Wow. That is all I can say at this very moment. 

When I started this blog a year ago, I did not fully anticipate how well received this blog would be among the Star Wars community. What started out as a joke to make such a blog to be then pressured by one of my Senpais to actually make it, has now become a journey that I am very proud to have embarked upon. I am so thankful to have made this blog and even more thankful and blessed by those who have come across the galaxy to experience the power of the Dark Side. 

Without you all, this blog would not be here, nor would I have reached 500+ followers!


If you are not following any of these blogs at the moment, then you must reconsider your priorities! Each of those listed here are the ones that have gained my neverending respect, unconditional love, and endless admiration. Every person here is an incredibly talented writer, that have such passion and creativity that makes their work stand out above the rest, from portrayal to composition. Or, I find them to be absolutely incredible and I’m just too shy to approach because of their legendary status. Originally, this bias list was going to incorporate all the names of those on the Senpai list, giving a paragraph that expressed how much I love their writing and why I view them as such high quality. Without them, this fandom and my friendship would be a lot less lonely. Mandatory follow for all! 

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All in all, thank you all so very much for making this milestone happen and for being the most wonderful partners (or soon to be partners) around!! If I have forgotten anyone, I do deeply apologize and know I did not mean to do it intentionally!! I love you all so very much and look forward to my next great milestone!! 

May the Force be with you!

~ Valestra

           I’ve had this shitty blog for a year now, and it all wouldn’t have been possible without you guys sticking by me for so long. So many of you have been here forever, and I appreciate the support you have given me throughout 2015. And here’s a special shout out to @kniivesandlint, thank you so much ty for accepting me back when I first made this blog, you’re the joker to my batman !!! <3

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Have this shitty edit that isn’t Christmassy because I’m lazy as fuck and don’t have the patience but this is not the point of what this post is about. This post is about YOU. The people who have made my experience on here such a wonderful one and without you guys I wouldn’t get to develop a character I love with all my heart and soul. As this year comes to a close I want you guys to have the best holiday season and a wonderful new year. Keep strong. I love you guys so much. Whether we have interacted or not I wish you all the best in 2016!

 xoxoxo – Gwen & Katrina

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I have never done this before don’t blame me if it’s bad omfg

Anyway! I always usually follow back, and I really do love all of you, you’re all amazing people!

I don’t usually unfollow unless you’ve been mean to me or a friend of mine too, so I put everyone here!

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Archie awoke, and instinctively moved to run a hand through his hair. But, his hand was stopped by something, and suddenly he was wide awake, eyes flying open. Not that it did much good; the room was almost pitch dark.

The events of earlier suddenly came rushing back to him, being captured by not-Regina, because he knew now by the way Pongo had reacted that it certainly hadn’t been the Mayor. As for who it was, however, he had no idea. All he knew was that he really should have listened to his dog when he had the chance.  

But, perhaps he could figure out more. He was sitting on what felt like a wooden floor, and his hands were restricted by … rope. He could tell after feeling the coarse texture. Of course it was rope; if it had been chains he would have been able to pick his way out, using the skills his parents had taught him that he hadn’t used in ages. But, apparently he wasn’t that lucky. Suddenly, he noticed the odd swaying motion; he must be on a ship. He was also gagged, probably so he couldn’t call for help, meaning that he might be relatively close to the shore. Unless he was just gagged so his captor wouldn’t be annoyed by him yelling to be let go … or screaming out in pain. He felt some of the blood drain from his face at the thought, but torture was a distinct possibility. One he needed to be prepared for.

He didn’t even know why he’d been captured; something he’d need to ascertain quickly. Most likely, his captor wanted information, because that was the only reason he’d still be alive. Unless he was a hostage, but out of all the people in Storybrooke, he was probably one of the least likely to be captured for such a reason. So, it was information he (she? They?) were after, and Archie was determined not to give anything away. He could outlast the torture until someone came to rescue him; surely they’d know he was missing by now, or soon at least.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps above him. His captor was coming, and Archie would know a little more of what he was dealing with. The hatch opened, and he squinted from the sudden light, trying to get a good look at the person he’d be trying to outsmart.

