hookup confessions

Confession I’m currently hooking up with this guy at my college but I want a serious relationship. Not with him but I’m too lonely to end things. A lot of guys find me intimidating because I’m reserved when I’m not with my friends. This makes it hard to be open and so I come across as uncaring and guarded. Truth is I’m just looking for someone to show me how to be affectionate. I just want hugs, kisses, dates, deep convos, goofy moments etc but I feel like I’m gonna be doomed to hookups forever.

A Post-Finale Fic set in December 2014 - Zankie

Prompt ( brobutlookhowmanyants ): Some time passes after BB and Frankie and Zach don’t keep in touch much. Zach plans a fun getaway with his bros from back home. They’re going to New York, at which point Zach sneaks away from his friends to watch a play Frankie is in. They meet up after the play and kiss/hookup/confess love.


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