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Faction Logic in Fallout 4

Faction: Finally, we’ve infiltrated the Institute! Time to blow this shit up!

SS: But … this place is incredible. It might truly be mankind’s last hope.

Faction: This place has terrorized the Commonwealth for years! We’re blowin’ it up!

SS: But Father’s dead. The people have already surrendered. Some of them have even evacuated.

Faction: Time’s a wastin’! Gotta blow it up!

SS: But there are some pretty good people here. Not everyone is like Father. Very few of them, in fact. Maybe we can learn to put aside our differences and work together for the betterment of mankind.

Faction: I’m hookin’ up the bomb!

SS: There are animals in here, too. Plants and food substitutes. Purified water. Farms and heat lamps. There’s also a lab where scientists were studying the FEV virus. Maybe we can find a way to reverse it. Forever.

Faction: Tick-tock, tick-tock.

SS: Hmm, what this? Says on this terminal that they were working on a cure for cancer, and the results were promising. It looks like they’ve almost cracked the code on–

Faction: BLOW IT UP!!!!

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Dating Steve headcon?

yessss i gotchu! thanks for requesting!! - (sorry these are kinda long i got slightly carried away)
(also i know i have a few requests long overdue and im working on them but it’s been a lil tough juggling school)
(thank u sm for bein patient ily <3)


dating steve hcs

  • b prepared for loving insults and/or #roastingsessions
  • butt touching!!! let’s b real…he’s always grabbin ur ass
    • like he’ll stick his hand in ur back pocket aT THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE TIMES
    • like “steve what R U DOIN”
    • “gettin the lint outta ur back pocket, duh” or something like
    • “ur butt looked cold”
  • he is always pickin you up to move u out of the way
    • “cmon you’re in the way" 
    • “steve i don’t wanna move rn" 
    • “fine have it ur way” - and he’ll literally pick u up and then put u down where you’re not in the way
  • he’s always hookin u up with chocolate cake when Aunt Flo is visitin (u feel me?)
    • you’re lucky he loves u enough to go and share his cake w u
    • car  s e x!!!
  • he’s always tryin to teach u about cars and car talk w u
    • he actually teaches u how to replace ur brake pads and how to jump start a car w a dead battery
  • car rides = his hand on ur thigh
    • like always
    • so often that when soda is in the car w him he forgets and puts his hand on sodas thigh by accident
    • “listen man I get ur in love or whatever but can we please talk about something else”
    • “cmon i didn’t finish my story, so we were-”
    • “and I’m getting to the interesting part so listen”
  • he’s literally the heaviest fucking sleeper so when u cuddle and he falls asleep have fun being slept on by a fucking rock
  • he’ll purposely slam the brakes while ur eating or drinking something in his car and then he’ll lowkey get upset u spilled whatever u were holding
    • “what dO U WANT ME TO DO”
  • he is the mESSIEST EATER omG
    • and u gotta remind him to wipe his face or hands or soMETHING
    • and then he’ll wipe it half-assed and miss the spot completely
    • so u gotta wipe it urself
  • he’s always threatening every guy who looks @ u too long
    • he actually almost beat up pony bc he was probably staring at  something u had on ur face or shirt
    • “hey what do u THINK UR DOIN KID”
    • “steve she has grease on her face”
    • “sO WHAT”
  • omg steve literally always wanting ur attention
    • u could be talking to almost anyone and he’ll hold u from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist
    • “it’s been forever since i’ve seen u”
    • “steve i was at ur house last night”
    • “exactly” “long time no see”

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how does shiro tell the gang that he's with ulaz. did they know he n ulaz were hookin up earlier? (or did uliro wait til they were Something before putting out?) or did the kids already know cause Ulaz spends half his time petting shiro and making heart eyes at him and Shiros black clothes have been covered in purple hair for weeks now

Honestly Shiro wants to keep it low-key but Ulaz does not have a subtle bone in his body and has 0 understanding of what humans see as mating rituals. For his part, he didn’t think that scenting Shiro by rubbing his face against his throat was a big deal, but apparently it was because Lance made a strange choking sound and Shiro turned a particularly unattractive shade of red.

