hooky day

29 things to do with your leap day
  1. play hooky. (we won’t tell.) 
  2. smile at a handsome stranger.
  3. make something different for breakfast, like buttered toast with a sprinkle of salt. (extra francophile points if wearing a breton top while you do.)
  4. …or have your coffee with a dash of lemon and a fresh acquaintance.
  5. buy a bouquet of flowers just to carry it around. (we do love floral accessories.)
  6. mix your flowers — from the bodega, and in your outfit. 
  7. “forget” your flowers in the arms of a friend.
  8. put on a red lip for lunch.
  9. eat dessert for lunch.
  10. pop into a local indie bookstore and buy a new book just for the cover art. 
  11. spend the next 30 minutes reading it on a park bench.
  12. surprise someone with a compliment. 
  13. write a love note (to yourself).
  14. take a walk—in some new spring shoes. 
  15. mail an old photo to an old friend.
  16. propose a trip and buy your tickets, even if it’s months in advance.
  17. call your mom.
  18. tell someone you work with how much you appreciate them. 
  19. light a new candle. 
  20. paint your nails pastel.
  21. decide what your spring look is and make a moodboard
  22. catch a double feature with double popcorn.
  23. whisper a secret to the city on your way home.
  24. write some snail mail. 
  25. hang up a new piece of art—or an old piece of art in a new place.
  26. start your spring cleaning. (psst: notice we didn’t say “finish.”)
  27. donate a blouse you haven’t worn in years (and make room for another).
  28. put on a record and dance like no one’s watching. 
  29. toast your lucky stars with a nightcap: champagne and club sandwiches. 

Darcy/Steve, 2

for @typhoidmeri

2. “Don’t go.”  

Steve paused, his hand on the door.  “You know I have to.”  

Darcy scoffed, “Nah. You don’t.  Not really.  They can do without you for a day.  Play hooky.”

He chuckled, hesitating for just a moment before shutting the door again.  “Not sure if it’s called ‘hooky’ if it involves the Avengers.”  

“Come on.  Like none of the rest of them ever miss a training sesh.   Come back in…let’s go back to bed and stay there all day.  Play nookie with me.”  She winked and stood up, making her way back to the bedroom.  

“You’re a bad influence…” Steve teased, following her.  

“Yeah, yeah…get in here and take off your pants, Rogers.”