hooks not hands


Couples Poses Meme, Moana Edition!~ Moana/Maui fluff <3. Can be read as platonic too if that’s not your jam. (Why is B1 so popular? There’s at least 2 of these requests from all the differerent fandoms)

A Day In Disney’s Secret “Gay Subtext Department”

Kenny Ortega: Traitors!  Fiends!  Does no one understand the art?  *swishes his enormous black cape and storms off to his office, slamming the door behind him*

Gay Subtext Department Employee 1: What happened?

Gay Subtext Department Employee 2: The higher-ups told him he had to give Carlos a heterosexual love interest in Descendants 2.

GSD Employee 1: Oh no!  Should we go talk to him?

GSD Employee 2: No, Alice.  Leave him.  This is how his genius works.  His greatest art is born…from suffering.

*several days later*

Kenny Ortega, finally exiting his study, clearly having not showered or shaved since he entered*: I have it! A new character.

GSD employees: *gather around him*

Kenny Ortega: His name…is Harry Hook.  He will have…a bad accent.  He will wear…eyeliner.  

GSD employees: *nod eagerly, younger ones furiously take notes*

Kenny Ortega: And he will kidnap Ben…tie him to a pole…and stroke Ben’s cheek…with his hook

GSD employees: *stand up and applaud, tears streaming down their faces*