“Are you okay?” Ulaz asks him, and Shiro opens his mouth, and then closes it. “Have I done something wrong?”

“No, you’re uh– you’re fine.” His white tuft of hair is mussed, and Ulaz reaches out to fix it, but apparently he’s done something wrong again because Shiro’s flush deepens. He withdraws his hand. There’s a hideously awkward moment of silence as everyone in the room registers the series of events that just took place.

“I can’t decide if this is cute or terrible.” Lance muses, and Keith snorts.

Hunk, to his credit, is smiling gently at both of them. “C’mon, guys.” He says, getting up from the table and gathering his datapad in his arms. “Let’s give them some privacy.”

The rest of the Paladins file out after him, with Pidge only grumbling slightly about having to stop her work. Ulaz watches them go, then looks back at Shiro.

“I did something wrong.” He states, now absolutely sure of it.

“Well, uh. Humans don’t really scent. That kind of touching is pretty intimate.”

Oh. “I have exposed us.”

Shiro shrugs, and offers a shy smile. “They had to find out eventually.”

“I apologize.”

“I don’t mind.” Shiro steps into Ulaz’s space, pressing against his chest. “You can finish, if you want.” He’s smiling again, although more mischievously this time.

Ulaz smiles back, and dips his head down to nuzzle at Shiro’s throat.

Chapter 223: "Bewildered Lovers" Review (Long)

Oh shit. This chapter though.
Honestly, probably one of my favorite chapters of all time. Just everything was perfect. It had a little bit of everyone.

Let’s start from the beginning: Girl time! I love it! The Elizabeth, Diane, Elaine trio is adorable. I LOVE THEM. I love when they talk about boys and stuff, ugh Elaine is just so cute. “What does she mean by fooling around?” ADORABLE. And Diane is such an amazing friend. She’s so supportive of her friends, as you can see especially with Elizabeth and Gowther.

Moving on, the little moment with Escanor thinking about Merlin and Merlin thinking about Arthur had me like crying a bit. (That’s where the tears began but didn’t end)

But then it all got okay (for a moment) with the cute little King and Helbram scene! Did anyone else notice “Hookin’ it up”? HOOKIN’ IT UP. I think we all know what that means…. (they did the do) and I’m screaming. ;)

Of course all of that fangirl heart fluttering disappears with that heart wrenching moment when Meliodas tries to tell Ban that he knows what he’s going through, because he has seen the woman he loves die over and over again too. And the hell basically breaks loose, Elizabeth starts going batshit, her eyes become all goddessy and shit. We all sob (and shit our pants) as Meliodas tells everyone that Elizabeth is going to die in three days. (Merlin acting sus bc she has a past with Meliodas, also bc Elizabeth basically reveals that Merlin can control her own appearance. “I almost didn’t recognize you looking so young!”) I cried, you cried, everyone cried.

In the end, I was both surprised and delighted with this chapter. As I said before, it’s one of my favorite in the series. And there’s so much hype for next week. (We gonna learn about the cuuuurse!)

some fire emblem sketches! I actually don’t know if I want to romance Chrom… but so far, I would bet that MU has a crush on him

ft. Lissa and big bodyguard Frederick, and Sully and Stahl

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I was tagged by @blumiin thank you!!!!!! I really wanted to do a tag recently and you sent me one like the angel you are 💫💘💓

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1. Name: Saffron

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9. Favourite book: Forreal idek its been like years since I completed a book! i’m a disgrace! 

10. Favourite flower: Sunflowers🌻

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13. Favorite animal: Pigs, cows, doggos, rodents, chickens🐷🐄🐶🐭🐔 [how could i pick?!]

14. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Coffee

15. Cats or dogs: Dogs

16. Favourite fictional character: Norman Bates 

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I've said it before, but this is my favorite fic blog, even with FY!exofics :) You're the only blog I have notifications turned on for!You were my first fic blog I ever followed and you've never let me down! I need your assistance! I need an actual avalanche of Chenyeol fics of all shapes, sizes, lengths, genres, and ratings (but no character death or sad endings pls!) I'm on the Chenyeol feels train, lmao. Thank you dear. <3

*cries* you’re my most special follower :’D

I know you’ve read some of these *winks*, but I’ll include them to the list for others to see.  ☀ means “must read”

054 | drabble | NC-17| pwp, orgasm denial

A Thimble to Drown In | oneshot 3K | NC-17 | college, frat au | No one told Jongdae that his new big brother would be the best and worst part of pledging.

aromatherapy | oneshot | NC-17 | +Yifan, polyamory, a/b/o, heat sex | For the first time in years, Jongdae has not one, but two alphas vying for his attentions. How is he ever going to chose?

collar me surprised | oneshot 2.3K |  PG-13 | fluff | it’s pretty ruff to have your best friend suddenly grow distant from you, so jongdae gets to the bottom of the tail. 

Drunk and Fuck | oneshot 10K | NC-17 | angst, love hate, hate sex | Chanyeol has never forgiven Jongdae for Baekhyun’s death eight years ago. Eight years later, they meet again; drunk and angry, they fuck.

Enemies Beware | 5 chapters, 30K | NC-17 | vampire au, wolf au, forbidden love | The war between wolves and vampires has raged on for centuries. Chanyeol, the Lead Alpha of his pack, has no idea what caused it, only that the vampires are his enemy… Until one night when he runs into a vampire that he can’t seem to get out of his head.

Exodus | 13 chapters | NC-17 | Egyptologist AU , ancient egypt au |  Chanyeol uncovers the archaeological find of a lifetime, but it isn’t until he brings it back to New York that things start to get strange.

Fallen Under Your Spell | oneshot | NC-17 | highschool au, a/b/o, heat sex |  With another new school comes a whole new set of problems.

Friday I’m in love |oneshot 15K | NC-17 | asexual character, trans character |  “Tall girls.” Jongdae handles the words carefully, knowing that was Chanyeol getting as close to the point as they can. 

Happily Never After | oneshot 2.5K | PG | Jongdae doesn’t believe in fairy tales.

hookin’ up | drabble | NC-17 | femslash, public sex | jongdae’s not really sure how she ended up at a mediocre frat party making out with the hottest girl she’s ever laid eyes on.  

Hot for teacher | twoshot | PG-13 | teachers au | Chanyeol is used to being the cool teacher, until an other teacher arrives and threatens to steal his position and maybe his heart.

Ice Bucket Challenge | oneshot | NC-17 | canon, friends to lovers, pwp | Chanyeol asks Jongdae to film him doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I Give You More, You Feelin’ the Flow | oneshot 2K | NC-17 | pwp | Jongdae had fallen in love with that tongue, those lips, those teeth, that excruciatingly wrecked moan long before he’d learned to love the boy attached to them (aka in which pcy begs to eat kjd out) 

it’s you i see | oneshot | PG-13 | hogwarts au, humor |  And Jongdae will be like, ‘Oh I keep seeing you everywhere,’ and realize that he is in love with me!

love beats power | oneshot | PG-13 | vampire au | As a halfvampire, Jongdae hypnotizes whoever he wanted for fun however he can’t seem to hypnotize this particular human.

Officer, Please | oneshot | NC-17 | pwp, dub-con, police power abuse Chanyeol learns how to get out of a parking ticket. 

Only for you | oneshot | NC-17 | a/b/o | Jongdae is an Omega who hates Alphas.  

Park “Pussy Smasher” Chanyeol  | oneshot | NC-17 | college au, humor |  Chanyeol thinks Jongdae is a bottom bitch. Jongdae (eventually) (begrudgingly) agrees. 

rightful place | oneshot 6K | PG | hogwarts au, friends to lovers | Chanyeol meets Jongdae on the Hogwarts Express during their first year at school and hit it off straight away. Tragedy strikes when Chanyeol gets sorted in Gryffindor and Jongdae in Slytherin; forcing the new best friends into rival Houses. 

