Harry Hook - “Broken Doll”

Request: “45, 46 and 50 with Harry Hook please from the drabble post.”

Warnings: Angst? & Violence

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“Y/N! Watch out!”

You had only enough time to whip your head as the pirate’s dagger came in contact with your cheek. 

You yelped in pain as the attack threw you off balance. You moved your sword in a fluent and quick motion as you attempted to fight off the pirate. 

“Ooh, feisty. That’s how I like ‘em darlin’.” He smirked placing a dirt caked finger on the cheek that wasn’t injured. 

You scoffed and spit in his face, then proceeding to hurl him down to the lower deck. “I’ll finish him off for you, Y/N.” Uma snarled giving you a menacing smile before running full speed at the pirate. 

You nodded breathlessly and looked around to find your best friend Harry. He had been busy with three pirates the last time you had been able to see him and he now seemed to be out of sight.

 This made you begin to panic as you ran up and down the docks looking for him. Harry had promised you that he would take it easy this battle, as he was still recovering over a fight with Freddie Facilier because he made a snide comment about your ass. 

That was Harry, always fighting tooth and nail for you. And you would no doubt do the exact for him. Being Smee’s granddaughter, you had practically grown up with Harry and his sisters. 

He was there for you when your parents died, and you were there for him when his mother passed away. 

Two broken dolls, but together you two were the perfect team. 

“Gil, where’s Harry?” You exclaimed once the battle seemed to be over. His eyes widened as your words registered. “He was worried about you, so he went off to find you.” He said quietly. 

“Where is he?” You shouted to the captain of the ship you had invaded. 

By this time, Uma had joined Gil at your side. She had both of her swords pointed at the captain’s throat as you spoke to him. 

“Who? Hooky? Oh, my boys took care of him down in the captain’s quarters.”

 He smirked with an evil smile. 

Gil stayed behind with the other crew members to make sure the man didn’t escape as you and Uma traveled down into the belly of the ship. 

“Harry? Harry!” You shouted into the empty hallway hoping that he would shout back. “Is that your little girlfriend, pirate? Wonder if she’ll recognize ya with all the blood.” A deep voice bellowed. 

You ran to the end of the hall where it sounded from and gasped at the sight in front of you. 

In a small room, two large men had tied Harry to a wooden chair. His hair was disheveled and damp with sweat. 

There were a multitude of cuts on his arms and face, some deep and gruesome, and others like the one on your cheek. But a large and deep gash was apparent on his chest and was soaking blood through his think white t-shirt. 

His right eye had begun to be surrounded by a blackened bruise, but no tears fell from his eyes.

 “Get out of here.” You said, your voice calm and solemn. 

“‘Scuse me missy, we’re busy here.” One of the pirates laughed tracing a blade on Harry’s jawline, drawing the tiniest amount of blood. 

You leaped forward and tackled him to the ground, punching him in the face while doing so. You smirked at the sound of his nose breaking as Uma threw them outside and closed the door behind her.

 Now the two of you were alone. You felt his gaze and turned around staring back into his light eyes. 

“Y/N.” He breathed, a small smile appearing on his injured face.

 You slowly walked towards him and held his face in your hands. The sharp features were now hidden by the wounds, and he looked like he did when he was only ten.

 A small boy who had just lost his mother and hated the world, a broken doll. “I’m so sorry.” You whispered as a tear fell from your face. 

This was your fault, if you hadn’t just left to fight on your own. “Hey. Hey.” He said, his voice hoarse and soft. 

“This is my doing. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.” Harry chuckled gently stroking your cheek with his thumb. 

“I need to tell you something.” He continued. You nodded, motioning for him to go on. “Ever since I met you, Y/N, you’ve been my rock. You’ve given me a reason to keep fighting and stay alive. You’re the greatest thing that every happened to me. He sighed as a smile crept onto his face.

 You blushed, but kept eye contact with him. “You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Seeing you hurt makes me want nothing more than to kill those guys who did this to you. You’ve been the only person that I’ve truly loved. I never believed in love till I met you.” You admitted running a gentle hand through his dark hair. 

Harry began to lean in, and you felt his breath on your lips. 

“Are you sure?” You whispered. 

“Of course I am. You’re all I ever wanted.” He confirmed. 

