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Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher  (October 21, 1956 – December 27, 2016)

“One of the great things to pretend is that you’re not only alright, you’re in great shape. Now to have that come true - I’ve actually gone on stage depressed and that’s worked its magic on me, ‘cause if I can convince you that I’m alright, then maybe I can convince me.”

Kenny: I know you guys are friends but you have to agree that that was a dick move. I mean, who the fuck makes up a rumor like that?! Does Tweek even know what kind of asshole he’s tying himself to? Listen right- 

Clyde: Kenny, where’s Kevin?

Kenny: You’re not serious about actually hooking up with my brother…

Kenny: Now you mention it, where is Kevin?


Project Disney Week 2

Wednesday: Favorite Quotes

RAPUNZEL: We made it.

FLYNN RIDER: Your hair glows.

RAPUNZEL: I’m alive. I’m alive!

FLYNN RIDER: Never seen that coming. Her hair actually glows.


FLYNN RIDER: Why does her hair glow?



RAPUNZEL: It doesn’t just glow.

FLYNN RIDER: Why is he smiling at me?

For Chez stuckindisney. Hi Chez if you see this, I hope this makes you feel a little better.



#I think Killian’s transformation into a lieutenant is so important. #He wasn’t always an uptight man who lived by the rules. #No, he chose to be one because the last time he drank, it cost his and his brother’s freedom. #And he doesn’t want to do that anymore. #Killian stopped drinking because he wanted to be worthy of his brother, didn’t want to cause his ideal hero any shame. #Liam reached his dreams of becoming a captain in the navy and he doesn’t want to ruin this. #Not again. #Killian spent his whole life trying to be worthy of the people he loved, first Liam and then Emma. #It was indeed bloody time he realized he was good enough for them both.

  • Hook: If my brother could see me now, he'd be so ashamed.
  • Emma: What do you mean?
  • Hook: Of the pirate I became after his death.
  • Emma: *laughs*
  • Hook: Are you laughing at me Swan?
  • Emma: Yes. Because if your brother could see you now, he'd be so proud of the man you are today.
  • Hook: *looks away*
  • Emma: *makes him look at her* Of the man I fell in love with.

EH is cringe-worthy awkward I’d rather die than hook up with my sis/brother’s former lover and mother/father of his/her child. How low can your morals get within your own family? There’s nothing noble about Elijah his hands are as bloody as any of them and his strategy is non-existent. It seems to me that Klaus is the only sane one left and the only one that doesn’t promote incestuous relationships. Thank God they pick him to be Hope’s dad and not Elijah.

Klaus’s life is a different level of fucked up just think about it : Your adopted child hooks up with your lil sister behind your back then she plots with him to get rid of you with the help of your stepfather that wants you dead. You find a hot wolf girl and she wants you. Your one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy and before you even process this and get used to the idea that you’re a father despite being dead for over 1000 year your big bro snatches your baby momma and sweeps off her feet without even bothering to ask you “ hey are you ok with it?” but instead they both accuse you of wanting to use your unborn child for your selfish agenda and treat you like you’re the big bad wolf despite you saving everyone’s ass. Then your baby momma and your bro play family in your home. Your daughter is born and you barely have any time to bond with this little fragile soul because another smart ass called Jackson wants to play dad in her life ( and also marry your baby momma) AND run away with her and Hope leaving you alone. TF? the mtfker finally dies and so does your jealousy but wait you can’t rest now cause the writers make you push your bby momma to get with your bro only a few days before he actually fucks up again by killing your adopted son that you were trying your best to convince not to turn against you and your family. while you morn your presumed dead adopted son ( that plans to kill you now) your bro and bby momma screw over and over again for each stupid fucking decision Elijah has made because poor 1000 year old baby needs comfort from 25 year old Hayley!!. Yes I said all this in one breath of anger

Hayley life is as fucked up as Klaus’s. They downgrade her character so much. because she’s so strong they want to keep her from thinking logically they try to give her personality flaws but instead they just drag her from being powerful and keeping her words to acting all innocent and shy and forgiving . She only acts normal around Klaus. no facade, she laughs she smiles ,she screams she argues she’s sarcastic, wicked or upset but she is true to HERSELF. She doesn’t act like anybody else and only Klaus saw her in her natural form, she shares secrets, hopes and fears and exactly what’s on her mind with him. Elijah and Jackson fell in love with this “angel” side of her but not the full package.They are repelled at the sight of her killing people. but that’s what she is, she is a killer, she is a hybrid.  In their mind she’s a beautiful woman ,a mother but not an equal. Klaus fights alongside her like her equal, for him she’s both a mother, a beautiful strong young woman and a killer.  I feel like Klaus is the only one willing to accept that. Elijah gesture of killing all the remaining vampires on her list only proves my point . He didn’t do it for her to set her mind at ease. She could’ve easily finish the job. He did it because the thought of her slaughtering vampires repulses him. His image of what he wants her to be gets distorted, her “purity “ gets stained by blood. it’s the same thing that happened when she turned into a hybrid and Elijah didn’t get her . He was turned off by “killer Hayley” (I guess he has a mother fetish besides incest and pregnant fetish) while she was hunting/training in the woods with Klaus. Jackson always had an inferiority complex around her because he needed to feel like a strong man/alpha to get it up so she had to assure him and downgrade herself in order to make him feel powerful. Same as Elijah he needed to be treated like a baby. They both seek comfort and approval from her in order to boost their ego while Klaus is the true man here. 


#teamKlaus all the way!