does anybody remember that one game???????? where the baseball man cleanses his hoolahoops???????????????

My picture - book

Climbing those orange-red staircases
I measure you through those neon hoola-hoops.
Intricate goosebumps , I turn blue.
Crafting people in cliche frames.
Yes , I am stupid.
And you ?
A mere photo in my dearest
picture book.

Kids be careful, wii-fit is dangerous! LMAO.

so yesterday night, i was playing wii-fit like usual in my basement. i was playing the hoola-hoop game, tryna beat my highscore. the time was running out, i was swinging my hips faster and faster AND then i heard a CRACK, i literally saw my knee moved..eww so nasty. then yeah that’s when the part where i started screaming in agony. my mom was like WTF happened?! i called the ambulance, the more i looked at my dislocated kneecap, i started freaking out cause it looked so ugly LOL. anyways then the paramedics came, asked me what happened..blahblah. then i told em my embarrassing situation, they laughed at me and made fun of me ): it was serious hahaha even when i arrived at the hospital the nurses and doctors laughed too, they said it’s the first that they heard of an injury caused by WII. it was nothing serious, my knee went back to place when i got to the hospital and they just put this ugly bulky blue splint on my leg, i have to wear that for a week. now i have physio-therapy to go to *SIGH*, idgaf, im still playing wii after i recover :)