And with that said, you lurched forward, locking your lips in a kiss.

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Mafia Matsu is having a private meeting with the leader of the rival mafia. The leader wants to join mafia families and share territory by having his adult son marrying Matsu's teen daughter. If Matsu doesn't agree, the leader would make sure to have his men kill Matsu's family, take over the territory and find a new mafia family to join. How does Matsu react?

 Mafia!Oso: he would think about it but would say no, he is not going to have his teen daughter be violated by an adult man in a relation ship that she will likely feel unsafe in. but osomatsu is always a step a head. he would have sent his family away.

Mafia!Kara: he would stand up from the table and pull out his gun and hold it to the other leaders head. telling him he would rather die then let his princess marry a pervert like his son. and also telling him that not having guards in the room was a bad idea.

Mafia!Choro:  he would listen to the man’s demands with a cold stare, leaning back with his fingers laced together he would think it over, but in the end choromatsu would pretend he has a cough and put on a face mask on and kick over a briefcase saying what he wanted was in it and excuses himself from the room, just in time for the briefcase to let out it’s poison gas, killing the mafia leader and his goons.

Mafia!Ichi: when the man says his daughters name ichi would throw his knife at the leader’s son’s chest, killing him on the spot, smirking ichimatsu would lean back in his chair. “well you don’t have a son now so the deal is off”

Mafia!Jyushi: hands down he would just flat out kill the other leader before he even goes to the meeting, no one is getting to his daughter

Mafia!Todo: he would play it off saying yes, till the wedding, he would make sure that his daughter was not in the limo with her soon to be father in law and is in a safe place, when the limo is going to the wedding the leader would look at the “girl” and notice that she is really quieat…. besides a ticking… quickly taking the vel off of her he would notice that the girl is really a sex doll hooked up to a bomb. screaming when the bomb goes off, killing him only.


these were the only black and latina barbies walmart had. the rest were all white. they literally put all the black dolls in the back of each rack and shelf…. like if you saw that, you’d see that it was purposely done. so i was like “oh hell no what the fuck is this?” and started to put all the white ones in the back, and all the black and latina ones in the front. of every shelf, every rack, every hook. the whole barbie doll aisle was poppin with melanin for once. what do you think this is trying to tell little girls? for real, there should be way more black barbies on the shelves. a little girl should be able to spot a black barbie and find it to be the prettiest one she sees. you walk down a barbie aisle in walmart and all you see is white faces with blonde hair and blue eyes. there are few hispanic barbies but there are barley any black ones. how come? the more black barbies i found shoved in the back where you can’t see them, the more my anger quickly built up. it made me furious. i never really realized this. i mean i knew white barbies were the “prettiest/best ones” but i see how wrong this is and how blatantly racist things are. like??? really?? and with barbie dolls??? are you kidding me??? it’s just everywhere and it’s awful.

Bye Bye Brooklyn Boys (4)

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Alrighty darlings, we’ve got some catching up to do!

Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader

Warnings: This is just so sad.

Word count: 1.728

Summary: This part could also be titled as ‘Fatal Attraction’.

September, October, November

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Sorry for the huge craptastic photo-dump o.o these are several small updates that I was too lazy to post real time 😒

The first set are her torso after I raised her hips, which were too low after my jointing her torso and adding some length there. (Please excuse the polymer clay chips on the floor)

The wigged photos are after I slimmed down her chest area to be more flush on the sides. I’m still too scared to carve in ribs 😓

And the last bit are photos of a new head I am working on because I really enjoy making strange little eye-baggy faces 😁 I love her hooked nose


Actually, most of Mike’s friends had a hand in hooking him up with Doll!

In this timeline, Sophie was also at Jasper’s disastrous party, where Doll was hurt badly and broke up with him.  Sophie was able to handle Jasper and help Doll, and invited her to hang out with their group the next day for some REAL fun.

Everyone accepted and welcomed Doll, and had some fun at poor Mikey’s expense!  He’d mentioned “this cute redhead behind him in Math” more than a few times already, so they couldn’t just let it slide.  Even so, it was a good time had by all, and Doll made a TON of new friends all at once!

As for my Purp?  I’ll tell that story a bit later, if anyone’s really interested..!

