D: “–guess you’ve grown on me a bit.”

                H: “Well, I tend to have that effect on people.”


What happened with Hook and Regina in the carriage?
        “A gentleman never tells… If the carriage is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.” - Colin.

we’ve wasted our lives

so i wrote regina kind of comforting killian in underworld here. so now i’m writing killian comforting regina. 

kind of like a missing scene/deleted scene, or honestly lets be real, something we all wish happens in this show between the two of them instead of just constant snarking (as fun as that is). 

thanks a lot to @oparu for looking this over for me <3

Hook sat at the doorstep of Emma’s, of their house, a book borrowed from Belle perched on his lap. The telltale signs of someone walking was apparent but it neither were the slightly crouching ones of Henry, or quick paced and determined ones of Emma. They were hard, and commanding, and clinking – the latest characteristic making it quite clear which guest he was about to (slightly unwillingly) entertain.

“Did Emma already kick you out?” She smirked, pouting her perfectly painted red lips and raising a teasing eyebrow.

“Why, your majesty, I’m sure you would offer me your most humble accommodations so should that be the case. I wager that I’d make a better roommate then your wicked sister,” he answered, not taking his eyes off of his book. After finishing the page, and surprised at the fact that the woman waited patiently for him to do so, he looked up.

“What can I do for you?”

“I’m here to pick up Henry for the night,” she informed him, “I’m sure Emma told you.”

“Aye. The lad and Emma have gone to get ice-cream,” he said, a silence descending them both as Regina nodded. She could tell the wheels in the pirate’s head were turning as he was staring at the empty space just beside her but she didn’t know how to ask him about it without it seeming as if she cared.

(She didn’t care, of course not. Zilch.)

She was relieved when he surprisingly confessed himself, “I thought they’d want some time alone. Not sure Henry would appreciate me tagging along everywhere with the both of them; give them some mother-son bonding time.”

Regina pursued her lips and sighed in annoyance at herself for what she was about to say, “Henry does like you, you know? He talks about how cool you are – in my defense, what about would a pirate with a hook for a hand, a ship, an abundance of eyeliner and leather, and a penchant for danger, not make him seem cool to a thirteen year old?”

Killian laughed, surprised in seeing the corners of Regina’s lips curve slightly as well.  

“In my defense, when his mother is the strict and orderly mayor of the city, he would find a pirate more entertaining.”

“Well, you’ve got competition now. The Evil Queen has a penchant for dramatic flair and…danger.” She tried to pass it off as teasingly, but Killian caught the slight tremor in her tone. Being afraid of your own capacity of evil is not foreign to him.

“She’s not going to stick around much longer.”

“Really? Cause Snow is currently under a sleeping curse while Charming sits beside her in bed and they exchange notes like long distance lovers. Emma has a death penalty on her head, Zelena is finding her sisterly love with her, and Gold…who the fuck knows what Gold is up to!” She sassed, not quite meaning to put this much heat in her words but it’s Killian, he can handle it.

“Seems like you’re in need of a drink, love.” He procured the flask from his jacket and offered it to her, Regina just shaking her head in refusal.

Killian sighed, “Look, I know you think this is all your fault–”

“I think? It is.” She clenched her fingers in a fist to stress her words, “Only if I’d been stronger then and hadn’t made this absolutely stupid decision –“

“You were mourning, Regina!” The use of her actual name cuts her short, “We all make mistakes. If I’d lost Emma…I would have done much much worse.”

“You wouldn’t,” Regina muttered, making him snap his head to hers, “You’ve changed quite a bit from the revengeful pirate.”

“Well, you’ve changed quite a bit more from the revengeful evil queen.” He muttered back, slightly uncomfortable with the line this conversation was crossing. He can manage indifference and sassiness with Regina; actual heartfelt supportive emotions he couldn’t. The way her face was grimaced slightly meant she felt the same way as well.

“Apparently not. The situation currently withstanding.” She made a dramatic gesture with her arms. She sighed, long and slow, “I should just end this. Once and for all. Save everyone.”

Killian quirked an eyebrow up, “You don’t mean –“

“Yeah,” she nodded, “It’s the only way out of this. If I’m dead –“

“Regina –“

“— She dies too. Problem solved. Everyone would be safe and happy. I’m sure Emma will be able to fight off the dark hooded figure, having all the Charmings hope and fighting for the good blood inside her. If not, then Henry will still have the Nolans and I guess, you.”

“I didn’t think you would back down from a fight this easily, love.” It wasn’t the actual claim he made, but with the teasing glint that he said it with which set her off.

