D: “–guess you’ve grown on me a bit.”

                H: “Well, I tend to have that effect on people.”


For the anonymous who prompted BROMANTIC Hookfire: AU, in which Neal and Killian are best friends AND roommates–basically brothers. Killian loves the guy to death, but sometimes Neal’s excruciating focus on the minutae of minor daily aggravations can be exhausting. Today’s episode: the “dickwad landlord”.

[Of course, if you’d rather interpret this as “Killian’s boyfriend is neurotic”, than that is also fine–I’m just responding to the prompts as inspiration strikes :D)

Killian doing some mock sword fighting with Henry hits me on so many levels because one of the reasons Captain Cobra is so beautiful too me is because of how it connects to Baelfire. Killian is a link for Henry to his father. Killian knows things about Neal that Emma and Rumple don’t, he had a different relationship with him and I have zero doubt that Bae and Hook used to spar or mock sword fight. I don’t think Killian gave Neal all of his sword fighting training he probably picked the basics up other places. We know that after Rumple became the Dark One nobody would spar with Bae for fear of hurting him and becoming escargot. And we know that Hook gave him a cutlass and that Bae felt confident enough with it to challenge Hook directly when he discovered who he was. 

So imagine this brave kid who wasn’t allowed to get a skinned knee around his father being presented with a cutlass because he was a pirate and expected to defend himself. And then imagine Hook patiently teaching him and smiling proudly as Bae perfected a move. And imagine how for all these years those memories have been tainted by the betrayal that followed. Every time Killian thought of them he was reminded of just how low he sunk for his revenge. But now those painful memories can bring happiness once again because they can help Henry connect with his father. Help him discover the parts of him that are also a part of his dad. But at the same time Killian gets to make up, in a small way, for abandoning Bae. He gets to make sure that Bae’s son isn’t abandoned and that he knows about his father. 

And that’s what is so beautiful because Killian is a link for Henry but Henry is also a link for Killian.

firstmatebaelfire  asked:

you know fate put bae on killian's ship,just like fate put emma on regina's doorstep. it was meant to be.

I agree.

Honestly, it was that single episode (And Straight On Til Morning) that made me realize how much potential Killian Jones had as a character. And it also made me realize how fascinating the character of Baelfire is. And their connection was definitely a highlight of the season for me.

It’s tragic but so well written

firstmatebaelfire  asked:

hookfire should have reunited and reconciled during neverland. then after reunited swan queen with their son,either stay in storybrooke or go back to neverland.

We’ve talked before about this, haven’t we? Because I remember having a similar conversation…

I quite liked the reconciliation in Quiet Minds but, I would have liked to have known more about their relationship.