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One minute she had been fighting with something close to zombies, the other something had hit her head and she had awaken somewhere on the ground with a smug Cora there to piss her off. Of course Emma had managed to irritate the witch even more, and Cora had thrown her against a wall.

This time, when she woke up, there was a blinding light and pain in the chest to make her company; when the light disappeared and she could see again, her heart jumped in her chest, hurting much more than she had expected, because Hook was in the room. “What… what the hell was that? What’s going on?” And why did her chest still hurt so much? 

Four years ago, I started my blog for Harmony. I was first called The-Cyber-Soldier and Harmony was not as developed as she is today.  I’m shocked that I got this far. Four years, 658 followers, and the countless memories I have here.

I owe it to all of you. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have been here for this long. This blog and the people I met here helped me stay sane when everything in my life changed. Frequent moves, transfer from one school to another, and the chaos that follows kept me on the edge, but rp and my friends on Tumblr helped me find some stability.  You all helped me in becoming a better writer and even a better person. 

I apologize for my inactivity. I should have more free time to write with all of you after Tuesday when I finish my capstone.

I can’t thank you all enough. I have included everyone I want to give special acknowledgement to for you have been there with me since day one. 

Thank you so much and I hope there will be more memories and friends to make. 

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I guess I just got bored again and wanted to do a follow forever again, so here we go. Have fun. I might have forgotten someone and if I did, I feel very sorry and apologize in advance for that. Also, no need to thank hate me for that wonderful wonderful header, I know it’s awesome cruel.

little disclaimer: the clouds will be in every follow forever I made because clouds are cool and I’d love to touch a cloud just once (I know it’s not possible please don’t ruin my child dream)




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            This. is. wild. I just made a 300-something list like five or so days ago and i’m already at this unbelievable number. I can’t stress enough how happy you guys make me. Writing is my life; it’s pretty much the only thing I’m good at, so being here means a lot to me. I have so much to say to so many people and so much love to give to the force awakens community for how brave and kind they’ve been to each other. It makes me really proud to call it my home.

                                             you are all gems. i love you so very much.
                                             thank you for everything.           xx amy

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Wow. That is all I can say at this very moment. 

When I started this blog a year ago, I did not fully anticipate how well received this blog would be among the Star Wars community. What started out as a joke to make such a blog to be then pressured by one of my Senpais to actually make it, has now become a journey that I am very proud to have embarked upon. I am so thankful to have made this blog and even more thankful and blessed by those who have come across the galaxy to experience the power of the Dark Side. 

Without you all, this blog would not be here, nor would I have reached 500+ followers!


If you are not following any of these blogs at the moment, then you must reconsider your priorities! Each of those listed here are the ones that have gained my neverending respect, unconditional love, and endless admiration. Every person here is an incredibly talented writer, that have such passion and creativity that makes their work stand out above the rest, from portrayal to composition. Or, I find them to be absolutely incredible and I’m just too shy to approach because of their legendary status. Originally, this bias list was going to incorporate all the names of those on the Senpai list, giving a paragraph that expressed how much I love their writing and why I view them as such high quality. Without them, this fandom and my friendship would be a lot less lonely. Mandatory follow for all! 

@allonsyalone // @asajjvventress // @astrodrxid // @consvltant // @exspiravitae // @fulfillourdestiiny // @galaxyslasthope // @herowithmuchfear // @imnotanightlight // @imperiallady // @khagaan // @landspeeding // @mischixvous // @mjxlnxr // @ncgotiator // @ofjxdgement // @ofxsnips // @rcguecne // @reyofsands // @ruthless-gorilla // @silfursvik // @the-brilliant-loser // @txssxract // @tyranusss (+ all of your various blogs!) // @youwishyouhadmyprettyass


Every partner listed under this category are the ones that I have the wonderful opportunity to interact with, even if it is only a few responses. I know I have not been kind in responding very quickly but I always reassure that every thread I have is still precious and I look forward to wherever our threads/plots and imaginations take us. Not only are these muns very talented in their writing, but each of them are very sweet and wonderful to talk to. Here’s to our threads and many, many more!