MC Being In A Coma

I hope you are all happy! Ahh I wanted to cry so many times writing this. I also might add Zyglavis later and possibly Karno if people want me too~ Enjoy having your hearts crushed.

Leon: Seeing your unmoving body before him was enough to fill Leon’s chest with an immense, unbearable pain. You lay on the hospital bed still as a lifeless doll hooked up to life support. Leon still couldn’t believe this was reality. Why did this have to happen to you? He didn’t want to believe any of it but he’d have to face the facts. You had been in an unfortunate accident with another car that left you in your current state. What makes it hurt even more is that it all could have been avoided if Leon didn’t cancel your date at the last minute and making you then go out for dinner all alone as you were feeling too depressed to eat at home. Leon was riddled with guilt. There was a burning pain deep inside his chest that only grew more intense by the moment. There was no telling if you would ever wake up. Leon couldn’t bear the thought of you never waking up. He’d never be able to apologize. See your smile, wipe away your tears or hold you in his arms ever again. Leon refused to leave your side; he’d stay there for however long it took. Even if they told him it was hopeless and that you were never waking up he refused to give up. He would stay right there until the day you woke up or the day you died. Holding your hand in his, Leon could feel just how cold your body was; it was truly as if you were already dead. Leon cursed his entire being; what use was it of being a god but being powerless before the one you loved most in your life. Leon learnt just how insignificant he really was. There wasn’t a day that went by that Leon wouldn’t tell you he loved you and pleaded for you to open your eyes and come back to him. He could never live with himself if you really were to die. That would be one regret that would forever haunt him and his dreams. You never being there by his side ever again would be like a living nightmare constantly reminding him of what he had lost and would never again see.

Scorpio: As soon as Scorpio heard what happened to you from the other gods he wasted no time in getting to you. When Scorpio saw you sleeping on the bed, your body pale and sickly, his heart sunk in his chest. Trying to come to terms with your current state, Scorpio slowly walks up to your side his face one of horror and disbelief. Standing by your bed Scorpio takes your hand in hopes he’d be able to hear your thoughts in your state of deep sleep. But he was met only by silence. Scorpio couldn’t pick up any kind of thought from you and it scared him. He yanked his hand away from yours in a state of shock and denial. It was as if his whole world was falling apart around him. Scorpio didn’t know what to do or what to think. Seeing you sleeping on the bed and not knowing if you’d ever wake up tore his heart in two. When he tried to speak your name his throat would grow tight and he couldn’t even get a whisper out. Scorpio was in utter distress and turmoil. He kneeled down and clutched his head in agongy as he felt like screaming. His actions were in complete contrast to how the god usually acted. Scorpio was clearly having trouble coming to terms with reality and the more he saw your unmoving body the more his chest would burn… burn with an unbearable, searing pain. Scorpio thought his heart might explode from the crushing weight. The thought of never seeing you open your eyes again made Scorpio sick to his core. You just had to come back to him. He didn’t care if it took 5 years or 10 years you just had to open your eyes and let him hear your voice once more. That was all Scorpio wanted and until he got his wish he would never leave your side. Not ever.

Teorus was struck speechless when he saw you laying on the bed just barely hanging on to life. There was no telling if you’d ever wake up after being caught in an explosion that critically injured you. Taking your hand into his, Teorus brought it to his face and at the same moment a few tears slid down his cheek and onto your hand. He had never felt such burning pain as he did at this moment when he knew there was a chance you’d never come back to him. Teorus only wished he could go back in time and prevent this from ever happening; he wanted nothing more than to save the life of the one he cherished so dearly. But knowing that such a thing was impossible for him to do broke his heart. Teorus would spend ages weeping at your side, day after day, begging you to open your eyes. To give him a sign that you would one day wake up. Not knowing what the future held and if you would be in it was enough to utterly crush and destroy Teorus. The agonizingly pain he felt deep inside would never go away. Not as long as you were in a deep sleep. All he wanted was to be with you again and go places with you. Teorus wanted to spend eternity with you but if you never woke up all his dreams with be just that; hopeless dreams that would ultimately fade away and scatter in the wind.

