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So I wanted to say thank you over twitter but 140 characters isn't enough. I found ML at a time in which I needed a good tv show in my life, something constant and developing that I could tune into and look forward to. ML became that. It's been a few months since I started watching, and I'm hooked. ML has encouraged me to pick up my pencil and draw again, to review my French, and to keep looking ahead. Thank you.

Glad to hear. Never stop drawing! ^^


So.. The concert may have ended up being a complete disaster. But hey, at least one good thing came out of that night.. and no, it wasn’t learning how to throw a right hook at some wasted A-hole who decided to start a fight before the band even made it on stage. I totally did though, it was awesome. Less awesome was the whole panicking and getting lost part.. Not so cool.

“Scram! Psst!.. *sigh* Poppy, your cat’s still an asshole.”

Oh. Yeah.. So I may have freaked a little and stayed the night after the concert. WHAT?! It’s not my fault.. I was scared.. and alone.. Or at least for the first night. It’s been about a week now, so we moved Dumbles in.

“Look Dumble-dick, move or drown. It’s your call-..”
“Alright, alright! I’m coming. Just don’t get his fur wet.. He’s super absorbent!”

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connor wyd "a couple days" doesn't mean 5,,,

Sighhh, yeah. It’s fine though. He’s having a great time with his brother, so he has a pretty good reason to miss Troye’s concert. He’s shown so much support in the past, I think he can get off the hook for missing this concert ^_^

Here is The Thing

The Blacklist needs Tom Keen too stay on the show just like Once Upon a Time needs Captain Hook to stay on the show. They are NOT real characters but are good actors that appeal to a lot women (me included) with a pulse (before I get hate mail I said a lot not all. Shows that are battling for ratings has to try and get as many followers as possible so you got people that love a strong female lead or a strong male lead you’ve got people that prefer gorgeous women and people that prefer handsome men. If you can hit most of these demographics then you may have jackpot. The show would be less in my opinion without Tom and Liz like Once wouldn’t be the same without Emma and Hook
I maybe the only keen2 shipper but I know I am not alone.


           Pleasant sounds of a tavern full of people and buzzing of
           rum in one’s head, that was exactly what Edward Teach 
           loved beyond everything. Well, nearly everything. The only
           thing he loved more was the sea
           Captain Blackbeard, the most dreadful of pirates, his name 
           causing fear even among all other pirates, was having incredibly
           good evening, until someone decided to interrupt him. 
           The sea wasn’t big enough for two pirate captains, not to
           mention a tavern like this one. So when Captain Hook and his
           crew entered it, everyone went silent. 

                                    “My, my, look over here,
                                  boys! Isn’t that Captain Hook
                                               and him crew?

ROC53 Sneak Peek

Entering “Uncle Crocodile”:

“Perhaps we should begin with a gesture of good faith.” Reaching under the counter, Rumplestiltskin picked up the jar he’d long left hidden there.  Why he’d kept the hand, particularly after Hook’s recent misadventures with it, he had no idea.  Now, however, the hand was a useful olive branch.

“You going to mock me with that again?” Hook bristled immediately.  “I’m not so easily fooled a second time, Cro—err, uh, Gold.”

Rumplestiltskin couldn’t help snorting.  Better man he might have been, but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to remind Hook why he’d had so much trouble with that hand of his.  “If I recall correctly, I didn’t mock you with the hand the first time.  You blackmailed me and demanded it back, and I gave you exactly what you asked for.  Your hand wasn’t cursed, but it was a part of the old you.  That meant the hand contained a part of your old soul, complete with the villainous and vicious pirate you weren’t quite over.  Given time, you would have overcome it, and it would have become part of what you are now.”

His explanation only earned him a glare. “Then why bring it up now?”  

“As I said, I think a peace offering is in order.” He shrugged. “If you want your hand back, it’s yours.”



      stiles had been doing conventions long before he graduated high school. now that he was in college, he had a good two handfuls under his belt and it was his version of a vacation. he felt more like himself here, with people who understood him and thought like him, than he ever did in classes or at work.

            and if that meant he felt at home in a deadpool costume that desperately needed to be drycleaned, then so be it.

      and, dragging his best friend to conventions had be the best thing he had ever done. after his first, scott was hooked. 

      stiles doesn’t like clique; however, he doesn’t quite remember why he picked deadpool. EVERYONE does deadpool. maybe the appeal of it was being able to run around like an idiot. that was definitely it.

     and how he got up behind a karaoke microphone that smelled like a few too many wonderwomen and harley quinns couldn’t hold their mixed drinks – he could blame scott for that. and stiles wasn’t even drunk yet.

     albeit – he looked the part. no one would care if he actually couldn’t sing.

       and as the saxophone intro started, he told himself mentally – i can do this. it was the whole point of putting on the suit; he wasn’t stiles. not right now.

        “ who’s going to be my sexy sax player? “ stiles yelled over the music, lowering the microphone so he didn’t deafen anyone. he grinned under the mask, swinging his hips in an uncoordinated manner and swaying his body with it until the words started.

         “ i feel so unsure – “ and no, stiles wasn’t a great singer. it wasn’t HORRIBLE, but it was mediocre at best. 

      thankfully, the microphone was cordless. so, he rounded the karaoke machine and grabbed the closest cute girl in costume to him – which happened to be what he recognized as a mikasa. and he held out a hand to her - waiting for her to take it. because, while he was deadpool, he wasn’t going to be a dick and encroach on her personal space. he wiggled his fingers, “ - as i take your hand and lead you to the dance floor. “

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Hey, I'm actually in a relationship right now with a boy who didn't think he liked boys. We hooked up a couple times, and he said basically the same thing about "if he were to date a guy it would be me". Been dating for almost six months now. Things are good. He is way more into girls than guys, but he's into me more than anything so that's pretty cool. I'm happy. Things can be hard with me feeling insecure, but I love him and I'm happy to see where things go. Just my experience. :)

Omg that is beautiful, I’m so happy for you and just wanna give you a big hug :’) ❤ Gives me hope but idk :/ Guess I’ll just have to see where things go!

