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Greetings from Tehran. We’re here to cover Iran’s election - Hassan Rouhani, the president who made a nuclear deal with the U.S. and other powers, wants a second term - but there is so much more to explore. On Morning Edition we’re asking how Iran has changed in four years under Rouhani. And here On the Road we’re taking in scenes of Iran. This restaurant, called Thousand Hands, contains one little sign of change. The man puffing a hookah, in a smoking room reserved for men, is also reading his phone: phone data networks have been upgraded, creating bandwidth for more online business - and political activity. Join us On the Road the next few days.

– Steve Inskeep and Kevin Leahy

Luke Brooks One Shot for Kaitlyn

Luke Brooks One Shot for Kaitlyn

The neon lights of the club that illuminated the darkness, the deafening bass and mixing beats that the DJ was dropping, coupled with the amount of alcohol already flooding your system was enough to make this night unforgettable. You were dancing crazily with your best friends, not a care in the world. Adrenaline coursed through your veins; this was your first time clubbing. You were only seventeen, but your friend Alyssa had somehow scored a fake I.D for you and your other friend Natalie.

You could barely see a few feet in front of you, the darkness and crowd of bodies swaying along with the music. You smiled to your friends, the same drunk buzz lighting their eye’s, as is lighting up your own. You swung your hips from side to side, your uncharacteristically scandalous outfit attracting the attention of many of those around you. But you weren’t really here for guys, mostly to just let loose with your girlfriends. Your long hair swung around your body, the smile on your face growing as you saw Natalie wink at you and laugh.

Suddenly, before you could react, you felt a large pair of hands settle onto your hips. You jumped a little bit, but you continued to dance to the beat of the music, which blasted through your ears. You felt the stranger pull you closer to his body, and you could tell that he was in good shape from the feeling of his chest against your back. You smirked to yourself, taking another sip of your alcoholic cocktail, before spinning around to see the stranger who you were currently dancing all over. Your breath hitched in your throat as you came face to face with the hottest guy you had ever personally seen in your life.

He was smirking, and biting a lip ring that was curled around a pair of perfect lips. He had his nose pierced and a strip of blue hair in the front of his head. You smirked at him, the darkness only allowing you to see so much of him. He pulled you into him again, as “Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez filled the club, the beat being manipulated and quickened by the DJ. You went along with the strange boys action, swaying your hips again, and letting your head fall to the influence of the music.

His grip on your body tightened, and you giggled lightly to yourself, people and colors running by in blurs. “I’m Luke.” The boy growled in your ear and you smiled. You had never heard a more perfect voice, for a more perfect boy. He looked rebellious, cocky, and confident. The exact opposite of who you would usually go for, but then again, everything you have done tonight is out of the norm for you, a little more risk won’t hurt right?

“Kaitlyn.” You said back quickly. You were close enough now to see the boys eyes, and how dark and rich they were. They were dilated, your reflection shining back through them. A warm feeling spread through your body, as he crashed his lips onto yours. Heat and tension grew between you two, the kiss soon turning into a full on make out session on the middle of the club dance floor, with some stranger you only knew the first name of. But nonetheless, your heart raced and practically tried to jump out of your chest. Luke ran his hands over your back heavily, before settling them low on your waist. You smirked into the kiss, your tongues weaving an erotic and passionate dance together.

The effects of sexual tension and alcohol clouded your judgment, and you pulled away from him smirking, pushing him backwards into the wall behind you all. His back hit the wall, his eyes widening, but a smirk matching yours twisted onto his face. You smashed your lips to his again, sensuality filling the little space between the two of you. You ran your hands along his chest, his muscles creating ridges underneath your hands. You could feel his heart racing in his chest, and you felt yours beat in time. He groaned a throaty groan, flipping you over so your back hit the wall hard.

You ran your hands up his body, gripping the roots of his hair tightly as his hands snacked up your shirt quickly. Completely and utterly uncharacteristic. This is something that you would NEVER have done had you been sober. But that is what made it exciting, and all the more intriguing. Luke had pushed you harder into the wall at this point, his kisses making there way down to your neck, where he sucked roughly.

Ecstasy filled your hormone-ragged body, and things became even blurrier and slower. You pulled at his hair a little harder, causing him to only kiss you neck harder. You moaned quietly, or loudly, you don’t really know. The music and people noise is so loud that no one would really notice you guys anyways. He worked his way back up to your lips, intoxicating you to the point of dizziness.

Before you knew what was happening, your legs were around his waist, ankles locked. You were being slightly sloppy about the whole things, and he was stumbling around trying to find a bathroom or a bedroom. Hell, an empty car. But neither of you had your eyes open, and you were attached at nearly every part of your body. You moved your kisses down this time, sucking on his neck lightly. You could feel physical goose bumps raise on his skin, and he was breathing shakily. He led you through the crowd of people, holding up your light weight easily.

“Luke?” You heard a boys voice call after the boy whose neck you were currently covering in love bites. Luke spun around, and faced the boy. You looked up, your vision shaking before stabilizing for a second. You saw a boy, who looked slightly similar to Luke, but you didn’t care about that boy. You wanted to get back to Luke.

You captured Luke’s lips in a wildly inappropriate and heavy kiss, which he reciprocated by shoving his tongue in your mouth. You threw your arms around his neck, bringing him closer to you. Sparks flew from around your two bodies, the temperature raising a hundred degrees in seconds flat. Luke continued stumbling around, running his hands aimlessly over your back, hiking up your shirt slightly in the process.

After an impossibly long cab trip, the cabby being nearly sickened by the fact that you were both practically having sex in the back of the car. Your shirt had been ditched before you had even stepped into the car, and by the time he pulled up to what you assumed was Luke’s house, the cabby didn’t even ask for money, just told you guys to get the hell out of his cab. You hopped out quickly, pulling Luke out by collar, attaching your lips to his again desperately. Let me stress again, there is absolutely no way in counting how many drinks had been downed between the two to of you.

He picked you up again, gripping your thighs tightly as he practically ran to his door, fumbling with it while you nibbled on his bottom lip sharply. Finally, he opened the door, walking you both into the living room. You could smell smoke, and it was slightly dark. Out of curiosity you pulled away, to see a group of guys sitting around a hookah in a living room of a big house. They were all looking at you guys with there mouths open, and eyebrows raised. You shrugged lightly, before kissing Luke hungrily again. He stumbled backward slightly in surprise, but soon recovered, and let you both off away from the living room.

You could slightly hear wolf whistles in the background, and you just smirked into the kiss, as Luke kicked open a door to what you assumed was a bedroom, and then kicked it closed again with a thwack.

Not before long, both of your bodies were sinking into a mattress, lips attached, bodies pressed flushed together as you did things that you might regret in the morning. Eh, you’ll just sleep in late.

oh my goodness, last night. i can’t remeber the last time i lauged that hard, that much & it wasn’t from the purple haze. & i can’t remember the last time i slept this late! ugh, lazy sunday to the extreme. i got an ab workout from laughing and a leg workout from my favorite shoes. hope the little sister enjoyed her birthday! & i love this dress from tasnim!