life, any day we don’t talk is a day wasted. You gave me lesbian Harry and for that I cannot thank you enough. You’re also a great friend, so kind and supportive and empowering. You make me a happier and stronger person. Thank you.
  • lesbian-harry: Speaking of lesbian Harry… Jamie, you are so sweet, I would probably get diabetes if we knew each other irl. (Though I wish we did.) The fact that you have a tag for me on your blog for stuff you think I’d like make me all mushy inside. What I did to deserve that I don’t know but I’m grateful. Our talks about girls give me life.
  • larrycoincidences: Maddy, my butt buddy! I was so starstruck when you followed me, I took a screenshot to savour the moment and didn’t shut up about it for a whole night. (That’s probably the kind of thing I shouldn’t share.) Anyway, your blog has been one of my favs since I got into this, you’re so sassy and smutty and basically the most fabulouis. I’m so happy I get to talk to you sometimes.
  • hooliganhearts: Liz, we don’t talk enough, I feel like you have stuff to teach me about writing (how to be amazing at it for example). I was starstruck when you followed me also, even though you did it because I suggested that you should… I’m so embarrassing jeez. (She did ask for tips though, I didn’t do it out of nowhere I’ll have the rest of you know.) I don’t know what else to say, you’re nice and funny and I like you loads.
  • bundleduplou: The starstruck thing goes for you as well, Emma, I literally squealed when I saw. You write good smut and reblog feminism and talk about food kink, what more could I want? Also when you get anons asking for advice you’re always so nice and caring and it makes me heart swell every time because I’m a huge softie.
  • jinglylou: Mikayla please kiss my nose because you are the cutest!!! I don’t care how short amount of time we have followed each other, I consider us friends and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • inflourescence: I bet you thought I had forgotten you Madalyn but I can assure you I haven’t, you put me in your follow forever so you’re never getting rid of me babycakes. You’re so cute and sweet and hella cool! I hope you’re always happy and also we don’t talk enough. Let’s rectify that.
  • ftlouis: Trish, I know we haven’t talked that much but you always reblog things I didn’t know I needed AND you make Louis in panties-posts so I need to show you some love by putting you in this. You are hella rad and I hope you remember that.
  • ahhyees: My irl best friend who is responsible for my being here. Mostly mentioned so the rest of you know that I didn’t make him up. FRITTE IS REAL. I love you a very much a lot.

Some people I don’t talk to or know enough to write a dedication to but greatly appreciate: thepreviousquestion, vamqires, genderblinditem.

Also a shout out to anyone who has ever sent me a nice message, it means a lot to me when you do that.

What this post is about is basically trying to make people happy because they make me happy, so I hope the people mentioned will like it. Sometimes I see the people I like getting rude or weird messages and it hurts me because I want everyone to have a positive experience on here. This is going to sound lame, but Tumblr is important to me lately because I’m ill and don’t have the energy to do much. Most days smutty tags are the only thing that make me smile. And it’s you who make that happen! It’s youuu they add up to… (Sorry.) And I just want to say thanks. I know it’s all for fun but it also means something, to me at least.

This was incredibly sappy, I’m sorry, I’ll see myself out. Just know that you are fantastic and I wanna kiss every single one of you.

anonymous asked:

hi! I saw you've made fanart for the fic the king of spades and I wanted to ask you what exactly it is about? :)

hi pal! yes i did!! i don’t know how much i can spoil because i know a lot of people are waiting to read it since it’s a wip, but basically it’s a mafia AU where Harry is a favorited employee of one of the crime bosses in the London crime family and Louis is an undercover police officer who has worked his way up said family without raising suspicion. And basically they really can’t have each other. it’s all very dark and beautifully written!! link

hooliganhearts replied to your post: hooliganhearts replied to your post: So, what I…
yeah, like how can you reconcile the harry that willingly lets the hampstead house’s location be released publicly and the harry who actually cares about his privacy…it’s all so OBVIOUS xx

Exactly!! He even supposedly told FANS where he lives in Hampstead like…which celebrity would do this if he actually lived there????
It’s obvious that he lives somewhere and nobody had to know anything about. For privacy and for other reasons (as far as I am concerned). so, when he found out paparazzi found the place (the one with hedges), he sued them. Other houses and photo ops?? Fine. It’s work. Real house and real life? No. As it should be!

Day 2 - challenge to get Liz (hazmesentir) writing Tomlinshaw

Look Liz, look at this picture of Louis looking like a choir boy holding a chunky puppy and let us dine out on the fact that this was Nick’s screensaver at work for god knows how long but long enough for him to have the mickey taken out of him live on the radio about it. Two of Nick’s favourite things in one photo, beautiful boys & puppy dogs