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It's honestly, a real long shot, but how fucking amazing would it be, if both Henry's mothers got swept off their feet by a dashing rapscallion? He'd have TWO badass pirate step dads! and Alice as a step sister! (Even though alice seems a little hostile towards him....) But it would be cool! Regina needs a good man, and who better than Killian Jones?

You know, at first I was thinking that would be the one super awkward thing about Hooked Queen in S7 but after thinking about it in a “twins” sort of way… Hey, why the hell not?!

AND YES. I have always wanted Regina to find a good man who is her equal and that she can have sass-offs with, haha, and Killian would totally be that :D

And today I can’t stop thinking about how close she was with him when Henry and Ella came back from Wonderland… and how close she STAYED while they were there… and how they left the tent and she was still in there with him, still RIGHT at his side… and there wasn’t even any discussion about it, it just WAS… and there’s something so intimate about that unspoken connection and her unspoken role as his caretaker and comforter… and I am ALL FOR IT.

(set during 7x08; Regina looks after Hook.)

“Hook?” Regina’s hand is hovering over his chest, not daring to touch him. She can feel the magic there, a sick, wrong feeling against the palm of her hand.

She can’t imagine how it must feel for him.

“’m all right,” he says, his voice raw and breaking. “Alice—”

“Henry’s gone after Alice,” she says. “You need to stay here.”

She looks around. Some of Tiana’s rebels are glancing their way, but none of them seem interested in coming closer. No help there. Typical.

“Lie still, I’ll get you into the tent,” she says, lifting her hand.

“I can walk,” he grits out between panting breaths, his jaw clenched tight, his face pale.

Regina raises her eyebrows. “No, you can’t.”

“Yes, I can—” He moves, struggling to get his arms under him and lever himself into sitting, but he abandons the attempt within seconds, even paler than before.

Regina glares at him. “Fine. You’re a big, tough pirate who can walk.”

“And you’re a—”

She waves her hand, and smoke envelops them. When it clears, he’s lying on the pallet in the tent, and she’s still kneeling at his side.

“I’m trying to help you,” she says, exasperated. “I promise I’m very impressed that you wanted to walk. Okay?”

He looks around, and then he relaxes into the pillows, trying a smirk, though it’s more of a grimace. “That’s all I wanted to hear.”

Regina looks down at him, and swallows, hard. His chest is still glowing faintly green, his pallid face giving away the pain that his bravado is trying to cover.

A poisoned heart. She has never heard of such a curse. If she had, she knows, she would have used it before now.

But that isn’t who she is anymore. And, from the looks of it, neither is Hook.

“Okay,” she says. “Killian? Hold still. I’m gonna try and heal—”

He’s already shaking his head. His voice is rough, the words broken whispers. “You can’t heal this.”

She reaches for his hand and keeps hold of it as she lays her other hand over his heart. She’s not a healer—Emma has a natural knack for it that Regina herself has always lacked—but she knows hearts. She can feel the poison, though she can tell that she can’t draw it out.

She settles for taking away the pain, siphoning it out in wispy tendrils. It isn’t much, but it seems to help, his body relaxing a little under her touch.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “That’s all I can do.”

“I’ll be fine,” he says. “Just so long as she… so long as we don’t… I can’t be near her.”

His voice breaks again on the last few words, and he closes his eyes as if trying to shut out reality itself. Regina presses her lips together. She remembers the dark days where she thought she’d lost Henry, remembers the pain of watching him across the street, playing with David, laughing with Emma.

Hook has been enduring that pain for years.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers.

His eyes meet hers, haunted and agonised. “I only hope she’s all right.”

“Henry will find her,” she says, no doubt whatsoever in her mind. “He’s good at that.”

He exhales, a steadying breath. “He’s a good lad.”

“Yeah.” Regina hesitates. “We, uh. I lost him, once. Or almost. I messed up, and I couldn’t see him, I couldn’t… it sucked. But it all worked out, in the end. It will for you, too.”

She’s still holding his hand. His fingers wrap around hers, and squeeze, just once. The shadow of a smile, this one genuine, makes its way past the pain on his face.

“Thank you.”


Lana and Colin talk about potential S7 stories and joke about HookedQueen.