hooked on a feeling (from reservoir


A/N: Guess who’s finally writing this thing a month after Halloween. I’ve been crazy busy. Anyway Ashton dressed as (idk if it’s Mr. Orange, Mr. White etc.) one of the guys from Reservoir Dogs had my knees weak like unf. So I decided to write a smut on it. Since his costume was Quentin Tarantino themed, Y/N’s costume is Santanico Pandemonium (pictured above. Of course Tarantino’s version), so enjoy!

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     A smirk made its way onto your face as Ashton slid into the seat next to you. All night guys had been coming up to you. Trying to know your name and get your number. You knew what it was. The costume you had on wasn’t necessarily a costume. In your words it was more lingerie than anything, the idea for the costume costume wasn’t yours either, more so your best friend’s. “You love the film series, so why not go as your favorite character!” she had said. It seemed somewhat fitting and the fact that you already had the costume on hand (bought as a joke) made the decision official. You could see out the corner of your eye that he was staring, but you couldn’t blame him. “Are you going to introduce yourself or just stare,” you said, turning in your seat to face him. He was taken off guard, mouth parting as his eyes glanced you up and down. He had only seen you from behind, but now looking at the costume as a whole that was something different. 

“I’m Ashton, what’s your name?” he smiled, holding out his hand. Ashton was trying his hardest not to stare at anything other than your face. 

“Y/N,” you replied, shaking Ashton’s hand slowly. “Now who might you be dressed as?” you asked, fingers hooking under his suspenders and snapping it. Ashton could feel the stinging pain from the snap, but it only seemed to ignite his desire for you. 

“I’m one of the guys from Reservoir Dogs,” he told you, lifting the glass of alcohol to his lips and taking a sip. “You on the other hand, I can’t figure out who you’re suppose to be.” You lightly laughed at his words, petting the faux yellow python around your neck. “I mean red and black lingerie set, cape, feathered crown, and snake…” he trailed off, licking his lips as his eyes landed on the exposed skin of your cleavage.

“I’m Santanico Pandemonium, exotic dancer/vampire queen,” you told Ashton, “She lures her victims, mostly men, in by seducing them…then she bites them.”

“So you’re a seductress,” Ashton laughed loudly. He wasn’t at all surprised especially from the way you were dressed. “Have you seduced anyone tonight?” he questioned. As much as Ashton didn’t want to admit it, you were making him extremely hard. You shook your head at his question.

“Not yet, but I got my eyes set on someone,” you said, grabbing the ginger ale the bartender had set in front of you and taking a sip from it. There was a glint in your eye as you looked at him, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as you thought about ripping that bloodied shirt off of him. “I’m gonna go mingle and meet new people,” you said, sliding out your chair. You took two steps forward, stopping in track and looking over your shoulder at him. “Nice meeting you, Ashton.” He watched you leave, eyes locked on your exposed ass. Yeah, you had him hooked.

     Ashton roughly pushed you back against the wall, hands sliding over your skin and gripping at your thighs. All night he had to watch men drool over you, chat you up, hit on you. God it made him angry, but it only made his desire for you grow stronger. This was the setback to your relationship being private. “Who told you to pick out that costume?” Ashton growled, slowly pulling the snake away from your neck. 

“Justine was the one who recommended it,” you told Ashton, “Do you like it?” He nodded furiously, lips colliding with yours in a heated kiss. You moaned against his lips, fingers tugging at the hair on the back of his neck. The two of you had wanted to spice up your sex life and try new things. After writing out suggestions on pieces of paper, you had settled on role play. It had been picked at a perfect time, the two of you having been invited to a Halloween party that weekend; the prefect place to pretend not to know each other.

“I like it a lot, but next time more clothes please,” he whispered, hands going around to unclasp your bra. Your lips connected with his neck, teeth sinking into his skin and sucking in a love bite. His body tensed at the feeling, grip on your waist tightening. The costume was perfect for you, a vampire seductress. You loved to mark Ashton’s body, leaving love bites all over. With his distracted state, you pulled away, sinking down onto your knees and working at the button of his pants. Ashton yanked off his suspenders, taking the crown off your head and tossing it someplace in the living room. “You have no idea how hard I am for you,” he hummed. The feeling of your hand brushing over his bulge made a moan erupt from his lips. You tugged at his pants in a haste, knowing he wanted to be in your mouth just as much as you wanted to have it there. 