Dui was absolutely horrified when he heard you had been attacked by a group of muggers and even worse they left you in a coma. Dui covered his mouth from the shock of seeing your beaten up body laying still on the hospital bed. His whole body started to tremble as he made his way to you with unsteady feet. The closer he got the more blurred his vision become as the tears clouded his sight. Dui was besides himself with grief that such a thing could happen to such a sweet girl as yourself but even more so he felt regret. Dui regretted that he wasn’t there to save you and protect you when you needed him most. He cursed his uselessness; what good was he to you if he allowed such things to happen. It would seem it was just another person he was unable to save in the end. Dui thought maybe he was better off being alone or just fading away from existence. He couldn’t handle the agonizing pain of losing everyone dear to him. Dui could barely keep himself together under the crushing weight that threatened to bury him. His own guilt, despair, regret, these were all feelings that were slowly consuming him. Dui could hardly keep a hold of reality as everything fell apart around him. Every day he’d cry out your name in agony but everytime he’d only be met by dreadful silence; something that he came to detest. It was as if at that moment all of Dui’s dreams of his future with you had been forever done away with. Fate had other plans and it wasn’t one that had you both living happily together surrounded by many kids as Dui had hoped. Dui swore he’d get revenge on the men who dared ruin your life and his own. If nothing else he was going to make them pay and there was nothing that would be able to hold him back. Dui was already beyond unstable and anyone that hurts his girl would be in for a world of pain. He didn’t care if it meant his punishment would end in death. If you were never to wake up it would be like he had already died and so Dui would welcome death with open arms. If you couldn’t be together in life, surely you could be together for eternity in death.

Huedhaut: The usually unshakable god was nearly on the floor from the shock of seeing you laying so helplessly on the bed in such an unstable state. Huedhaut’s blood ran cold when he heard the accident you had been in and wasted no time in coming to your side. But he never thought he’d be met with the news that you might never wake up and that it’s possible you were brain dead. Those words hit Huedhaut like a dagger to the heart. Only the dagger kept digging deeper and deeper until it threatened to rip his heart apart. Huedhaut had already lost you once before but now this… It was too much. You were right there in front of him, he could touch you but you would not respond. Not matter what he did you wouldn’t open your eyes. Huedhaut was deeply distressed and sick to his stomach. He could hardly keep his emotions intact as the thought of losing you again was killing him inside. Huedhaut couldn’t bear going through it a second time. More than anything in the world he wanted you to wake up for him. He begged you to open your eyes so he could gaze upon them once more. Huedhaut wanted to go on another moonlit walk with you. There was so much he still wanted to do but had never gotten the chance and if you died now his future would die with you. Huedhaut would place his lips on yours, every time feeling just how cold they were, as tears formed in his eyes begging you to wake up. But it was all useless. Huedhaut would try looking into the future to see if you were in it but was always met by an intense burning pain and suffocating darkness. Huedhaut refused to believe the future wouldn’t have you in it and instead kept his hope on the present. Huedhaut would remain at your side always in the hope you would come back to him. Someday. Somehow. Though every day he saw you just sleeping soundly only further ate away at his soul as it slowly but surely killed him.

Ichthys: From that day Ichthys never did smile again. When he saw you laying so helplessly on the bed it greatly affected the poor god. He completely lost his will to smile and was only concerned with you waking up. If you were to die on him now then so would his will to live die with you. Ichthys would try using his powers on you even if he knew it was useless but it didn’t stop him from trying. Ichthys was too distraught over the thought of losing you that he just had to try everything possible. Crying out your name again and again as tears ran down his cheeks while he tried to heal you but to no avail. Ichthys fell to the ground and began pounding his fist into the floor and cursed himself for being so useless. Ichthys would cry out over and over in agony that it was so unfair this had to happen to you. Why? He’d ask but receive no answer. Ichthys could barely stand as he found himself had grown weak over the pain consuming him from within that threatened to swallow him whole. Ichthys sat by your side and clutched your hand. He begged you wake up and come back to him because if you were to die so would his reason for living die with you. You were the only thing keeping him alive and the weaker you grew the weaker he grew. Ichthys refused to leave your side; he wanted to be with you every moment of the way for he knew if you were to die then he would die with you. You were two halves of one soul and Ichthys knew he couldn’t continue living a life without you. He loved you with all his heart; you had become his entire world and more than anything he wanted you to open your eyes so he could make you smile once more and hear your sweet laughter at one of his pranks. That was all Ichthys wished for. That you would come back to him.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the Golden Hook edit mania. I rounded up some of the hanging out and possibly smooching edits. This is an illness and I think I need help.

