• Snow:We're honouring Neal by naming our son after him.
  • Emma:I honour Neal by keeping reminders, like the keychain and the yellow bug and this photo.
  • Killian:I honour Neal by telling his son about him and teaching him to sail just like I once taught Neal, long ago.
  • Rumple:I'll honour Neal by becoming a better man and here's how. I'm going to try to kill the mother of his child and make his friend my puppet for a while before killing him. Then I'll free myself from the dagger, gather all the power in the world and rule supreme as overlord of all the realm, using magic. That's what Bae would have wanted.
  • Everyone:
  • Neal:I am going to turn in my grave so hard you can use me as a turbine in the next power outage.

D: “–guess you’ve grown on me a bit.”

                H: “Well, I tend to have that effect on people.”


So earlier today Once Upon A Time Fans posted the above interview with Jamie Chung about Mulan being gay. Now before I go anywhere with this let me just say yes I know most of these are mild comments. When it first posted there were a lot more nasty comments but when I went back through to get them it looked like they had been deleted. So I went through and picked the ones that caught my eye. Some are just as simple as “eww.” or “I don’t like that” but let me explain that even the smallest homophobic comments are STILL homophobic. 

One of my favorites is by Mary (and no I will not block out names) quote “Seems like now a days, a TV show can’t be a show without a homosexual relation. Not that I mind because I have gay friends and such, but I don’t see the need to have homosexuality in ever show. Just my opinion.” And you know what? She has every right to that opinion but it’s still has homophobic undertones. It clearly bothers her that there are gays popping up in all the shows (WHICH NOT IS NOT REALLY HAPPENING) other wise she would not have posted this comment. They are attempting to put more gays in television because guess what there are gays in real life, Some, if not most, are queerbating but coming from a lesbian it is nice to see homosexual characters on television. My other favorite thing is how it doesn’t bother her because she has “gay friends and such” sounds a lot like what racist people say “I’M NOT RACIST I HAVE BLACK FRIENDS!” good for you. 

Next on my list of really? is Edward! COME ON DOWN EDWARD! “This was a dumb move by the writers. This is a fantasy show for entertainment. Bringing up the gay topic makes this a social/political statement. If I wanted to see this I would of turned on Fox or MSNBC. I was irked and disappointed in the show, writers, and producers.” Well Edward you are gonna learn today. *clears throat* Dearest Edward I am not a gay topic, I am a homosexual. And, to your dislike, are homosexuals among you. They walk past you on the street and the money you have touched has most likely been touched by a gay. Mulan had a one minute scene about her love for Aurora that is not a social/political statement it is a human statement. Mulan did not going marching through the streets of the Enchanted Forest screams “GAY RIGHTS NOW FOR MAGICAL BEINGS AND CREATURES A LIKE!” She was merely going to tell the woman she loved that she had fallen for her. Again that is not a gay topic that is a human topic.

Gabriele please explain to me how introducing ONE gay character is going to COMPLETELY ruin this show whose ratings have gotten so bad before this anyway

Krystal go watching something else I heard Fox News is right up your ally :)

Ahh Mira it’s your turn. Mira says “I think what bothers me the most is not the interjection of gay characters (squints eyes suspiciously), honestly I could care less (squints harder), but the fact there has to be a huge deal about the gay character. Seriously, if you want to be treated the same, STOP LOOKING FOR FREAKING HANDOUTS.” Ahh and there is its I thought I saw the waves of homophobia about to come crashing down with the start of a polite tone of “I don’t mind” or “I don’t really care but-” Mira, sweetie, having a one minute scene of a gay character is not what I would call a handout in fact I kinda call it a slap in the face. “Here’s your gay character queers. You got a few seconds of her about to say she loves another chick happy fucking pride week” I want gay characters in a show because it is someone I can relate to in my life just like I’m sure you like having homophobic republicans in yours.

Nikki stated “I am shocked and so disapointed. This is a family show. Keep it family friendly.” Yes because all those times we saw people being killed or all the hetero love making (not technically love scenes but still) was TOTALLY family friendly. Not to mention are you saying we homosexuals do not know what family is? OOOOOHHHH that’s right! We pray on young children and turn happy housewives into full blown carpet munchers! WE DON’T KNOW WHAT FAMILY IS HOW COULD WE SINCE SO MANY OF US WERE KICKED THE FUCK OUT OF OUR OWN FAMILIES FOR BEING GAY! FAMILY LOVE WHAT IS THAT?! Lady get over yourself according to several studies we actually make better families for children. OUR relationships technically last long. OUR children statistically turn out better than children raised in heterosexual homes. Not to mention all those kids who are in the foster system WHO WERE ABANDONED BY STRAIGHT PEOPLE!

Look I could go on forever with this post but the whole reason I made it is because it feels that outside the gay ships of Once Upon A Time no one believes that homophobia exist in this fandom. Well here you go, Here’s some proof. We aren’t making it up. We aren’t whining about it. These are hurtful comments no matter how small or how hard many of these people attempted to say it politely. You have a right to your own opinion but you do NOT have the right to speak hate and this what hate is.