“You look so fucking hot all bloodied up,” you told him, eyeing his clothed cock with hunger. The air around the room was thick, lust clouded eyes tracing over each others skin. Your fingertips outlined his bulge, making goosebumps rise over his skin. There was no doubt that you were teasing him. You leaned forward, lips kissing at his clothed cock. Ashton’s breath hitched in his throat, eyes blissfully closing. It wasn’t enough, he needed more. 

“Y/N please,” Ashton gasped, hands running through your hair. You smirked, hooking your fingers into the waistband of his boxer briefs and slowly pulling them down. Cold air hit against his pulsating cock, Ashton’s head dropping as a whimper left his lips. 

“Ssshhh, I got you baby,” you whispered, grabbing his cock in one hand. Your head tilted to the side, tongue coming out to lick a long swipe up the side of his cock. Ashton’s grip in your hair tightened at the feeling and you repeated the action a few times. Your tongue circled around the tip before you sucked on the head, tasting the salty precum. Throaty moans were leaving Ashton’s lips as you hollowed your mouth and took him halfway down your mouth. Just the sight of you down on your knees and giving him head made Ashton want to cum right then and there. He didn’t think role playing would have this much affect on him. Your head lifted up so you could take a breath of air and soon you were back down, taking him all the way down your throat this time. His head fell back between his shoulders, mouth parting as silent gasps left his lips. You bobbed your head at a steady pace, hand gently squeezing his cock. Gurgled sounds filled the room as Ashton took control, slowly thrusting his hips and fucking your mouth. You moaned around him, the reverberations making his grip at your hair tighter. You reached a hand out, starting to fondle his balls and rolling them in your hands. “Fuck just like that Princess,” he whispered, slowly pulling out and watching a string of saliva follow. “I’m going to take you right here on this kitchen table,” Ashton said in a low voice. Neither of you had made it to the bedroom, dirty up any part of his place as you could.

“I don’t think Calum would like that,” you said, standing up so that you were face to face with him. His hands landed on your hips, backing you up towards the table. Your lipstick was smeared everywhere: on your cheek, covering Ashton’s skin, a thin rim of it around his cock. You slid onto the table, letting out soft moans as he began to massage your breasts. 

“I’m not afraid of Calum…Are these bigger?” Ashton questioned with raised eyebrows, pinching at one of your nipples. “I could’ve sworn they were smaller than this,” he commented, squeezing at the soft flesh. You smiled at his words, pulling him into another passionate kiss and wrapping your legs around his waist.

“Maybe,” you mumbled against his lips, letting out a breathy moan as he pushed his crotch into yours. Ashton tore your panties off leaving you fully nude on his kitchen table. His kisses scattered over your face, nipping at your skin and trailing down your body. He ran a finger between your folds, holding in a groan at how wet you had become. Your juices already coating his fingers. 

“Daddy wants to taste you,” Ashton said against your skin, kissing at your navel before coming face to face with your dripping core. You wiggled in your spot, resting back on the table and waiting with bated breath for Ashton to do something. Your clit had been throbbing for him all night. The thought of his tongue being inside of you, playing with your clit, and just tongue fucking you, had you dripping wet. A gasp of pleasure left your lips as he kitty licked between your folds. “Taste amazing,” he said, the tip of his tongue playing with your clit. Your legs quivered at the sensation, closing around his head. Ashton pushed your legs down, nipping at your bundle of nerves before blowing cool air onto it. Your breath hitched in your throat, chest beginning to rise at a fast pace. Eyes closing in bliss, you milked in the pleasure and felt two of his fingers slide into you. You moaned out his name, pushing your heat into his face even more. Ashton began to thrust his fingers in and out of you, curling them up so that the tips brushed over your g-spot. Your hands reached out, gripping the air as you let the moans loose. 