At some point, well… maybe… there will be a male companion to enulacampana. How will I explain that I have to learn to make Golden Hook dolls and then place them in provocative poses?


I don’t really make posts or spend much time in tumblr, but I felt like I had to share my feelings about OUaT from the start to now, as I’m starting to low key ship swanqueen despite having felt repulsion at the idea for a long time (sorry), and because I need a space to vent. 

See, I was rooting for Gremma in season 1, but we know that didn’t happen (I hated Regina for this and was why I couldn’t for the life of me see how people wanted her with Emma), then came August and even though he messed up, I couldn’t really account him for leaving Emma behind in the orphanage, because he was only a child when he was given the task to look after a newborn, like? That was so messed up. And I didn’t like Neal in the beginning because he hurt Emma by leaving her in jail, pregnant (im sure he would not have done it if he knew she was expecting his baby), but he had to let her follow her destiny and he had his reasons to not want to be back in a world with magic, because magic ruined his childhood, so I started to understand Swanfire needed a chance to make amends and maybe be together with their son. It looked like it was possible. I still preferred August, but he was a child again and that was really creepy. I hated the Blue Fairy for that. Then there was captain Hook and I found him so cunning, he had a dastardly charm to him, plus those piercing blue eyes, damn, I thought “okay, maybe he can change for the better and win Emma,” but BOY was I wrong. The way he “changed” for Emma was plain creepy. He kept making sexual innuendos and harassing her and insisting she was only in denial because she was hot for him (playing hard to get)- he looked like a stalker to be honest. He was always gross. His looks didn’t cut it for me (what had made me ship it for like 1 minute), the way he treats women is horrible, like sexual objects at his disposal, or just useless things, like he has called Belle and Aurora. And it didn’t help that Emma continued to reject him, so when they got together it was a WTF moment, what did I miss? But the nightmare continued! And as their relationship moved forward, all I saw was Emma change into this unrecognizable person who did not stand up for herself or for others when it was his boyfriend causing damage? Where did my heroine go? Where did Emma’s light go? Literally. Emma kissing Hook made her LOSE HER LIGHT. What kind of message is that? So when August was back because they needed adult Pinocchio to help them with the author thing, I was so hopeful that maybe she would finally realize how wrong Hook is for her and she and August would find happiness together, because he was always so supportive and respectful and he was such a much better guy, plus Neal was dead, but nothing happened. I had come to tumblr in hope Wooden Swan was a thing again, but found myself leaving just as I came. And now we’ve seen Hook die many times but he’s always brought back and it feels like the biggest injustice in the world because anyone else deserved more mercy than what they got, but they decide Hook of all people is worthy of Emma and of breaking the rules of life and death just because he decided not to kill Emma’s family in the end? I don’t understand this thought process. And then there’s Regina who has slowly tried to become a better person, but she also misses and slips and goes back to be Evil Queen but keeps on fighting her own darkness and now she even supports Emma and is a better parent for Henry, but she’s also given this horrible love story with Robin Hood and her crazy sister and their problematic baby and I feel like OUaT just hates women because they continue to force Emma and Regina to swallow so much crap from their relationships in the hope for True Love, it just is enough. Too much! I began to believe maybe Regina is the lesser evil for Emma, because I’m not delusional and I know they don’t plan to let Emma and August rekindle their relationship, and also they’ve had this super gay moments together it makes me think they are in the closet. But to have Emma choose Hook? 

Hook the murderous pirate.
Hook the woman beater.
Hook the lecherous pig.
Hook the stalker.
Hook the betrayer.
Hook the collector of trophies from his killings.
Hook the womanizer.
Hook the narcissist. 
Hook the selfish jerk.
Hook who told Emma he didn’t love her (not unless she’s perfect good doll).
Hook who attempted suicide to get Emma’s attention.
Hook who gave into darkness and focused on destroying Emma’s family.
Hook who demands be called a hero because he didn’t massacre them.
Hook who chose to trust his brother instead of Emma.


I don’t need to ship swanqueen to see Emma deserves better than Hook! And I would much rather see Emma with Regina than continue to suffer the pain of seeing Emma forget herself and her family for this despicable man.

