If the Hook antis are getting you down just remember:
  • Captain Swan is canon true love
  • they now share a home and a room and a bed now which means coffee is HAPPENING
  • we get BEAUTIFUL onscreen smooches quite often
  • Hook has been to hell and back because he chose death over hurting his loved ones
  • Zeus, God of Gods, approves of CS so hard that he sent Hook back to Emma
  • Hook has taught Henry how to sail
  • he’s shared stories of young Baelfire with Henry
  • he’s teaching Henry the fine skills of swordplay
  • he constantly encourages and praises Henry, and even includes him in several of his rescue/hero plans
  • in the alternate reality, he didn’t even know who Emma and Henry were to him, but he still sacrificed himself to keep them safe
  • Hook endearingly teased Henry about his crush on Violet
  • seriously, did you see his stupid adorable face? ugh
  • David is totally in bro-love with Hook (i mean, let’s be honest, he so wants Hook to love his pancake recipe)
  • Captain Charming has hugged. And it was amazing.
  • Snow was 100% on board with going to the Underworld to save Hook because “Love is worth it”
  • Hook is a hero. Flawed, like every other character, but a hero.
  • we are incredibly lucky fans :)
  • (and, like, do I even need to mention how wonderful Colin is?)
You know what’s funny

I’ve been hearing the EQ in the sneak peek, and I had a total sensation of deja vu from these last few days ever since the episode aired.

I’ve been hearing that the fact that Hook lied to Emma means he doesn’t love her, and they can’t possibly be TL (although it has already been proven as such???), I’ve been hearing how he must be plotting with Jafar to destroy the Saviors, I’ve been hearing what an horrible man he is because of that secret, all week long…

I’ve been hearing the same words as the current villain on the show is saying!!! And it seriously makes me wonder about the nature of the people who say those things.

Isn’t it ridicules that there are people out there who watch that scene and not think what a cruel bitch is the EQ for manipulating her own son to think badly of a man with good intentions, but would actually agree with her?

And BTW, they would be totally alone in this, because not even the EQ herself believes a word she says…

The show with the biggest anti-adoption message proved once again that “HENRY HAS 2 MOMS” it’s only a cool PR line that means nothing at all.

- 6 episodes this season and yet no screentime for Henry + 2 moms alone (we got ONE episode last season, 1 over 22)

- No screentime for Henry + his real mom, Regina (screentime that isn’t wasted over a man cause…how many 13yr old kids have “their mother’s boyfriends” as unique theme of discussion with them? I’m sorry but I think it’s weird and inappropriate)

- 5-months-old-boyfriends (cause C$ is dating since when Baby Neal’s born and if you look at his pictures you’ll see baby Neal can’t be older than 4/5 months) promoted as “father figures”. Because of course every kid needs a father figure, and a kid with 2 mothers should feel the need of a father figure cause that’s NORMAL, and kids who have 2 mothers and don’t need father figures ARE NOT NORMAL.
And I really want the gruesome twosome to explain face to face to a kid of 2 mothers (as my own for exemple, who obviously isn’t allowed to watch this show) why she should need a father figure.

This show is a disgrace!

At least be honest and delete the “HENRY HAS 2 MOMS” quote from PR. Go for “Henry has 2 moms but one is bisex, latina and an adoptive mother so it’s not a real mom, but thanks god he has a dude there who just tried to kill his all family who’ll play daddy with him.”

At least, you’ll be honest.

And I’m not interested in the craptain swan fandom opinion, keep your anti-adoption/misogynist/homophobic vision of the show far away from me.

What I find stupid about this entire thing is that if Henry doesn’t realize by now that Killian loves them there’s really not much more Killian can do? Motherfucker died? Like a lot.

I don’t think him talking about his intentions with some goddamn scissors is going to convince a moody teen if a sword through the stomach didn’t.

And why the fuck isn’t Henry like “Oh I kinda wanted her to give up her magic cause I want her to LIVE and all, and I was JUST feeling badly about bringing her here as the Savior so this works out. Good looking out Hook.”

Also that Killian just has them in a footlocker in the goddamn shed. He’s a pirate. He has a ship. With a safe. And a Vest of Endless Space.

Lotta hoops. Lotta hoops.