I might be a bit asexual

I think i might be asexual. I don’t really know, but yeah like asexuality is something that described my nonexsisting sex life. Although i do get horny soneyines but its like hardly once in a month.
A few months ago i started dating a guy (i started dating him especially because i wanted to see what is it that everyone talks about so much). And then we broke up (we barely dated so it wasn’t really heart breaking, and besides, we became very good friends from that incident). He wants to have a girlfriend, to have a one night stand tp hook up with someone. So i agreed to help him. And i am a girl that doesn’t really know when people speak seriously. And at one point he was like: well, why don’t you offer yourself. And he told me once again that from the very first start he aimed for that eventually I’ll offer myself. But you see, even if it’s just for the experience, im still a virgin, and sex isn’t one of the things thay i feel the need to do. So like even as a hood friwnd i cant help him like i wont offer myself, and i dont know girls that are at it. And i really cant see what he sees in me, til now i thought that he might like talking to me but i guess he was just horny ans had hoped i would have sex with him
Ugh i dont know what to do.


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I’ve made it known before that I am not big of non-canon fandom stuff, but if there’s one that has me 100% invested, it’s zarla’s Handplates AU.
So here is some fan art, ironically enough without handplates. Because I kinda completely forgot to draw the thing that this story is god damned named after.

I’m sure most are at least familiar with this AU, but to sum it up, it’s basically the idea of a not-so-nice Gaster (who also has a badass design in this may I say) creating Sans and Papyrus, or more accurately, Subject 1 and Subject 2.
They are not having a good time.

The big thing about this AU that keeps me hooked is just how well it’s written. The emotions are depicted wonderfully, and the plot is just far enough removed from what I perceive as Undertale, that I can almost enjoy is as a separate thing entirely, which is probably why I, a boring canon-lover, can still get so damn invested in this.

Also Sans and Papyrus are written really nicely in this??? That’s a major plus.

I’m just a big fan of this storyline, and I get hype when a new page comes out.

It’s 7am I should go to sleep

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Killian Jones Hiatus Meme
Week 8 // Favorite Episode: 4x15, Poor Unfortunate Soul

The sea witch, Ursula… Remember I said I had a past with her, now is the time to use it. How? By taking a page out of your book, Swan. I’m going to return her happy ending. Can you really do that? Aye, because I’m the one who took it in the first place.

I think we’re all on the same page here as far as that goes. Holmes and Watson’s relationship is sacred, and if you change that, then the show is not about Holmes and Watson anymore. There are some things you can play with and some you can’t. The fact that one’s a man and one’s a woman is irrelevant; it’s who they are as people that’s important. The original Holmes and Watson were not romantically involved and, therefore, neither should we [be romantically involved]. It’s good to have people’s minds racing and thinking one thing or another, but we’re in the Holmes and Watson business. That won’t change unless someone else swoops in and takes over and turns the ship upside-down.
—  Jonny Lee Miller: Sherlock and Watson won’t hook up  (“Elementary has, so far, steered away from any romance between Holmes and Watson.”)

Headcanon where BB-8 walks in on Finn and Poe doin’ the dirty (which is private and they haven’t told anyone really but everyone is SUPER suspicious) and because he is so innocent, he just shrieks like “I KNEW HE WAS TROUBLE I HAD MY SUSPICIONS!” Because he doesn’t understand that Finn is NOT hurting Poe. And he rolls over to Rey like SCREAMING and Rey is like “hold up! You’re hysterical!” And BB-8 explains that this no-good-untrustworthy-jacket-stealing man is hurting his master, and Rey takes a second and is like “HAHA, Jess owes me now!” (Because you know, everyone is making these bets when they’ll finally hook up), and BB-8 is confused like why aren’t you fighting Finn with your Jedi powers, so Rey takes a little walk with the droid and explains what he actually seen

Later on, after a short, interrupted, while, Poe RUNS to BB-8 like “I’M SO SORRY I SHOULD HAVE-” but BB-8 is just beeping happily like he’s laughing, like “I know what you did now” and rolls away. Finn comes out kinda confused that BB-8 just stood there and looked up at him and laughed and the entire room just bursts into applause at the two and exchanging bet money with each other because the little shit had to tell EVERYONE

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It's funny, babygate might achieve its original intended effects anyway. After this story breaks the public will be much better acquainted with Louis' name and face. He'll be in good graces. And i really do believe a skillful CO will be able to deflect babygate history. I think if after BG they move onto prep for CO the public will latch on because 1) Louis is now a familiar figure 2) they're hooked on his story

Omg this is so bizarre and ironic, and I think right.

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How come no one has done Alex/Cat yet? There's Kara/Cat, Astra/Cat, Astra/Alex, but Cat/Alex? Nope! Imagine they meet on a blind date and hit it off... Imagine Kara's reaction... Imagine the badassness of these two powerful ladies!

This isn’t exactllyyyy what you asked me to imagine… but I couldn’t imagine someone actually thinking it was a good idea to set these two up on a blind date. So here’s this trash instead (it’s still Alex/Cat, I promise).

“You know, jazz really is one of the most important music genres. I’d love to take you to a show sometime.” 

Alex just nodded, not really paying attention to the man in front of her anymore, just quietly sipping wine and trying not to say anything too inflammatory. It was the fourth blind date her mother had set her up on this year; needless to say, it was not going particularly well. It was one of those dates where he wouldn’t stop talking about himself and his achievements, which could actually describe most of the dates her mother pushed her into. 

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