Emma & Killian (Once Upon A Time 4x19)

lillpon asked:

I don't understand how some people think about Hook. Apart from what you mentioned in your questions, he never even mentioned that he'd given up the Jolly Roger to help Emma and the others, and didn't even plan to until Emma asked him. So I don't see how people think that he's so obsessive or manipulative towards her. He didn't do it to please her, neither to show her he's changed. He did it just because he wanted to.

Some people disliked Hook back in season 2 but have seen that he’s changed. Others, mostly those who dislike that he’s in the way of one of their ships, have refused to acknowledge ANY growth on his part over the last 3 seasons.

No matter what he does they will view it through a negative lens:

  • Hook doesn’t abandon her = he’s such a stalker
  • Hook tries TLK = he’s a rapist
  • Hook tells Emma she’s worth living for = he’s an addict
  • Hook saves David’s life = he just wants to get into Emma’s pants
  • Hook helps Henry feels connected to  his dead father = he’s using the kid
  • Hook gets a story line and helps someone = OUAT is onceuponahook

It literally doesn’t matter what he, or the writers, does - people are going to dislike him and try to turn it into a rape culture argument or say it’s abusive.

I don’t bother trying to convince those people otherwise.  They aren’t looking for a rational discussion - they’ve made up their minds and aren’t going to change them  - no matter what happens on OUAT. 

They are allowed to dislike his character of course. But please don’t waste your time trying to understand their logic when it comes to their interpretation of his character in the present, because they are willfully ignoring canon story arcs, dialog, and character interactions when they form those opinions.

  • Jones:As vengeance for my brother's death, brought about by the cruel king we serve, I've decided to turn pirate and become a thorn on his side. Make him suffer for what he's done to Liam and me.
  • Crewman:How, captain?
  • Jones:I'll kick some crippled people around.
  • Jones:Pick fights with beggars and people physically weaker than me.
  • Jones:I'll get the women in his kingdom drunk and sleep with them.
  • Jones:I'll ally myself with forces of evil hundreds of years after the king is dead.
  • Jones:It's quite the cunning plan, you see.