January 31, 2016 - February 6, 2016

1. Keeping Your Head Up - Birdy: Wow. Birdy’s voice only gets better with every single song she sings. This song is as close to perfection as I could ever wish for. Lyrical geniuses, smooth vocals, and a beat to die for.

2. Til It Happens To You - Lady Gaga: Be prepared to cry if you haven’t heard it before. This song is so powerful and just wow. I’m just saying that you need to listen to this song. Let it sink in and understand. The whole reason it was written was to help bring awareness to college rape and it’s a heavy subject but we need to talk about it more so hopefully it stops happening.

3. Sound of Your Heart - Shawn Hook: Heavy drum beat that makes you want to start dancing. Ahhhh! And Shawn’s voice! Smooth! This is the perfect song to sing along to when you’re driving. Trust me.

4. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself - Jess Glynne: Last night this song came on the music station that just constantly plays at work and it immediately changed my mood. So upbeat and spirit lifting. I just love Jess’ voice and its uniqueness.

5. Stole The Show - Kygo ft. Parson James: Kygo has this amazing ability to take a voice and completely amplify it with his beats. Like just haven’t found a song that Kygo mixed and didn’t love. He is great at it. Parson James has a wonderful voice too! So you should even take a listen to the song on its own too.

6. Ginza - J Balvin: I do love my dance music! And it always sounds so much better in Spanish! I mean come on. It’s the best of both worlds!

7. When We Were Young - Adele: Her voice makes me feel things I didn’t think was possible. And this is just another one of those songs. Even if you don’t think you’ll like Adele you still do. Be honest.

8. Song Cry - August Alsina: When I fist saw this title, I’ll be honest that I didn’t think I was going to like it but oh goodness this song is wonderful. It lets you really understand someone who doesn’t truly express their emotions you know. Like August sings, “they say a man ain’t suppose to cry” and not just men because if a woman cries too much then people really start judging. So this song is wonderful.

9. Waiting For You - Demi Lovato ft. Sirah: So basically, always going to love Demi. If you’re looking to channel your anger into a song I suggest this one. It’ll help build it and get you ready. The beat doesn’t have the power you’d expect for it but it’s still great.

10. Cake By The Ocean - DNCE: I’m already starting to sing this song just because I typed it out. Shout out to @briannaslist for letting me know about this song though! You can’t get much better on the pop scale than this song write here. It’s just so fun and catchy. Once you listen to it, it probably will be stuck in your head for a few days. You’re welcome.

the au where they never send ben to the academy

and people land at the resistance base wondering what kind of hero, praytell, is the child of general organa and han solo? surely he is a very important jedi, the resistance’s secret weapon

and meanwhile a console sparks and fizzles and ben the force-sensitive radar technician pokes his head out with an exasperated expression. “MOM! it’s not READY YET, JEEZ”

Full Stop with Glans Ring and Head Hook

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Petite Fashionista #25 Blue Brocade Review Part 1

So here I go again since I typed up this review earlier but Tumblr ate it.

I’ve decided to call this doll Gabriella since she doesn’t come with a name. She does come with Turquoise earrings, a blue, black & white dress, and black boots.

Her earrings are large and have detailed molding that coordinates with the pattern on her dress. I was unable to remove them, they seem to hook into her head and then have something at the end of the post so they won’t fall out. I like them alot, but this could affect me wanting to change her outfit when fashion packs come out.

Her dress is fitted on top and has blue brocade on a white background. A black ribbon goes down the middle to another that goes around her waist. Her a-line skirt has alternating blue and black brocade on a light blue background. It’s hemmed with black thread. It’s a simple piece that looks great by itself because of all the details. I think it would also work well with a black jacket over it!

Her shoes are black heeled boots that are open on the sides. They have great molded strap and buckle details and then molded studs and more detailing on the heel. I like them alot, they are the B size. I borrowed Curvy Sweetheart Stripe’s shoes to try the different size on her and they are a little loose but they don’t fall off!

Her hair is pulled up into a chick up-do which is accomplished by tying it up in two places. It’s black with subtle magenta highlights. It does have a little glue in it to hold all her curls but it feels fine. Though she’s petite it adds about an inch to her height!

Now her face! It’s very pretty, I thought the mold was the same as the one used for Grace, but is seems to be a smaller version. This makes sense as it keeps her proportionate. I’m not sure how/if smaller heads will affect body swapping though. I find her face-up to be unique under black brows she’s got bright eyes. They’re a light orange brown with added yellow under the pupil which has a single highlight dot. A yellow orange streak goes behind her pupil adding depth.
Her eyeshadow is done to give a smoky eye affect. There’s a dark gray going all the way around with black in the crease and a light gray on the lid. Black liner is in the upper and lower lash line and she’s got black lashes. Differing from her promo pictures she has a dark mauve lip.