@acerbique // @aldreaoakley // @arahxnt // @armahumanum // @artoooie // @anierous-sunblade // @beautifulkindbutsad // @brokenskywalker // @burningxcourage // @camandstella // @chaoticsovereign // @ersatzambassador // @fineknight // @fortriiumph // @giithany // @glacies-tempestatem // @heirofkallig // @ifeelitagain // @kaleeshcyborg // @ladyofcsilla // @likehisfather // @likemyfatherbeforeme // @lilfavourxwallace // @magicalximagination // @mahiaemerga // @nervousmando // @ofscavengiing // @pennybraddock // @phoeona // @rxnkylo // @snippylittletano // @vuhlkansu // @withthundcrousapplause // @wrongfuse // @wyndel-legion // @xofstardust


Here are all the roleplayers I have not yet interacted with, either because I have just recently begun to follow you (or you follow me) or I see you interact with my mutuals and I just admire you from afar. I am typically a shy potato, hence why I do not always do starter calls, send sudden starters or do greeters. But that does not mean that I do not want to interact. I am always open to more partners (although I must warn you now I can be a bit (a lot) slow,  but that does not mean I do not want to interact). I am looking forward to meeting you all and talking with you about potential threads and plots. Henceforth, I shall state that any blog here that wishes to message me via ask/fanmail/IM here on Tumblr, you may do so! 

@accusediisms // @agressivexnegotiations // @alderaanianbraids // @almosthxman // @anakin-solo // @astrcphysics // @barcelxna // @betteroffdeadpool // @blonde-in-the-cockpit // @boyofsandyplanet // @caecisms // @childxftheforce // @classifiedxrey // @corrupted-khadgar // @cxldtruth // @cxptxineclipse // @darthsided // @darkfxther // @dontneedeyestoseeyou // @drawnxtolight // @exilcdqueen // @empireswrath // @faithindiplomacy // @fearattractsthefearful // @feelxdontthink // @fettisms // @fiery-jedi-apprentice // @firstorderallegiance // @flxbber // @forcefound // @forcesensitivescavenger // @forcewound // @fxsto // @galactiichope // @gnrlorgna // @goddamndeadpool // @greatxpower // @gunslingxr // @hera-in-the-ghost // @hookedpirate // @how-liberty-dies // @iimmunetothelight // @iisgrace // @imperialinquisitor // @inquixotic // @jamesfactscalvin // @jangcfett // @jediandsith // @jxstascavenger // @kader-ren // @kenobic // @ladyvictoriatheevilgenius // @legendsinthegalaxy // @lightsabered // @liibcrty // @likesnicemen // @luroonic // @lonelyscavenger // @malekxth // @mangledchaos // @maskedterror // @mischiefsonlydaughter // @negctiating // @neverjoinyou // @nolongeranumber // @noprincessoftatooine // @notjustascavenger // @notmannotmachinebutmore // @ofgalacticangcls // @onewxththeforce // @orendxs // @ourleaderthemxckingjay // @paxjinn // @poedamerxn // @protectornoctis // @pxdme // @queencfthestars // @raisedhim // @rcguish // @red-fire-jedi // @rebellioustraitor // @rebelpilotpoe // @reignitedhope // @resoluteadmiral // @riightiintwo // @reyiisms // @sanitaticn // @savior-of-humanity // @scteleshan // @shadowoflothal // @smaugiiisms // @smxgglersistxr // @spectrextwo // @stcrmother // @stxrkxllxr // @successxr // @sunderedforce // @swordofthejedijaina // @sxthling // @thealwaysrunning // @theblondexpadawan // @the-corvscant-skywalkrr // @the-female-jedi // @thefirstjeditoactonlove // @theforceismyown // @theforceistoobig // @thehotterwinchester // @theknightsofkyloren // @thelastjediguardian // @thelcstprincess // @theluckydoctor // @thexfirstxstar // @tiexpilot // @traitorxfinn // @urenogoodtomedead // @what-truepower-is // @willnotstandby // @xbb8x // @xheartofstars // @youneedapiilot

All in all, thank you all so very much for making this milestone happen and for being the most wonderful partners (or soon to be partners) around!! If I have forgotten anyone, I do deeply apologize and know I did not mean to do it intentionally!! I love you all so very much and look forward to my next great milestone!! 