I’m not! At this point it’s just foolish to think anything else can work! I’m just not strong enough. It turns out the strength in me comes from the Evil Queen, not Regina.”

“You’re the same bloody person!” He rubbed his hand on his forehead, ignoring the way she was staring daggers at him.

Keeping his gaze steady with hers he started, “Listen, Regina. I hate to be the one to offer any optimism and comfort, and especially you of all people –“

“Oh god plea-“

“- stop interrupting me, please.” He raised his eyebrows in question, waiting for her nod of whether or not he could continue without being interrupted again.

He took her crossing her arms and tilting her head slightly to look at him as his answer.

“I was friends with Cora. We talked sometimes; I told her about Milah, she told me about you.” He searched her face for any discomfort but except of her clenched jaw found nothing.

So he continued, “I don’t remember my mother; she died when I was just a boy. But I do know that mothers are not supposed to be how Cora was to you.”

Regina’s hands dropped to her sides with a jerk, and she carefully masked her quite emotional reaction by clasping her hands together in front of her and nodding at him to continue.

“The way she talked about you…I don’t think she viewed you as anything but a passage – a way for her to gain everything that she never could, out of pity revenge or insatiable sate, whatever, I don’t know. The way she treated you as a young child, and then killing your first love – yes she told me all about that - and then shipping you off to get married to a King against your wishes…that’s not what a mother does.”

He clenched his jaw as he noticed the way Regina’s lower lip was wobbling lightly and she was blinking rapidly. This reaction was not something he would expect out of from the fiery woman, but wounds made during childhood and from the ones we love do hurt the most. He understands that all too well.

“All I’m trying to say is that – if you can survive Cora, can survive being separated from Henry, can survive Robin’s passing – surviving and winning from your own evil counterpart is nothing.”

Regina tilted her head and let out a shaky breath, pushing her stubborn tendrils behind her ear a couple of times, and Killian let her just be – understanding that she needed time to compose herself.

Finally, she let out a long and loud exhale and moved to sit beside him, startling him slightly as this was not what he was expecting.

“Can I still have the rum?” She asked, her voice just slightly shaking.

“Of course, love.” He grabbed his flask and handed it to her, watching in surprise (and slight pride) as she downed down whatever rum (almost half of the flask) was left and after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, handed him the flask back.

He didn’t know if it was him or Regina who were more relieved when the Bug came to a park in front of the house and Emma and Henry get out, giggling at each other with ice-creams in their hands.

After handing Regina her ice-cream, Henry quickly ran inside, mumbling about grabbing his bag, and Emma gives them both a weird look as she’d never seen them sit so closely (and peacefully) before. Neither of them looked pissed off and Regina actually looked upset so she asked, “You okay?”

Regina nodded, offering a convincing smile.

“I got you a rum and raisins,” Emma informed Hook, smiling at him softly as she handed him his cone. She turned towards Regina, “I suggested maple walnut but Henry said you preferred pralines and cream.”

“I actually prefer no ice-cream at all, but seems like I finally understand what people mean by ‘eating your feelings out’” Regina quipped, taking a lick out of it, “But does it have to be this ill-civilized? Sticking your tongue out to lick it? What happened to standard bowls and spoons?”

“I agree,” Killian smirked, before darting his tongue out to taste this new flavor which Emma promises he’d like. Just having rum be in the name was enough for him to give it a try. He smiled at her in approval as the sweetness hit his tongue, Emma quirking an I told you so eyebrow at him.

“You’re a pirate, you were probably used to eating on leaf plates using your hands and well, hook. I was royalty.” Regina teased him, a hint of her usual self coming back again.

He took the bait all too easily and this time when he retorted back, he was delighted with Emma’s laugh echoing loudly, Henry’s own chuckle being heard from behind, and Regina turning the other way to hide her own sly smile.

(A good hour later when Henry and Regina were finally leaving, all of them lost in conversation at the front porch with ice-creams in their hands, and Henry had hugged Emma goodbye, and thrown Killian a smile and a wave, it was a nice surprise to him when Regina smiled at them both and teased them for having the house all to themselves.)

(If someone had ever told him he would one day actually like the Evil Queen and be friendly with her, he would’ve killed them and worn their ring on his finger.)



once upon a time hiatus meme: week three | platonic ships

        The friendships that make it impossible to forget who we used to be.


“You and I both know I’m his type”

I was really amuzed by the sneak peak, and you know: Awkward flirting and touch, not really in the mood to share a drink…  maybe Killian still dreaming with the pretty blond, bar wench he kissed. 