Killer | Part. 2

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Summary: “When two people from two different worlds get stuck with each other. To trust someone is overrated. To like someone is platonic. In the end, we are just two people.”

Genre: Angst, Mafia au, Romance.

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (The End) |

Chapter 2: Reason

Aurora has been asleep for two whole hours. She was tired and she didn’t hear the door open and someone walking in, despite her in the same room. She was lying on the couch with the television still on with the news about a massacre that happened in a club nearby Busan. Nobody knew what exactly caused the massacre. Was it murder? Was it a impulsive  vengeful act? Or just a fight between two gangs, since that place was nortorious as a meeting point for maffia.

The person that had walked in, hooked his gun behind his belt on his back. His eyes met the small figure of Aurora on the couch and he couldn’t help but trace his eyes up from her bared legs to her face.

According to him, Aurora was beautiful. He hadn’t seen someone like her before in his life. Most of the girls he hooked up with were barbie dolls. The blond haired ones that are only in for a night stand and the next morning complain about their messed hair and make-up. And it was the first time, Aurora attracted him on a whole different level since their meeting at the bridge. She was brave and down-to-earth. Humble and shy at times, and crazy and funny when it comes to cooking dinner.

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Thirty years after Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closed it’s doors, the events that took place there have become nothing more than a rumor and a childhood memory, but the owners of “Fazbear’s Fright: The Horror Attraction” are determined to revive the legend and make the experience as authentic as possible for patrons, going to great lengths to find anything that might have survived decades of neglect and ruin. 

At first there were only empty shells, a hand, a hook, an old paper-plate doll, but then a remarkable discovery was made… 

The attraction now has one animatronic.

Spinning a Good Yarn

I was just having a lot of feelings about Bucky, which led to fic.


Bucky was twelve and Becca eight when their ma taught them how to crochet. His first attempt at a scarf wasn’t very good: his stitches were either too tight or too loose and he kept forgetting how many were in each row, but Becca was worse. She managed to somehow work a knot into her scarf that wouldn’t come untangled no matter how much she pulled on it.

When George Barnes came home and saw what they were doing he sighed in disapproval but said nothing; he knew better than to get on Winifred’s bad side.

Bucky gave the scarf to Steve, but his friend’s pale skin turned bright red where the scarf touched it. As it turns out, Steve was allergic to wool.

He gave the scarf to his pa instead and forgot about crochet and yarn.


There was a lot of hurry up and then wait in the war. Hurry up and get there and then wait for Hydra or an informant or whatever. At first, the waiting times were filled with stories and teasing, but there were only so many times Bucky could hear about how Dugan almost got his leg gnawed off by a rabid squirrel before wanting to strangle the man. So, the next time they had leave Bucky procured a crochet hook and yarn.

His first attempt was worse than that first scarf he had made more than a decade ago, and he could only remember the chain stitch and single crochet, but it gave him something to do.

He slowly improved, and eventually every Howling Commando had a handmade scarf to keep warm.

Steve had three.


He finds Steve after the mess in Sokovia, and he becomes one of the many residents in the Avenger’s Facility. Bucky knows that some of them are expecting him to join the team once he feels up to it, but he’s had a lifetime of fighting and killing already. He doesn’t want to do that anymore.

Before the war, Bucky loved science and science fiction, and he discovered that he still does now. He begins hanging around Dr. Foster’s lab because what she does is just so fascinating, like something out of a book he read as a kid, portals and aliens. Her assistant, Darcy Lewis, usually explains what’s going on whenever she can, but Bucky can tell that a lot of it goes over her head too.

Then one day while they’re waiting for data to collect, Darcy pulls out a green ball of yarn and a crochet hook.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she says as she starts to crochet, “It’s just that my nephew’s birthday is coming up.”

“Got an extra hook in there, doll?” he asks.

She lights up. “Oh, you know how to crochet? Yeah, hang on a sec. How do you feel about an H hook?”

Bucky shrugs, so she digs out a purple skein of yarn and a hook and passes them to him. It’s rough at first, but Darcy patiently helps him through it. The next day she teaches him half double and double stitch, and soon enough it becomes a daily thing.