May the Force be with you!

~ Valestra

I have never done this before don’t blame me if it’s bad omfg

Anyway! I always usually follow back, and I really do love all of you, you’re all amazing people!

I don’t usually unfollow unless you’ve been mean to me or a friend of mine too, so I put everyone here!

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           I’ve had this shitty blog for a year now, and it all wouldn’t have been possible without you guys sticking by me for so long. So many of you have been here forever, and I appreciate the support you have given me throughout 2015. And here’s a special shout out to @kniivesandlint, thank you so much ty for accepting me back when I first made this blog, you’re the joker to my batman !!! <3

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If I ever thought I was going to hit this many people to actually go and enjoy a blog I’ve made, enjoyed the portrayal I do, meet so many of you, and for so many of you to stick around for so long – Oh God, I can’t even tell you how much that makes me feel better knowing over this year and a half (or more now I think), I’m still happy to be on this blog and enjoying myself on Rose and am still seriously overwhelmed with the people I’ve been able to sway from the popular opinions of Rose and I’ve made a lot of people actually start to defend her. I don’t think it’s ever going to sink in about just about many of you are still here, but I can’t thank you enough. – And now to the juicy stuff you all look at.

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Have this shitty edit that isn’t Christmassy because I’m lazy as fuck and don’t have the patience but this is not the point of what this post is about. This post is about YOU. The people who have made my experience on here such a wonderful one and without you guys I wouldn’t get to develop a character I love with all my heart and soul. As this year comes to a close I want you guys to have the best holiday season and a wonderful new year. Keep strong. I love you guys so much. Whether we have interacted or not I wish you all the best in 2016!

 xoxoxo – Gwen & Katrina

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Because I’m close to another milestone and more importantly because it’s Christmas, I wanted to wish you ALL happy holidays. It’s supposed to be a time where we should relax, enjoy our time with our loved ones. I hope you all have someone to spend these days with and if not, you always have me! I want to thank those who encourage me to keep going, no matter how often we talk or interact. I had and have some rough times but it means a lot that I can come here and be welcomed by so many. This goes to all followers, mutual or not, THANK YOU !! I have a habit of forgetting people, even though I try so hard not to so please don’t take it the wrong way if I forget you. I always worry people might think this way but it’s not true. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year !!

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Thank you–

Thank you to everyone who is here. Thank you to everyone who is following me, who has followed me from the start of this blog, and for those who have only just recently followed me.

Thank you–

You all make being on this website so fantastic and wonderful and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I just wanted to tell you all, that no matter how often or little we rp, I appreciate you being here, I appreciate your interest in my little Star.

Now– please, brace yourself guys, this is going to get long.

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           I made this blog almost a year ago, and it was completely out of whim, and boredom. I’ve always loved Batman, and I had tried countless time before to write as him, but I always gave up after awhile. And here I am, and I wouldn’t have kept Bruce this long without all the support you guys have given me, every single one of you. Thank you for putting up with me, and sticking by me for so long.

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* You felt like you were going to have a date time.

* You meme-loving fucks.

{Wow! This is only going on my third week and there’s nearly 500 of you guys! Thank you so much! As appreciation, here’s a list of everyone that I know/not know and love!

People that I have talked to and made a very warm welcome for me here in the Undertale fandom here on Tumblr. A.K.A. The one who gave me a bad time.

* You felt your sins crawling on your back.

