D: “–guess you’ve grown on me a bit.”

                H: “Well, I tend to have that effect on people.”

  • Snow: We're honouring Neal by naming our son after him.
  • Emma: I honour Neal by keeping reminders, like the keychain and the yellow bug and this photo.
  • Killian: I honour Neal by telling his son about him and teaching him to sail just like I once taught Neal, long ago.
  • Rumple: I'll honour Neal by becoming a better man and here's how. I'm going to try to kill the mother of his child and make his friend my puppet for a while before killing him. Then I'll free myself from the dagger, gather all the power in the world and rule supreme as overlord of all the realm, using magic. That's what Bae would have wanted.
  • Everyone:
  • Neal: I am going to turn in my grave so hard you can use me as a turbine in the next power outage.