hooligan skateboards

People who go “Everyone gets so offended and outraged by everything these days” wasn’t growing up in or at least doesn’t remember the 90s very well. Every 10 minutes during the 90s there was another public outrage over some new stupid thing entering the public conciousness like “Oh these days people get mad about titty” in the 90s you’d have moms freaking out about skateboards. “Oh but people are trying to ban hoverboards in places” man it isn’t even close people thought skateboards would basically obliterate and destroy all public property and increase crime like that just gangs of hooligans on skateboards would wax every surface known to man, graffiti everything and then pop a sick kickflip in front of a grandma and scandalize her so hard she’d die. Skateboards were so overhyped that they were banned IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OR NORWAY like one overhyped segment on the news or on Oprah and entire nations would fly into a panic.

People have gotten better at being chill, I swear.