@thepacifrisk, @asterxles, @saviorsmercy, @amanticordi, @svplexing, @monsterkidx, @determinedflow, @chevreamour, @vitaeisms

Next are people I enjoy seeing on my dash, and have (or have a thread going on with them, I just haven’t gotten to it yet) interacted with or I just enjoy seeing them on my dashboard in general!

* if you keep going on this path, you’re gonna have a bad time.

@dilatcry, @corruptedxsoul, @manlybandannas, @mxrcifulsoul, @nxcecream, @friisktaker, @protvctor, @723summer, @amicusflores, @jokekiing, @ofruiins, @callmeplatonically, @ittybittyfriskybiz, @awkwardalphys, @spageloten, @friskiing, @floweringdetermination, @flowxy, @wanderingdreemurr, @vxllager, @core-of-frisk, @bot-n-blook, @determinationisms, @reset-time-2, @sorrowfuldreemurr, @chiibiya, @cannibal-train, @idealiist, @goldeniiisms, @mxrcygiven, @mxrcifulsoul, @friskiing, @yourfriendandguardian, @mercyborn, @thepxcifist, @awkwardalphys, @dilatcry, @blookiisms, @mettatondotcom, @goatxmom, @hookedpirate, @hiddenbxnes, @leaf-submas, @lilskeletcnpuns, @bxbybones, @lost-dreemur-boy, @kingjxck, @kissycuutie, @mcttatxn, @amalsciens, @roboticsuperstxr, @determinedtoafault, @silcntonc, @underplayer, @paxfacere, @coolspagheleton95, @pxcifisms

If I didn’t put you in here, it just means that there is so many of and it’s hard to keep track of everyone that I love! So, don’t feel bad if you’re not on here. I will probably get to you next time! Art by @ttoba.}

The lame part no one cares about;

This blog turns 6 months today— 3 days after reaching 500 followers. That’s two things I never thought would actually happen.

When this blog was made, it was actually supposed to be a half-personal, half roleplaying thing. I was rather disenchanted with tumblr rping after being done with my previous blog (through no one’s fault but my own), and while I still wanted to write, I didn’t want to put any kind of pressure on myself. Which was a complete bust, since I ended up completely sucked up into the rp world yet again.

Still, I never even imagined this would last longer than maybe a couple of months. The wonderful people I followed and roleplayed with kept me hooked on this blog, kept me from getting bored of it in any possible way. And now there are FIVE HUNDRED of you who consider me worth following— And I honestly have no idea how to express how grateful I am. This is the highest number of followers I’ve ever had, and I’m so glad it happened on this particular blog. This is, without a doubt, the most fun I’ve had roleplaying. Thank you so much for making this experience to amazing <3

The cuties;

This is mostly the people who I’ve had the pleasure to write with or whose threads I’ve gotten lost in during these six months, though I’m sure I’ve forgotten people. For that I apologize (I am a clumsy air head), but I do appreciate all the people I follow and I love seeing all of you around the dash.

adarlingwendy | amant-de-sorciere | arcadianflowers | askifwehaveavocados | banhammered | bartonwithabite | bornxficebythedaggerbytherose | captainamericarogerscaptxnrogerschiefhearted | coronixn | crashcoursing | cretanconsort | deidara-un | devilishly-handsome-hook | dragonmxster | edhelernil | fierykage | finem-dolor | frozencode | gogofast | goldenlocks-greedyhands | goodformed | heavylieshercrxwn | hellsicequeen | honorablepirate | honorablehood | hookedpirate | itsabloodygurljournalofvoices | justadamefrombrooklyn | kingxfmischief | liasoningdeeks | likexrobinhood | littlebelixver | lostdorothy | mabxllxrose | magicksanger | mistressmxleficent | mxternus | nothisshadow | ofalcoholiism | ofbrutaltruth | ofgoodform | pepperthehotmess | petitexitalian | piiratescave | potiiions | primatologist | princessofthunder | rcgalism | redfacsimile | sailstherealms | selfieforscience | snowstoppingme | snxwflakesqueen | sordidsensory | spideyxguy | sureashellaintlost | sworeoffme | theblackfleur | themetallicbird | themillslife | tinkeriisms | tooflless | wexreone | wintryreigns | wonderlandsinners | xvictorvondoom | xwiidow

Thank you and stay awesome :)

I’ve had Percival as a muse in my head since the very beginning of my roleplay days ( going on two years now ) but I never seemed to get around to writing him for a number of reasons.