Starting Fires | oneshot 9K | NC-17 | a/b/o, mates | Jongdae starts a new job and gets more than he bargained for. 

untitled | drabble | NC-17 | pwp, make up sex | Chanyeol didn’t do the one thing Jongdae asked. 

untitled | oneshot | NC-17 | girl!Chanyeol | If for Christmas Chanyeol buys a lingerie number with Baekhyun (who also gets one for himself/herself to surprise Kyungsoo with) for her/his boyfriend(s). 

Waxing Crescent Moon (for the pack) | oneshot 3K | NC-17 | wolf!au, wolf/human relationship | Jongdae isn’t pack, but Chanyeol won’t let that stop him from thinking with his heart. 

Words I Can’t Say | oneshot | PG | fluff, friends to lovers | Chanyeol isn’t good with words.

x + y = imprinting | oneshot 3.3K | NC-17 | a/b/o, love-hate | Really, it should be illegal to smell that good. Stupid city wolf.

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Who's mickey?

“Mickey… Oh God, he better not be the father, please don’t let him be the father.. I love him, yeah, but what we had was more for convenience and comfort over anythin’.. I mean, if he loved me then he would have made his moves a few years back, right?”

“Mickey was my go to guy since I was fifteen. I knew him since I went to my first meeting.. He had my back, he was my wingman, my side dish.. We kept hookin’ up, humpin’ like squirrels in spring, right until a week before Nevermore wanted to start being exclusive and serious.”

“In one night, Nevermore asked me to be his girlfriend, we had sex up stairs in the private office and then the next day we’re moving in together!! So it’s all down to this DNA test… And I thought talking to my dad would give me a heart attack.”

“No.. The possibility of Nevermore, the love of my life, my best friend.. Walking out on me… That..That’s scarier..”

Do you ever stop and think about how other hunters would react to certain ships being canon?
“So Bill, you get your invitation to Bobby’s wedding?”
“Yeah. Does this make him queen of Hell?”
“I’m not sure. I mean nothin changed for Sam when he started hookin up with the archangel.”
“Yeah but his brother had been shackin with his own angel for a while before that so it was pretty much a norm.”

Breaking Bee

Jesse entered the RV, the New Mexico heat blazing down outside leaving a trace of sweat on his grimy forehead. Walter was already inside, busying himself with the equipment. If he didn’t say anything now, he might miss his chance.”

“Yo, Mr. White, can we like…..talk? Or something?”

“Not now, Jesse.” Walter replied sternly. “Now come over here and help me. We’re behind as it is.”

“Bee-hind? What is that another pun?”

“No, Jesse! Not everything is a pun!”

“Well it is with him.”

Without a moment’s notice a buzzing sound was heard entering the RV. Jesse stared in disgust as their new partner, Barry B Benson, landed on the counter with the equipment and gave a short wave.

“Hey fellas! So! What’s the sitch? I use sitch of course as a shortened form of the word situation, but of course by taking the time to explain it i’ve really….just sort of dragged things out longer than it would have been had I just used the full word to begin with.”

Jesse heaved a heavy sigh and wiped his face with his hand. “Look why the hell you always gotta do that?”

“Do what?”


“Jesse!” Walter uttered in a warning tone, the blue honey formula dripping off his gloves.

“Well see” Barry began “We don’t actually HOOK UP with the flowers as that would be implying we’re dating them and try explaining THAT ONE to your parents, I mean am I right? They get pretty buzzed, let me tell you!”

Jesse grabbed a fly swatter and immediately began trying to hit Barry B Benson with every ounce of strength yelling “UNFUNNY BEE BITCH”

Walter seized Jesse’s arms and held him back.

“I won’t do it, Mr. White! I don’t care how good his product is! I am not working with this guy! This…this….I mean what the hell!”

“Jesse!” Walter yelled before calming himself down and regaining control. He stared Jesse dead in the eyes. “Jesse you have to understand.” He raised both his hands next to his face making dramatic motions to emphasize his point. “It’s time we started thinking bee