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I was tagged by spooniegoestocollege and sydnip to post selfies to promote self-positivity (or something like that lol)
I’m only going to say something about a few pics.

Pic 1⃣: Most recent selfie, I just got my hurr did💁🏽

Pic 2⃣: Was at a hookah Lounge in Seattle for my sister’s 18th birthday. We went to a strip club right after😉👯

Pic 4⃣: Myself and my beautiful bbs on my birthday last year❤️

Pic 8⃣: Was the second after I spontaneously bought the best little puppy in the world, Gracie. She’s two years old now and is the smartest most human acting and loving dog I’ve ever met, I truly believe I was meant to be there right at that moment because she totally belongs in our family🐶💖💖

And last but not least,

Pic 🔟: My dad and I, on our birthday. We’re birthday twins! I was born on his 19th birthday and because of that we have the weirdest but coolest bond ever and we have identical brains lol. I am a Daddy’s Girl for life. 👨🏽💭💞👩🏽💭

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