But I’ve now had Percy for a month now and have found myself annoyed I did not make him sooner.

This is my way of saying my thanks to all who have been here for the short journey. May there be more months to come!


@apurekindness | @kingcenred | @seafaringkingx | @totakeafall

The actual light of my life tbh. Never has there been someone more there for me in the past year or so than you. I lean on you too much I know but you are my dearest friend and I know you’ll do great and amazing things in the future. Ily wife <33

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. - those I’ve been worthy enough of interacting with or knowing from another blog. Ty for making my journey with percival perfect so far!

@strengthism | @ridiriuil | @neckerchiefsofthelivingdead | @daniellecountessofderby | @xdarc | @drunkknightofcamelot | @camelotdestined | @valyrianflame | @littlelakegirl | @fyddar | @albionshope | @hislittlebirdsansastark | @the-immortal-warlock | ​ @stolenyourmiracles | @shicldmaiden | @somethingwrcngwithme | @strawberryprincessofdarkness | @thadevilwearsfur | @regallantry@silivrenel | @viatcr | @hudoliiaeth@feiistres@wildmoored

KNIGHTS OF CAMELOT. - those I’ve been stalking & have yet to scream at to roleplay ;)

@courtphysiician | @brokencondition | @motherofasgard | @noblesirlancelot | @withabxte | @kiilgharrrah | @creatureofmagic | @herunfailingkindness | @pearledpriincess | @rulewithherheart | @asundrop | @ofoath | @bxnevolence | @smaugiiisms | @ofxavalon | @prophesizedking | @disillusionedhumanity | @labellerosedefrance |  @dryxs | @promisedestiny | @fybrenin | @magiicisms | @hwitdraca | @heaven-clarence | @snaremaker | @therealpendragon | @liliesandsnapdragons | @kingofthelannisterpride | @iamtheoneoflight | @arthuria | @consvltant | @nctdeadyet | @youngwarloc | @servinglies | @ofaustriia | @druiidboy | @therightfulqueenofcamelot | @courageofcamelot | @highpriestessnimueh​ @susanthegentlequeen | @nobiscum |  @secretsandheroes | @offreckles | @youareanxdiot |  @rcbotichiro | @xbarcos |  @thewonderingsorceress@torchwoodtrxgedy | @toughgxrl@flamesofesmeralda | @captxinjones | @eleanorhenrikson@strict-uncle@vcughn | @hookedpirate | @eruannaundomiel |  @aeternuslunae@smellsitsevilbreath@iwillplantitwhenireturnhome |  @scottmchungup | @xxdraca | @xheroiina |

    We’re gonna call this the worst graphic ever made in the history of bias list graphics. I would totally make something way nicer, but I’m LAZY, && time really isn’t ever on my side. To have this many people enjoy my portrayal really means the world to me, I never thought I’d get this far with such an under appreciated character. Everyone under the cut are awesome, and I admire most of you from afar. If you’re not on here, don’t freak out, I have the WORST memory ever.

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When I first started this blog I never thought I would ever make it to 100 followers, let alone 2K. That’s ridiculous for a blog thats in a VERY small rp fandom and I’m just overwhelmed? And a lot of you have been here with me since the beginning, through bouts of lost muse and feeling inadequate and yet I’m still here and I’m just so privileged to know each and every one of you. I suck at mushy words so I just wanted to say thank you and to let you all know that I love you dearly. I may have missed some people and if I did I’m sorry! I love you all so much so stay awesome. This blog would be nothing without you guys! – xoxo, katrina

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