It wasn’t that long ago after all. Unless you are Emma Swan, Killian Jones will be pretty unimpressed

Besides that like @hellowherearemypeople said “It’s funny because Regina’s trying to use her sexuality to manipulate the situation and get the upper hand, and Hook… well, he’s having none of it.  Hook’s like “Bitch pls, I invented seduction”. He makes a half hearted and obviously phony attempt at playing along but they both know that the other is full of shit. You can’t con a con artist”

It was so awkward I understard why they kept it a secret

Killian Jones (CS pre-wedding one-shot)

Summary: A short one shot where Killian decides to spend the night before his wedding on his ship, rather than his bachelor party. 

Also available on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10101821 

After a deep lingering kiss to his soul mate’s lips, Killian was banished from Emma. It was the night before their wedding and the Nolan’s were eager to ensure no Royal Wedding tradition was broken. Other than how their daughter was to be wed to a pirate captain. He may not have been their initial choice to be Emma’s suitor but during the time her parents got to know him, even David was more than willing to give the pirate his blessing for Emma’s hand in marriage.

“I wish you didn’t have to leave Killian,” Emma uttered against her fiancé’s lips with a smile, knowing the next time they saw each other they would about to start a new life together as man and wife. Where she would be taking his name and they would be making their wedding vows. Marriage was not something she thought was possible for her until the day Killian surprised her with a proposal at the restaurant where they spent their first date. And Emma certainly never imagined her True Love was going to be Captain Hook, the man who was more than the villain he was depicted as in the story of Peter Pan. “Do we really need to keep to this tradition?”

“Unfortunately, your parents will hardly accept anything else, however you can be assured love that I’ll be missing you until we meet again at the altar,” the pirate replied after kissing back, running his fingers through Emma’s gorgeous natural blonde hair. “And don’t worry, I have no intention of getting drunk tonight,” he assured. “Rum won’t get in the way of our upcoming union tomorrow,” Killian vowed and was about to lean forward and kiss his bride to be before David put his hands on his shoulders, pulling the captain away from the Saviour.

“That’s quite enough of that Hook, it isn’t your wedding night yet,” David remarked in a no-nonsense town that the engaged couple knew it was better not to argue with him.

Emma chuckled with a small roll of her eyes at her husband-to-be’s smirk in reaction to David’s warning. She could tell how excited Killian was for the next night and the day’s events. Emma was excited too, she was actually going to be a wife. The Saviour and the pirate were just one night away from their happy ending.

“Don’t be so disappointed Swan, I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Have fun tonight love, I’ll miss you,” Killian joked and managed to place one last kiss to Emma’s cheek before David tried to usher his future son-in-law out of the house.

“I’ll miss you too Killian, goodnight, I love you,” Emma giggled as she called out to her pirate, waving at him with the widest smile on her face. The sort of smile that only ever appeared because of Killian. “And dad come on, it was just a kiss, Killian and I have kissed countless times,” and a lot more than kissing but of course she wasn’t going to scar her father with the thought of what Killian and Emma got up to when they were together at home, alone. “Surely, one more kiss wasn’t going to hurt, right?”

“Emma, it’s tradition for the bride and groom to spend the night before the wedding apart,” David reminded, having explained all about the royal wedding traditions many times during the planning of the matrimonial event. “Besides your mother has arranged something for you tonight at Granny’s in celebration for tomorrow and I promised her I would you get you there on time.”

Meanwhile, Killian was joined by his crew who had arranged a night in the Rabbit Hole for their captain’s last night of freedom. Little did they know that Killian didn’t see marrying Emma as losing his freedom but the next step in the couple having a future together.

“To Captain Hook!” his men cheered, toasting Killian with pints of lager while he just stuck to his trusty flask of rum. The pirate captain didn’t intend on drinking too much, not wanting to be hungover when he met Emma at the altar the next day.

“You’re going to love what we’ve arranged for you Cap’n, she should be here soon,” Mr Smee grinned widely, his words causing Killian to further question why he let his crew arrange a bachelor party for him. “Shall I get us some more drinks sir?” the first mate asked, looking forward to the night ahead.

“No Smee, this round is on me, I’ll get them,” Killian insisted, patting Mr Smee’s shoulder with a wide yet false smile as he stood up. Being with his crew made the pirate realise how much he had changed for the better. No longer did he enjoy celebrating by drinking with his men in a tavern or bar or spending the night with a woman he would never encounter again. Which was why he really did not want to be in the Rabbit Hole when the woman Smee and the others had ordered for him. Emma, his True Love was the only woman Killian wanted to be intimate with, spending the night before his wedding in the company of another woman was bad form.