They begin meeting in one of the common rooms for an hour or so everyday just to crochet and relax, usually with Netflix on in the background. It’s soothing, and creating things- scarves and hats and blankets and little dolls- makes him feel proud and happy.

Sam is the first one to comment, and he does it while Bucky is working on his first amigurumi.

“When did you learn how to knit, Barnes?” he asks.

Darcy explodes.

“It’s crochet, not knit. There is actually a huge difference, okay, and knitting is for the criminally insane. There’s so many different tools that you need to make different projects and if you drop a stitch you’re basically screwed, and crocheting is just way better. I don’t understand why knitting is so popular. Is it because there’s one less syllable? Why?” she rants.

Bucky and Sam look at her with wide eyes.

“Sorry,” she huffs. “You aren’t the first person to call it knitting, and I don’t blame you if you don’t know the difference.”

“Nah, it’s okay,” Sam says, eyeing her warily. “What’re you guys making?”

“A hippo,” Bucky says, studying the pattern in the book.

“Matching blankets for the twins,” Darcy replies. “Do you wanna learn?”

And so their little group grows to three members.

EXCLUSIVE: 1D star and Pussycat Doll had secret fling

EXCLUSIVE by DAN WOOTTON, Head of Showbiz                                              

HARRY Styles had a secret fling with Nicole Scherzinger — 16 years his senior.

The One Direction heart-throb was 19 when he hooked up with the Pussycat Dolls beauty, then 35.

The toy boy, who is now 21, was just 16 when the Pussycat Dolls beauty helped put his band together while judging on The X Factor in 2010.

But their brief romantic liaison took place over three years later when Nicole, now 37, was on a break from Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton in late 2013.

Last night a source close to the stars revealed: “They had a dalliance at the end of the X Factor in 2013 and met up again early last year.

“Harry was obviously very taken by Nicole who is stunning and he had always looked up to her.

“She was a guest judge on X Factor at the time One Direction were formed and has always claimed credit for putting the band together, even though Simon Cowell says it was his idea.

“But they hooked up over three years later when Harry had matured and was a member of the world’s biggest band.

“Harry was 19 at the time but had an old head on his shoulders because he’d already been in a relationship with Caroline Flack who was 14 years older than him.”

The pair openly flirted with each other after meeting when 1D performed their single Midnight Memories at the X Factor final in 2013 and in February next year at a Brit Awards after party hosted by Sony.

A Brits insider said: “They were openly all over each other at Sony’s post-Brits event. They were sitting next to each other, having lots to drink and wildly flirting.

“It was very clear there was an electric chemistry between them and something had gone on.

“Harry had been linked to Kendall Jenner but that was always pretty casual.”

However, friends of Nicole say there was never any intention of a serious relationship.

One pal explained: “Yes they did snog and got on well, but they never dated.”

Harry’s cougar-loving reputation was sparked by his romance with radio DJ Lucy Horobin in 2011, causing the break-up of her marriage before she reconciled with her husband.

Harry was 17 at the time, 15 years younger than the Manchester-based Key 103 presenter.

Months later the 1D star targeted another older woman Caroline Flack, again 15 his senior, after snaring her at an X Factor wrap party.

The relationship didn’t last long and after a brief hook up with US model Emma Ostilly, who is the same age, Harry set his sights on Inbetweeners star Emily Atack in May 2012, this time just the four years separated them.

Made In Chelsea star Caggie Dunlop, four years his senior, was next on Harry’s hit-list two months later after the pair enjoyed a few dates before his most public relationship with US singer Taylow Swift in December 2012. The age gap between the superstars is four years.

Nicole reconciled with Lewis but the pair split in February. The Sun on Sunday revealed in August that Nicole had a brief fling with Harry’s pal Ed Sheeran.


anonymous asked:

You've got me hooked on those freaking dolls. There's a Gareth doll but no Beth doll? And I loved Ty, but he never became the TV fan favorite that he was in the comics to sell a boatload of toys. They must've seen how quickly EK's coffee packs sold out, how many Instagram followers she has. WHY would they not go for that easy money? It's such a glaring miss to skip over Beth on all the toys.

I’ve been obsessing about the action figures for the past 2 days, right alongside with my usual obsessing over the theme song.

Just wait.  They’ll release it when Beth is revealed alive.