“Shit,” you breathed, biting down hard onto your bottom lip. He pulled his fingers out, really beginning to eat you out. “Yes daddy, oh fuck!” you gulped, hand hitting against the table. You were on the brink of cumming, Ashton deciding that now was the time to pull away. “Oh you ass!” you whined at no longer feeling pleasure. Ashton winked at you, stroking his cock twice before lining up at your entrance. You sat up, lips connecting in a raunchy, feverish kiss. Your body tensed for a second as he slowly pushed in, your tongues battling it out. Ashton bit onto your bottom lip, pulling at it, and thrusting all the way into you. The kiss broke, his face burying into the crook of your neck and letting out throaty moans. You both stayed like that for a few seconds, bodies locked together and breathing in sync. Ashton began to pull out until the head of his cock was just in, snapping his hips until he was back inside. The action knocked the wind out of you and he repeated it, moaning into your neck. His strokes were deep, every inch of his cock could be felt as he slid in and out of you. You wrapped your legs around him, drawing him in even closer. Ashton began to whisper filthy things into your ear, telling you everything he planned to do for round two. The pace began to pick up and you could soon feel the table start to move under you. 

“I swear if you keep clenching like that…fuck I’m gonna burst,” Ashton whimpered, eyes closing as he tried to focus on not coming too soon. It felt so good to have you wrapped around his cock. Your core making his cock drenched and warm. The sounds of your fucking could be heard around the small kitchen. Neither of you cared that Calum could be home any second, soaking in the pleasure and just becoming one. You pushed your hips forward, matching his thrusts. Fingers digging into his back and beginning to claw, drawing blood. Ashton was hitting all the right spots, making your body quiver within his touch. Your screams of pleasure bounced off the walls, neck falling to the side as Ashton began to suck love bites into your neck. This went on for a few minutes and soon he pulled out. Ashton pulled you off the table and turned you around. Your front half pressed against the cold wood of the table and once again he filled you to the brim. Ashton wanted to fuck you properly; doggy styling it out. His hands gripped at your waist, sure to leave marks as he pounded into you from behind. You were already so close, Ashton never letting you cum from when he was eating you out. From how fast he was going and how sloppy his thrusts were, you knew Ashton was close too. Your mind began to wander and you thought on telling Ashton the news you had, the coldness of the wood against your hard nipples had you cumming within minutes. The words falling from your lips before you could even register it. 

“I’M PREGNANT!” you moaned out, hearing Ashton grunt and swear in pleasure as he came a minute later. He quickly pulled out, coating your ass in his load. “Fuck,” you whispered, realizing what you had said. The room went quiet and you stood. Not wanting to listen to the silence for too long, you headed to the bathroom to think about what you wanted to say to him. Ashton was too quiet for your liking and once you head finished using the bathroom, you hesitantly went to look for him. Finding Ashton sitting at the edge of his bed. He stared at you in awe, mouth agape as your words continued to washed over him. “Please say something,” you sheepishly grinned, arms crossing over your chest to cover your breasts as you suddenly felt exposed. 

“We gotta replace the word daddy,” Ashton blurted. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion,

“What?” you questioned, expecting him to say something much different than that. Your back pressed against the door frame, eyes wide as Ashton quickly stood up and rushed over to you. A smile was on his face, and he cupped your cheeks, kissing you with passion.

“You call me daddy during sex, so I don’t really want to hear my child calling me that…It’ll be weird,” he mumbled against your lips. You smiled at the fact that he wasn’t opposed to the idea of having a child with you.

“You’re right we ruined that word and it lost all innocence,” you agreed, “So you don’t mind having a child with me?” Ashton shook his head, taking you by surprise and picking you up. He carried you towards the bed, carefully laying you down on the mattress. 

“I don’t mind at all, it’s exciting actually. I mean we’ve been together long enough,” he said, “I wouldn’t object to having children with you.” You grinned, turning over so that you could straddle him, lips colliding with his in a feverish kiss. His words turned you on and you could feel the wetness pool once again. 

“God I love you,” you whispered against his lips, fingertips tracing over it. 

“I love you too. Now, what do you think about pizza and more sex?” he questioned, bucking his hips up. You let out a small gasp, eyes closing in pleasure as you nodded in agreement. Laughter leaving your lips as Ashton flipped you over, peppering your face with kisses. You had no idea how happy you made him tonight. His dream of starting a family finally coming true.