“But sir-“ Mr Smee spoke out, turning round to Killian while starting to get up from his chair.

“Smee, the celebrations of tonight may have caused one fact to slip your mind, let me remind you, I’m still the captain,” The pirate stopped the other man from completing his sentence. Using a sterner tone with an equally firm expression written on his face. One that Smee knew all too well.

“Yes Cap’n,” he replied in a quiet mumble, looking away from his captain’s glare and sat back down to finish the rest of his pint of alcohol.

Killian just rolled his eyes as he finally left the table and went over to the bar counter. “Give the men over there the same again,” he explained, paying for the drinks with a few of the many doubloons he had in his possession. Storybrooke was the only town in the Land without Magic that was happy to accept such currency. “And if they ask where I am, I’ll appreciate it if you don’t tell them, mate,” the pirate added with a small smirk.

“Of course sir, and good luck for tomorrow,” the barman nodded as he went to sort out the drinks the pirate ordered for the men he was walking out on. Since Emma was the Saviour and the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, everyone in town knew who she was and that she was marrying Killian.

“Bloody hell…” Killian breathed out with a heavy sigh, taking in the night air. He greatly disliked the small time he spent in the inn with the men who made up his crew during his pirating days. What even possessed him to even agree to their idea? Even if there used to be a time Killian saw their plans as the perfect way to celebrate an occasion. “Ah there’s the only maiden I’d love to spend the night if I can’t be with my Swan,” he smiled fondly when he caught sight of the Jolly Roger as he made his way over to the peace of the docks. Loving the scent of the salty sea air and the wonderful sight of his beloved ship in the moonlight ocean. “How are you, old girl?” Killian asked, lightly caressing the vessel when he stepped aboard. If being in Emma’s company was not an option, there was nowhere better than the Jolly Roger.

“And I want you to know, even though I’m marrying Emma tomorrow, you’ll always be important to me my dear,” the pirate spoke aloud, knowing full well that the ship couldn’t reply. It was a habit of endearment Killian had developed when he was alone. “We’ve had quite the adventures over the centuries together, haven’t we?” he chuckled softly, the ship had been his one constant in his life for all those years before falling for Emma. “And tomorrow you’ll be here with me as I take on another adventure.” Killian added, his smile growing wider as he looked over the top deck that would be littered with wedding decorations the next morning. He couldn’t think of anything better than marrying his true love on the Jolly Roger.

After spending some time with his flask of rum and the oh so calming view of the moonlight over the serene ocean waves, Killian decided to head down to his quarters below deck. Once there, he took out a small folded piece of paper from a locked drawer in his desk. It was centuries old and the edges browned and worn over the time, however, the drawing it contained was kept in perfect condition. He didn’t mean to tear up but the sight of his first love brought a tear to his eyes as he studied the perfect drawing of Milah he had kept since it was made. “I’ve never once forgotten about you my lady,” the pirate whispered, recalling what he had addressed Milah as when they first met. “If only we had the chance to meet one last time…” That would have been a strong possibility, had Milah not been forced into the River of Lost Souls. To know of her fate in the Underworld, it was as if Killian had lost her all over again. Milah was his first love, the woman he sought vengeance for, for centuries, and the woman whose name was etched in the form of a tattoo to his skin.

“I wonder what you thought of Emma when you met her, after losing you, she’s the only one who has ever given my life such happiness and meaning,” Killian continued, looking down to the drawing of Milah in his hand. “When you passed, I spent every waking moment consumed by my inner darkness and my desire for revenge to the point where I was willing to die for my vengeance,” he frowned, his heart still filled with guilt for the crimes of his past. Killian was aware he still had a long way to go before he could become someone he could be proud of, but he couldn’t have been more grateful that Emma had accepted him and loved him. Like he loved her.

“But all that changed with Emma, with her I’ve found something to live for, a future rather than an end. I never once thought finding love again would be a possibility for me, but with Emma, I’ve found everything my heart has been yearning for,” the pirate was unable to wipe the smile from his face, picturing his bride in her wedding dress and walking down the aisle to him. To marry him. The best thing about it was that it was no longer just a dream, but his and Emma’s reality. “I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’m finally happy again Milah, like you always wanted me to be.”

Killian had lost too many in his life and almost Emma by not being able to join her as she left from the Underworld. But they now had a second chance and if one thing was for sure, he damn well intended to have a future, a happy ever after with Emma, his Swan, his wife. His Saviour.


“OK dear, time to go find daddy, let go of the Captain’s hook.”

“Can’t. I'mma fish!”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full sweetie.”