Overall her look is sophisticated but edgy. She’s very fashion forward! The one negative thing is that on her legs about mid-calf the plastic changes. It goes from slightly shiny to matte, it was hard to catch in a picture but there’s a clear line between them. Her legs also seem to each be a slightly different color with one being a little lighter. These things are hard to notice if you aren’t looking for them but I’ve seen others with this problem. I don’t mind it much, but I know some will.

Overall I think she’s a really unique doll and I’m glad to have her!
The next part of this review will feature a body comparison with her and a 2016 Original body.

Imagine if a CSer did that...

There is now a “hilarious” post going around consisting of “I killed pirate, it was fun” with reblogs thanking the OP for doing so (and then offering the dead pirate to Goldemorte for dinner)….and hey, your blog, you can do what you like, but it’s kinda gross (like the fantasy of Graham and Bagel repeatedly flushing Hook’s head in a filthy, poo-filled toiler to punish him for daring to date Emma or the “the best thing for Colin’s career would be to have Hook commit suicide”. On a family show)….

Differently, there’s a post on IMDB, whining about how MRJ’s character is always killed off and “since he’s so good-looking, why does this keep happening?”. Ummmm….cause he generally plays lowlife douchebags who are clearly slated to be killed off. Also in this case she was upset about his really gross rapist character buying it on The Walking Dead.

And, as my title suggests…just imagine the scorn, ridicule, etc any CSer would receive over something similar (as well as the armchair psychoanalysis). I received death threats and threats to my family for calling SparkleKreeper “Kwippled Kitty Kwumple” on my own blog, untagged. What would happen if I said “I killed a DO for you, let’s all dance around his corpse and rejoice”. (which is still way less creepy than what was written).

Or how it would “prove” what juvenile fangirls we all are if we said “why would Hook be killed off permanently, he’s handsome!” Or closer yet, why did Colin have to die in Storage 24, he’s sooooo cute!!!

(though for the record, I wanted everyone, including Colin’s character, Mark, very dead in that movie. Cause it seriously blew chucks)


            just keep in touch. ( i should’ve said goodbye. ) consider this her attempt to keep in touch — doesn’t skip out on her for over a year. no calls. no emails. no goodbye or see you later. just estranged silence and the noting of tan-lines and a naked absence of piercings that stud her lips and nose. with a hat hooked over her head, and a smoked cigarette butt flicked into a nearby puddle and pressed down with the toe of her boot, she heads to lundagatan. up the stairs. knocks twice.

                               ‘  are you busy?  ’     are you alone? is a more apt question. and one she holds beneath her breath, tucking balled hands into the pockets of her jacket.


I was tagged by @msashleymich to list 6 films I can always watch. I’m late in doing this but I saved this for later because it looked like fun. Thank you!

This was kinda hard because it’s hard to limit it to only six. I’m known to watch movies over and over an over again and I have A LOT OF faves. So these are pretty random picks out of a long list in my head.

1. Hook - omg my childhood. Robin Williams! Do you guys remember that food fight scene *puts hand over heart and sighs nostalgically*.

2. Princess Mononoke - or any of Miyazaki’s creations tbh. But San is such a wonderful and empowering character!

3. The Village - I’ve said it before but Ivy and Lucius… their love knows no bounds. i also find it beautifully poetic with a magnificently emotional soundtrack!

4. Imaginary Heroes - not sure why I watch this over and over. It’s about suicide, bullying, domestic abuse (physical and psychological) but with a very sweet humor and heart. Also it has Sigourney Weaver and I love her.

5. The Fountain - this one is hard to explain but omg it’s amazing. It’s a bit hard to understand at first, because it’s like three different story lines, but with every rewatch I get a little bit more out of it. It’s about life and death (accepting death). Very spiritual in a sense as well. Amazing score to boot.

6. Poltergeist - classic scary movie to top things off. Little Carol Anne is all I want to say about that :)

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here it comes again
fat head, blue lips, burnt eyes
bent and turning, a heavy noise
like hands hooking your head to a fucking motor
you will fall

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Haymitch let her get up first and then got to his feet as well. The whole new ordeal had taken his toll on his body and he felt how exhausted his body was. Not to add to her fears about him, he decided to be honest. "Eff, I'll need your support upstairs. You can do it? Or just give me the damn walking stick..." Haymitch felt so bad for needing her in this moment, when she was the one who needed more help in his eyes.

She shook her head and hooked and arm around his middle, slowly helping him upstairs before disappearing into the bathroom to get changed. Then, she came back and burrowed under the blankets, curling up in a tight ball.