If the Hook antis are getting you down just remember:
  • Captain Swan is canon true love
  • they now share a home and a room and a bed now which means coffee is HAPPENING
  • we get BEAUTIFUL onscreen smooches quite often
  • Hook has been to hell and back because he chose death over hurting his loved ones
  • Zeus, God of Gods, approves of CS so hard that he sent Hook back to Emma
  • Hook has taught Henry how to sail
  • he’s shared stories of young Baelfire with Henry
  • he’s teaching Henry the fine skills of swordplay
  • he constantly encourages and praises Henry, and even includes him in several of his rescue/hero plans
  • in the alternate reality, he didn’t even know who Emma and Henry were to him, but he still sacrificed himself to keep them safe
  • Hook endearingly teased Henry about his crush on Violet
  • seriously, did you see his stupid adorable face? ugh
  • David is totally in bro-love with Hook (i mean, let’s be honest, he so wants Hook to love his pancake recipe)
  • Captain Charming has hugged. And it was amazing.
  • Snow was 100% on board with going to the Underworld to save Hook because “Love is worth it”
  • Hook is a hero. Flawed, like every other character, but a hero.
  • we are incredibly lucky fans :)
  • (and, like, do I even need to mention how wonderful Colin is?)

The “Unnamed N++ Style Game With Grappling Hook Prototype” is a hitherto unnamed game that blends (as you may guess) the fast paced action platforming of N++ with the Worms-esque grappling hook gameplay and adds some cool little twists that we won’t spoil.

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Damn right, Henry. Hook would NEVER hurt this family.

Even when the darkness was coursing through his veins and promised him a way to finally get the revenge that he had spent centuries pursuing and the cost was Emma’s family he still couldn’t do it. He had every Dark One there cheering him on but he fought with every bit of strength he could muster to not only save everyone from the fate that his previous weakness had condemned them to but to eradicate the Dark One forever. When faced with the choice of finally getting his vengeance and killing everyone or sacrificing himself, Killian chose to give up his own life to save everyone else.

So yeah, Henry knows first hand that Killian would never hurt this family.