Pixie Dust, Angel feathers

The piercing sound of his alarm pulled him from sleep. Groaning he, rubbed his eyes. Another quiet morning in Storybrooke. Yawning, he recalled that dream again, the city, glitters of light, a shift of black. Sometimes he tried to remember only to be given a sharp pain in his head. Whatever that dream meant, he couldn’t figure out what it meant.

Getting up and out of bed, he ate, washed up, then changed. Grabbing his messenger bag he headed out the door, towards his job at the animal clinic. He smiled as he passed his fellow townsfolk heading towards the building. As he walked he felt an odd sensation. A strange feeling as he passed a suspicious shadowy looking man. No, it wasn’t a shadow…it was those weird colors again. He saw them from time to time and it was only getting more frequent. But what was weird wasn’t the fact that he was dark but it was spark of light within.

He looked at him for a long moment, then waved. “Morning sir” and continued on. As he began to walk, his pleasant smile turned to a concerned frown. What was that?

@hookedpirate - Into the Deep (AU)

One minute she had been fighting with something close to zombies, the other something had hit her head and she had awaken somewhere on the ground with a smug Cora there to piss her off. Of course Emma had managed to irritate the witch even more, and Cora had thrown her against a wall.

This time, when she woke up, there was a blinding light and pain in the chest to make her company; when the light disappeared and she could see again, her heart jumped in her chest, hurting much more than she had expected, because Hook was in the room. “What… what the hell was that? What’s going on?” And why did her chest still hurt so much? 

Fish Out of Water: Spock and Captain Hook

He had no idea how he got to Earth. Spock looked out over the gray waters of the Eastern seaboard and shivered as the setting sun caused the shadows to elongate until there was barely a sliver of the sun’s warmth left for the Vulcan. He was dressed in his usual blue on-duty tunic over his blacks, which was all he needed for a typical day on the Enterprise not wherever he was. Had he found himself in a city, he might have had a better idea of his location, but until he found someone to ask or saw a sign, he was lost.

With his sleeves pulled down over his hands to try to keep them warm, Spock began walking away from the beach towards the lights of a town. When he caught the scent of fireplaces on the breeze, he quickened his pace, leaving the beach behind to make his way through the trees. The forest was quite thick—something Spock was not accustomed to any more than the cold—and he stumbled over tree roots several times before finding his way to the outskirts of town.

It was quaint. It was also not from his time. Somehow he had not only been transported to Earth from deep space, but he had also been sent into Earth’s past. Panic gripped him momentarily until he got his emotions under control. He would need to be especially careful not to rupture the timeline, and he knew that would be nearly impossible to avoid.

He knew that Earth of the time period required money to buy food and procure shelter—he had neither. “I will require the kindness of strangers,” he said to himself as he approached a small restaurant that he believed were called ‘diners’ and slipped inside. Of course that was when he realized that not only did he have no money, but he was a Vulcan on a planet that would not see first contact for decades.


@hookedpirate - Back in Storybrooke

Emma had kind of given up on being a ‘Charming’ once back; too much had happened, not to mention how her family still assumed that she was pining after Neal - and man, had that been a gigantic mess, with even Gold getting involved - and she had kind of bounced back to the person she was before the curse broke. She didn’t even pretend to care about getting along with some of the people there, but ridiculously enough the two people she didn’t feel angry with were Hook and Regina. Sure, Henry was living with her now, but they were still on the same team somehow, and maybe it has also to do with her not seeing Regina often. Nor she saw Hook. Hook, who had lost his ship back in Neverland after doing so much for them, and it was time to make him feel more welcome just like she had promised at the diner what it felt like years ago. 
She made some lasagna, because that seemed the universal recognize food for all kinds of welcoming and everyone liked it, worn her red jacket once again, and with a quick goodbye she got in the car and drove to the bed and breakfast. She also ignored Granny’s face when she told her she was coming up to see him. 
Feeling more nervous than she had expected, she knocked at his door, wondering how he was doing in those first days in that world and knowing she was about to find out. 

hookedpirate followed the trail of feathers

“What are you doing here?” The man asked. Not often someone got past his guards. So he was concerned with the man he had to deal with. One would say pirate, but he had to wait and see.